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Hello all 1,500 plus of you who read these every week.

I write you today to inform you I have entered into publishing contract with Kellan Publishing.

As of June 1 2015.

They are going to be publishing a series of Bloodgrue short stories over the next year and as part of our contract I will not be writing in this blog for the year, possibly longer if we renew the contract after the year is up.

The series will simply be titled ‘Bloodgrue’ and chronicles Bloodgrue’s apprenticeship years, starting from the day of the coronation of King Dollan IV.

If you are interested in purchasing copies online of these short stories keep an eye out on Kindle, Kobo and in Amazon, Barnes and Noble and at Kellan Publishing for ‘Bloodgrue’.

The initial availability date hasn’t been set yet, I will let you know when it is available and for how much.

So the last episode Black goose water is the last Bloodgrue challenge for at least one year. But come back here for news on the ‘Bloodgrue’ series updates.

I would like to take this time to thank our readers and the challenge word contributors over the years. You have all been great and without you I wouldn’t have done this.

Thank you one and all.

Thank you to Aria for putting up with me all these years talking about Bloodgrue, North Docks, Mount Oryn  and Quantos.

Thank you Kelli at Kellan Publishing in believing in me and Bloodgrue as well.

Yours in trust,



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