Rusty Knight

Hello. Rusty Knight here.

Looking at all the readers and registered users I am amazed.

I would like to offer an excerpt from the first chapter of my novel ‘Laret’ to those who leave comments here, or contact me by email.

You can contact me at  if you prefer that method.



P.O. Box 3323

High Prairie, Alberta, CA

T0G 1E0

This is the Bloodgrue Logs, Home to the Dragoman’s exploits and thoughts, his adventures and misadventures.

To read the stories begin with the category ‘Bloodgrue’.

As of June 1 2015 the Bloodgrue character will no longer be portrayed in blogs. Starting 2016 new characters will appear in new blogs.

January 12 2016 Rusty Knight began Inevitable Unicorn Press to publish Bloodgrue, as well as Markus serial series short stories and Dalan e-zine. You can find us on the web at

Enjoy reading, all feed back is welcome.