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Pre-launch Party July 18

The Bloodgrue series debuts August 2nd with Kellan Publishing. Read of Rusty Knight’s vision of a world different than ours, through the eyes of Apprentice Dragoman Bloodgrue. Come to the pre-launch party July 18th from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm MST to chat with Rusty Knight online and find his views on Bloodgrue, life, and writing.

Those who attend receive an episode of the Bloodgrue series and are entered into a draw for an opportunity at two prizes. The Grand prize is two months of the e-series of Bloodgrue. The second place is one month of the e-series of Bloodgrue. Prizes can be claimed after the initial first month purchase.

So be sure to enter your name and email address so you can be included in the invitations to the pre-launch and draw.

So check out Rusty Knight at Kellan Publishing.

Check out the webpage: 

Or e-mail contact Rusty Knight at:

Please sign up with your email to join the Pre-launch party here: Sign up.

Our snail mail is:

Knights of the Square Table

Rusty Knight

Box 3323

High Prairie, Alberta


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