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Lanis, Episode 018, ‘Lanis Who?’



ISSN 2371-3747

Issue 18

July 25 2016


Episode 018, ‘Lanis Who?’

By Rusty Knight


Previously in Episode 017 ‘Who?


The manor routine was upset by a pair of visitors who Lanis engaged in melee; the conflict is an old one, almost as old as Lanis.

Lenden forces Lanis to make two decisions, almost forcing her to leave Lenden Manor.


Now in episode eighteen, ‘Lanis Who?


Summer 7 Bear


The sphere is clear, but Lanis’ conscious and mind are not, as she answers Lenden, simply replying to his question, “No.”

Lenden takes Lanis in his arms, cradling her to comfort Lanis as a father would a confused daughter. He says, “Perhaps tomorrow we will take a ride in the carriage. It might help clear your mind.”

Lanis, snuggling into Lenden’s chest, hasn’t had a father since she was twelve and she finds herself comforted by Lenden. She replies, “I’d like that Uncle. How about the three of us going?”

After a few minutes, Lenden says, “Help me get them to their beds. Then let’s eat, and then you get some rest. It’s been a long day.”

Lanis starts to pull away, and then kisses Lenden’s cheek. As she backs up, she says, “Thank you for everything, Uncle.”

Together, the two of them handle moving Gerren and Henara to their beds in the guest room.

Lanis and Lenden sit with Melinda at evening meal, explaining to her that the three of them are going for a carriage ride tomorrow. Lenden says goodnight and Lanis helps Melinda clean up, before going to her own bed to sleep.


Summer 8 Bear


Henara and Gerren join the residents for morning meal. With both of them having been beaten at their own skills, by their daughter, they are feeling not only physically bruised, but they also feel the pain of bruised egos.

Lanis is still blocking out Henara, but she talks freely with Gerren during the morning.

Lanis says, “The three of us are taking out the carriage for the day. We need to escape the manor for a day.”

Henara, having suffered being ignored long enough, plops her coin sack on the table. She says to Lanis. “What will it take for you to talk to me? You already beat me unconscious. You have made it known that you’re upset. What can I do to mend our relationship?”

Lanis turns to her and says, “Besides die?”

Lenden sits back and silently watches the interaction.

Melinda sits nervously, her eyes fixed on her plate as she plays with her food.

Gerren was going to converse with Lanis, but he now sits back to let this play out.

Henara cringes at Lanis’ question and she says, “I won’t do that for you. But, I will give you every coin remaining to me. Here. Seventy Flairs.”

Lanis pushes the coin sack back to Henara. Lanis says, “I don’t want your coins. You’re missing the point as you did then.”

Henara, baffled, asks, “What? What am I doing so wrong?”

Lenden holds up his hand and says, “Lanis, come with me please.”

Lanis nods while watching her mother who is nearly in tears again.

In Lenden’s office, he closes the door. He faces Lanis and says to her, “Take fifty of her Flairs, at least, and tell her you forgive her, whether you do or not.”

Lanis shakes her head, and she says, “No! I don’t want her coin. And, until she apologizes, I don’t forgive her.”

Lenden spots the catch here, he says, “Can I ask her to apologize to you?”

Lanis frowns, and then she says, “You can, but it won’t be worth as much, Uncle.”

Lenden nods as he thinks. Shrugging, he then says, “Okay, if you want her to suffer, tell her about you being my chamberlain. We’ll go register you today, as well as registering Pine Fief under you with you as the holder, and me as your Lord. Deal?”

Lanis stands tall as she says, “Then we should include Melinda as my assistant, and I should give her a raise from one duster a day for five of six days, to one Dyns a day for 360 days a year.”

Lenden clasps arms with Lanis as he says, “Done deal.”

They return to the dining table, and Lanis speaks up, “Melinda, you’re being promoted to assistant to the chamberlain. Your wage is increasing from one duster per day for five of six, to, one Dyns per day for 360 days per year.”

Melinda drops her fork and looks back and forth between grim faced Lanis and cheerful-faced Lenden. Finally, she says, “Where does the chamberlain live? Who is it?”

Lenden says, “Oh that’s easy on you. You stay here, as my estate’s chamberlain will be living here.”

Melinda, looking confused, asks, “But if the chamberlain moves in, is Drake moving out?”

Lenden leans towards Melinda and says, “You are a worry wart. No, Lanis stays here. The chamberlain already lives here. Lanis is my estate chamberlain.”

Lanis breaks out with a broad grin as Melinda squeals and leaps from her chair, rushing around the table and crushing Lanis in a bear hug.

Gerren asks, “So, Lanis is your estate’s chamberlain, Master Lenden? How big are your estates?”

Lenden says, “Yes, she is. With a holding of her own in South Palace Hill, Pine Fief. I have eleven properties throughout the Dominnion.”

Gerren grunts in respect while Henara rapidly pushes back her chair and rushes out of the room. Gerren watches her leave. He turns to Lenden, and then seeing that Melinda has finally released Lanis, Gerren says, “I think you’re up on this one next, if I want peace any time in the future, please, my daughter? I do apologize for all we haven’t done for you. But maybe we can change the future.”

Lenden looks Lanis in the eyes. Seeing her soften at her father’s apology, Lenden nods to her. And he says, “Could you try?”

Lanis doesn’t reply. Instead, she stands and walks to the guest room. Knocking on the door, she enters. Lanis finds her mother seated on the bed with her face buried in the palms of her two hands.

Lanis sits beside her. Putting an arm around Henara, Lanis asks, “Why do you cry?’

Swinging her torso so she faces her daughter, Henara buries her face into Lanis’ shoulder as she says, “Pride, my sweet daughter. I wanted so much for you and now this. Can you forgive me?”

Lanis’ heart is pulled apart. This is the one thing she wanted, for her mother to ask for forgiveness. Yet, it feels so hollow with no resolution. ‘Can I forgive her? She says she feels pride for me. She wants forgiveness? But would she have asked if I had simply been a mage?’ “Mother, if I was still simply a mage would you ask for forgiveness? What do you ask for forgiveness for?”

Henara stammers as she replies, “You could be a mere sailor, but if you turned out like you are today, I would be just as proud of you. I ask you to forgive me for my over pride.”

‘Seven Hells! All she’s worried about is being proud of me. Not for giving me away and leaving me.’ Lanis pulls away from Henara and stands. “Melinda, Lenden, and I are leaving this morning; we will be away a few days. You and father can stay if you like. Do not disturb the third floor as things might explode on you, killing you. If you decide to leave, I will understand. Use what food you need to. Don’t kill any livestock; use the stored goods.”

With that, Lanis leaves the room, not bothering to look at her mother or respond to any further remarks.

While in Lenden’s study, Lanis says to Lenden, “We will go tomorrow. I will not forgive my prideful mother. They can stay as long as you like.”

Lenden replies, “Very well then.”


Summer 9 Bear


Half-an-hour before gods rise, a neighbor arrives. She is the twenty-nine-year-old jalfem furrier, Fendine.

Lanis is the one to meet Fendine at the entry door. Lanis says, “Gods-grace and good fate Master, how may I aide you?”

Shocked at being greeted by Lanis, Fendine says, “Gods-grace and good fates as well, but who the Seven Hells are you? I know Lenden doesn’t have any living daughters, nor would he hire someone as pretty as you. In fact, he’s too stingy to hire anyone. Who are you?”

Bowing in a curtsy, Lanis introduces herself, “I am Lenden Estate Chamberlain, Mage Drake, Lanis, in Lenden’s service. Who are you?”

It is now Fendine’s turn to bow, and she says, “I am Master Furrier Fendine, from next door. I’ve come to pay a visit to Lenden, but you’ll do as well.”

Lanis smiles, gesturing to enter. “Come in, and let’s have tea.”

Smiling, Fendine enters and follows Lanis to the dining area.

Lanis brews some tea for them and then joins Fendine at the table.

Fendine asks, “How long have you been in residence here, Drake?”

Lanis pours the tea and replies, “Since Spring 4, obviously not long enough if I haven’t met the neighbors.”

As they share tea, the goodwife informs Lanis on the best places to purchase house items and produce, the best locations to sell goods, who to watch out for, the trouble areas, and who are the best and worst neighbors. They talk until an hour after gods-rise, with Lanis serving ale after they finished their tea, before Fendine bids good-bye, and Lanis returns to her work.

Later, pulling the carriage in front of Registrar Doeric’s establishment, the three dismount and enter. It is evening meal time. Doeric’s reception informs Lenden that the registrar is not taking new appointments today. He has one opening tomorrow.

Lenden and crew leave the office dejected, but they soon find a bed and breakfast. Booking three rooms for the night, they explore the area, walking the street, entering shops and talking with shopkeepers.

Finally, they go to sleep after a meal.


Summer 10 Bear


Returning to Registrar Doeric’s, they find he isn’t very receptive.

Lenden asks, “I have three petitions to register Master Doeric. Can we settle them this morning?”

Doeric hums and grumbles, and then looking up from his neat, orderly desk he coughs once and then clears his throat. He says, “You want to push through three registrations? There is a process, Master. Follow process.”

Lenden, thinking of processes, tries a new tactic. “If five Flairs happened to be placed on your desk would the process speed up?”

Lenden and Lanis watch as Doeric brightens up, straightening in his chair. “Some processes speed up. What did you say your name is?”

Lenden places ten Flairs on the desk, “My ten Flairs ask if I, Mage Lenden, of Lenden Estates, and my staff can get some processes sped up?”

The mature registrar points to the chairs across from him as he smiles. Then, he picks up the ten gold coins and says, “I think Master Lenden I have time now. Please have seats. What can I do for you?”

The trio from Lenden estates cheerfully sit at Doeric’s desk, as Lenden and Lanis register Lanis as Lenden Estate’s chamberlain, register Pine Fief under Lanis, with her as the title holder and Lenden as her lord. Then, they register Melinda as chamberlain’s assistant and mage apprentice under Mage Drake Lanis.

Lenden asks Doeric, “How much does this cost?”

Doeric smiles, “Fifteen Flairs. Five for each petition whether successful or not.”

Lenden places a single Flair on the desk, and asks “If I place that there, does the price become four Flairs per petition, thus becoming twelve Flairs for the three total petitions and guarantee success?”

Pocketing the Flair, Doeric smiles and nods without answering.

Lenden counts out twelve Flairs for Doeric to complete the registrations.

Then the three from Lenden estate wait while Doeric scribes the documents. Two hours later they walk out with Pine Fief officially Lanis’ and Lanis officially Lenden estate’s chamberlain, and Melinda, her assistant.

Lanis turns to Lenden. She asks, “Can we see my fief before we go home?”

Lenden smiles. He looks to Melinda while he shakes his head and winks, then he says to Lanis. “I don’t see why? We are halfway there. Yes! You silly girl, of course. I’ll drive us there. We’re halfway to Pine Fief now, its south of here. It’s a day drive from here. We’ll leave now and stay the night in a bed and breakfast part way there.”


Summer 11 Bear


The three of them hitch the carriage in the morning and then drive south along Mendor Street, going south to 1344 Mendor Street in South Palace Hill District 8. They arrive at the 563-acre fief, forty-three kilometres away from Lenden Manor, at an-hour before mid-day, having driven the carriage for just over two hours this morning.

Arriving, they find a common fief with a slightly underwhelming appearance.

Lanis looks at Lenden and asks, “Is this a test? You gave me your underperforming fief to see what I can do with it?”

Lenden smiles, and then he answers, “This is actually a very good producing fief most years. I gave it to you, as it is the closest one to Lenden manor, big enough to test you on, and a fief you can learn on. When you are ready to purchase it from me, you can purchase it for fifty-six thousand Flairs. Let’s find the reeve and see what they are doing.”

To be continued …

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Lanis, episode 17, ‘Who!’

Lanis, episode seventeen, 'Who!'

episode seventeen, ‘Who!’


Episode Seventeen, ‘Who!’

By Rusty Knight


Previously in Episode 16, ‘No?’:

Things are changing for Lanis; she is getting confused who she is. Yet, she stands firm with her decisions. Lanis/Drake is questioning the motives of others and especially her mentor Mage Lenden of Lenden estates.

Now in episode 17, ‘Who!’:

Summer 6 Bear

Drake’s day started out okay, cooking morning meal, the house residents’ discussion during the meal, clean up, then working on making more pages of mage vellum.

But seven hells, it has just gone down the privy.

There, standing in front of Lanis, at two and-a-half-hours after the day-gods rose into the clear sphere, are two of the last jal who Drake/Lanis expected to ever see again.

Lanis watches the pair of mature jal closely; she demands, “What do you want?”

The jalfem, a short-heavy woman of fifty-eight-years, speaks softly, “Why, Lanis dearest, we have come to visit you.”

Before either of them can say anything else, Lanis responds, “Turn around and go home. You’re not welcome here.”

Lenden clucks his tongue, and then titters. Patting Lanis’ shoulder, he says to the couple, “Come in for a bit. Eat midday meal with us and talk with Lanis, Masters Henara, and Gerren.”

Lanis fumes and she stomps away to cook midday meal.

Melinda turns to Lenden and asks, “Who are these people?”

The jalmal stranger answers her, “Excuse our manners, Master. We are Lanis’ parents; I am Gerren, and my life-companion is Henara. I am a master carpenter, and Hen is a master river navigator. Master Lenden invited us here; we received the invite Spring 40.”

Melinda whistles through tight lips, and she looks in the direction that Lanis went, “So, what is Mage Drake’s issue?”

Hen asks, “Who?”

Melinda replies, “Mage Drake, my master. She just stormed off like I’ve never seen her do before. She’s angrier then I’ve ever seen her.”

Gerren says, “The one who just stormed off is our daughter, Lanis. When did she become Mage Drake?”

Lenden chuckles, and then he answers, “When she became a journeyman mage, and I had her buy me ducks. Lanis couldn’t tell the difference between a drake and a hen; so she bought me two drakes when I wanted three hens. Your daughter has more than compensated and corrected for her error since then. But she lives with the name.”

Gerren laughs, and he follows Lenden into the manor, along with Henara and Melinda. They retire to Lenden’s study where he entertains the three until midday meal.

Gathering his guests and Melinda, Lenden takes them to the dining table to find only three place settings. Lanis is sitting at her usual spot at the table, leaving only two open place settings. The food is severely over cooked, with the chicken burnt.

Lenden, determining that Lanis has gone off the path, sets two more place settings, and everyone takes a seat.

Carving the chicken, Lenden serves Lanis the darkest piece, and her parents the least burnt cuts. He serves Lanis’ parents the better portions of tubers and vegetables, as well as to Melinda, leaving the lesser choice portions for himself and Lanis.

Thus, they begin eating, until Lenden notes that there is no drink served. He says, “Melinda, can you put out some tumblers and a pitcher of juice and one of milk, please?”

Melinda starts to rise, but Lanis quickly stands and fetches five tumblers and the two pitchers of drink, setting them on the table. Then she says, “I’ll be in my room.”

Lenden reaches out and grabs Drake’s wrist, saying, “You and I are going for a walk, Mage Drake. I’ll not take no for an answer.”

Drake silently follows Lenden to his study and sits in a chair, waiting as Lenden pours two goblets of wine. He hands one to Drake, saying. “You have an issue with your parents. I want you to work it out before evening meal. If you haven’t worked it out by evening meal, you and I will go for a walk in the back of the property, by the ponds, and you will have decisions to make. Do I make myself understood, Lanis Mage Drake?”

Lanis drinks from the goblet while looking at the floor of the study. Then she looks into Lenden’s eyes and nods, yes.

They finish their goblets of wine in silence. Lenden dismisses Drake, and he returns to his guests and mid-day meal, while Lanis goes for a walk down the street.

Evening meal arrives. Lenden has assigned Melinda as cook and cleaner until Gerren and Henara leave his home. Melinda cooks a passable meal, though the meal is not as good as Lanis’ meals are, when Lanis is behaving nicely. But the meal is still passable.

The five of them sit eating the meal with wine and tea as Lenden starts the conversation. He says, “I hear you live on Wetlow Dock Avenue in Eeraien District 2. How far is that to travel from here, Gerren?”

Gerren finishes chewing his bite of pork, and then swallows it. He answers, “I think its between sixty, to sixty-five kilometres, Master Lenden. A few days walk for us.”

Lenden watches Lanis’ reaction as she flinches, just barely noticeable. Lenden asks, “How has work been, Gerren?”

Gerren chuckles, and then he says, “I’ve never been busier. I have eight jobs sitting on my slates waiting to be completed.”

Drake shudders slightly more, as Lenden watches her. Drakes is playing with the food on her plate, simply eyeing the food.

Melinda says, “Hen, you said earlier that you are a river sailor. You must have stories?”

Henara laughs, almost dribbling out the wine she had in her mouth. Swallowing the wine and clearing her throat, Henara states, “Actually, I’m a master navigator. I’ve been sailing the river since before Lanis was born, over forty years now. I’ve had my share of stories. One time we took on five passengers to take from East Docks to East Shipyards in North Docks District. About the time that we were halfway past Palace Hill, three of the buggers tried to hijack the barge. They killed the captain and three crewmen. I wasn’t a navigator yet; I was only an assistant navigator and an oarsman. I took up my net and cast it, catching the leader, and then with my club, I beat the other two senseless, saving our barge. I was promoted by the barge owner to Chief Navigator and First Mate of the barge. My first, officers posting. The hijackers were convicted and hung by the City Watch.”

Lenden looks in wonder at Henara, and he asks, “So, you have strong martial skills. Would you be willing to teach the residents of Lenden Manor? For a fee of course.”

Henara boldly replies, “Of course, but a better teacher would be Gerren here. He taught me, and he is a master with a club. You would do good learning from him.”

Lenden turns to Gerren and asks, “What do you say, Master Gerren?”

Gerren shrugs and answers, “I’m a bit rough with age at seventy years’ age, but sure, I’ll do it.”

Lenden nods and says, “Okay then, two Flairs a day each for instruction in club and dagger to the three of us. Agreed?”

Henara stands and bows while replying, “Agreed.”

Gerren offers Lenden his arm, saying, “I only teach the club, but agreed.”

Lenden clasps arms with Gerren, then Henara, settling the deal.

Lenden notes Lanis’ face and neck are burning red with anger.

They finish eating, and Lanis goes to bed before Lenden can call her out to the back yard. But, he doesn’t walk up to Lanis’ room to fetch her.

Summer 7 Bear

As everyone is eating morning meal, prepared by Melinda, Lenden stands and orders Lanis, “Follow me. We are going for a walk.”

As Lenden leads Lanis silently to the back duck pond, the freezing east breath is moderately strong under the clear sphere.

Grim faced, Lenden asks, “You didn’t settle things with your parents, did you?”

Lanis shakes her head no.

Lenden turns and faces Lanis as they stand next to the pond containing the seven ducks swimming openly on its surface – Lanis’ lone remaining drake with Lenden’s six hens.

Lenden places a hand on Lanis’ shoulder and then says, “Then you have a choice. You will tell me what your issue is, or you will leave my home today.”

Gasping, Lanis looks into Lenden’s eyes, and seeing he is fully serious, she starts to tear up.

Tears start to roll down her cheeks, as Lanis says, “I don’t want to leave Uncle. I thought that I have earned my place here? Why do they have to destroy this, too?”

Lenden, still holding Lanis’ shoulder, says, “No, Drake, you’re the one pulling it apart. Tell me what the issue is, or you know your choice.”

Lanis leans into Lenden’s chest, wrapping her arms around him. “Uncle, if I don’t tell you, I have no where to go. It’s my mother: she sent me to the University when I was twelve. I didn’t know anyone, or have anything but the clothing I wore. I started a whole new life from scratch, with nothing. Not even a hug good-bye or a farewell.”

Lenden pulls Lanis close to him, hugging her. He strokes her long black hair as he says, “I didn’t know my child. It must have been like entering the seven hells after dying. I feel your grief and pain. But, you’ve become a strong independent, self-sufficient Master Mage out of the ordeal. I wouldn’t have you if you didn’t go through that trial. Do you regret this part?’

Still sobbing, Lanis tries to shake her head with it nestled in next to Lenden’s chest. She sobs out a, “No!”

Lenden, with tears of his own as he recalls the loss of members of his family for various reasons, says, “As long as I shall live, you have a home in my home, my child.”

Lanis hiccups a small giggle, and she asks, “You’re not kicking me out?”

Lenden frees his hand and wipes his tears from his aged face. He answers Lanis. “Not today.”

They both chuckle as they wipe dry their faces.

Lenden says, “You may not forgive Henara, but she likely had her reasons. You have to be the stronger person and get beyond this. You have to be civil to her from now on, deal?”

Lanis shakes her head, but says, “I’ll try.”

Lenden stops Lanis from turning to return to the manor. He says, “We have other unfinished business. I offered you the position as my chamberlain. I want your decision now. It pays two Flairs per day for 360 days a year.”

‘He was serious; he is offering me to be his chamberlain. But why?’ Lanis thinks, and then she says, “But, what would I be chamberlain of?”

Lenden smiles. Seeing he has Lanis on a hook, he says, “Lanis, you would be my chamberlain of all Lenden Estates, which includes this place, and ten other properties.”

Lanis’ eyes widen in awe. She’s never managed property; it’s a whole new spell to learn. She blurts out. “Four Flairs per day, 360 days a year.”

Lenden frowns and then says, “You’re too quick; I want you on my side. I’ll only pay you three-and-a-half Flairs, but I’ll register a property with you as a holder, under me as your lord. It will be yours to oversee and administer, to learn on. Save up enough and you can purchase it from me later.”

Lanis ponders this, ‘A property of my own to administer and a very healthy wage, three-hundred-sixty days a year. I never dreamed of such.’ She frowns, and then says, “I don’t know. It’s something, but not much to run eleven properties.”

Lenden grins before he replies, “Think of this, you’ll be showing up your mother. You’ll join a class she can never hope to. She is middle-middle, while you’ll move into lower-upper-class. You can brag and throw that at her.”

Inside, Lanis is jumping out of her skin with glee. But, on the outside, in the physical world, Lanis is cool and calm as she extends her arm towards Lenden. The master mage clasp arms with her.

After returning indoors, Lenden addresses everyone at the table. “So, I thought we would get right into the training now. Drake and I have a collection of three daggers and three clubs that we can train with. We can train in the courtyard.” Lenden promised Lanis he would not tell anyone their news; it would be her decision when others knew.

The five of them spend six hours training.

Henara works exclusively in dagger and club training with Melinda and Lenden. Gerren and Lanis train together privately for the entire six hours.

At an hour-and-a-half before evening meal, they all gather for cooldown and assessment.

Gerren addresses the group. “In the short time I’ve trained Lanis, she has learned faster than anyone I’ve ever trained before. Lanis, I challenge you to your first sparing match. Let’s go to it with clubs. Pull the blows so as to not actually fully injure either of us.”

Lanis hands Gerren a club and then chooses one for herself. The other three step aside to spectate.

The match lasts six minutes, with Lanis knocking Gerren unconscious. Gerren was only able to land three blows on Lanis, to Lanis’ six on Gerren.

Stepping back, Lanis motions for Lenden to ascertain that Gerren is not severely injured. Lanis approaches her mother. She says to her mother, “Why did you send me to the university?”

Henara answers quickly, taking advantage of Lanis communicating, “I saw an opportunity for you to get a better life than what I could give you.”

Lanis physically pushes her mother. Lanis says, “You registered me in the lowest subclass they have. Normally, if you had registered me as a full apprentice, I would have been on my walkabout in ten years at most. You registered me as a sub-apprentice of the lowest class, doubling the time. It took me over twenty years to get to the journeyman walkabout.”

Henara utters sadly, “It is all I could afford, Lanis.”

Lenden informs them, “Gerren isn’t injured. He is simply knocked unconscious, he will come-to soon.”

Lanis growls, and then she says to her mother, “I had nothing and no one, no connections at all. I had to work and fight for every step of gain that I made. It wasn’t easy with no one to help. How would you like to go to the seven hells with no one by your side?”

Henara weeps as she shrugs.

Lanis pushes her mother again, saying. “No help from anyone, not even family. You dropped me off and left without even a farewell. I had nothing but the clothing I was wearing. You never visited, or sent words. I WAS ALONE!”

Henara’s tears are trailing down her cheeks as she asks, “What can I do? What will it take to show you that I meant no harm? I meant only the best for you.”

Drake pushes Henara again, “You’re a fighter, so you tell me. You’re a sailor. How do sailors settle disputes?”

Henara shakes her head, “No Lanis, not a fight.”

Lanis nods, saying, “You can’t knock me down twice.”

Henara looks around, and then sighing, she wipes her tears away and says, “Okay then, if it’s a fight, its fists, knock down fists.”

Lenden calls to them, “Don’t Drake. This won’t make you feel better.”

Lanis uses her martial arts, kicks and punches to knock down her mother in ten minutes, taking three punches herself, delivering nine, including the knockout kick.

Lenden confirms Henara will be alright, and then sends Melinda inside to attend to evening meal preparation.

Lenden addresses Lanis, “So, do you feel any better Lanis?”

To be continued ….


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