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Laughing purple vase

Spring 38 Bear

Appraiser Relan looks at the crate before him on the appraisal table. “Tell me Dragoman Bloodgrue how the journey went. This package is very valuable to Quartermaster Arton. He will pay you two Flairs for bring it. Tell me of your journey.”

Bloodgrue smiles laughing. “I went to the house as instructed at 4256 Bloom Street to meet Miss Arla. She seemed surprised I was the one to arrive and wasn’t going to hand over the crate until I said the words as instructed by Quartermaster Arton. I handed her the silver token and envelope as well, then she smiled and invited me in laughing.”

Bloodgrue shifts as the ten pound crate was carried twenty eight blocks here from Bloom Street all in one shot without rest. Glad now he had as he earned the two Flairs Bloodgrue continues his tale knowing he won’t be offered a seat nor refreshment. “She talked for two hours non stop, laughing every other breath. I listened painfully patient as Arton instructed. I swear I saw the tree outside bud more leaves while I listened. She was going on about her Love sense and my future in love with Lilla. I kept waiting for Arla to take a vacation from her talking. I was extremely happy when she finally took her vacation from chatter. I reminded her I still had to deliver the crate today. Arla apologized, handed me the crate and sent me on my way. So now show me what is so valuable to our Quartermaster Arton.”

Relan laughs, “Sure lets ask Arton.”

“Ask me what?” Comes a voice from behind Bloodgrue.

Bloodgrue turns to Arton and smiles, “Your crates contents have me curious.”

“Well Relan open the crate.” Orders Arton.

Relan picks up a short sturdy crowbar. Pulling free the top and then sides off. There exposed in a nest of straw is a purple vase with a glaze painting of a home on its side.

Challenge contributions:

vaseAria – favorite object: my home

purpleAria – current reading: “Love sense”

laughingAria – laugh at my clumsiness

38Aria – favorite day of the year: 1st day of my vacation

springAria – favorite part of spring: the budding of trees


Work time sunshine

Autumn 77 Pine

Darius sits up on the bench as another strong god’s breath blasts the pair of working men. The heat is strong in the East breath of gods.

Bloodgrue looks at his progress on their project. As an apprentice, Bloodgrue was sent to help Darius move items from a warehouse, to Darius’s house. The two men spent the last twenty minutes packing and arranging the cargo packs for their journey of twelve block. Packing the items economically with weight distributed evenly.

Looking at each other the men stand, bending down, heft the sixty pound packs up onto their back and strap the cargo on.

They start their walk east. 96 year old Darius sets their pace. Darius’s pace is surprisingly quick and agile. The pair make good time.

Silently they travel until the two day gods, Stonewire and Imvor rise over the distant horizon. The gods lighting the world with their bands of orange, reds and yellows.

Darius asks, “Do you really want to be a dragoman, Bloodgrue?”

“Yes, yes I do, its all I know and I enjoy it most of the time. I wouldn’t want to do any other work. This has enough variety for me and is consistent enough.”

Darius nods, “Good, so few get such opportunities’, it would be a shame not to want it.”

“Sometimes Master Darius, life and work blur. Especially when in studies. But it is like you say, an opportunity few get the chance at. I enjoy the studies as well.”

Seeing Darius’s home the two smile, though Darius quickly bursts any notion of a short day. “We have three full trips today. so conserve your strength for a long day apprentice.”

Delivering the goods to the house they begin their walk back to the warehouse.

Bloodgrue enquires boldly, “Master Darius what was your trade before you retired with your family?”

Chuckling humorously, “I have no trade, apprentice. I have been a labourer all my life. I work where I can, but most of my life has been on the docks as a cargo handler. But, no worries, I am satisfied with my life. I don’t begrudge your success. I  have a family so I am richer than you anyway apprentice.”

Bloodgrue nods, “Maybe one day Lena will accept me and we can be a family. But, first I need to be a journeyman and by the looks of it, Master Onar will keep me as an apprentice until he passes on through death.”

Chuckling softly, “Yes, the old goat might. But, others talk about you and your willingness to help others, even if it is a hardship on you. We know about Western Madison and your trips there. I will give you one duster per trip today. Don’t tell your Master though. He will jack up his price for me to have you help today.”

Beaming happy but curious, “What do these others say Darius?”

As the two men walk, an easy conversation strikes up. “Well, we know about Western Madison, your friend Noah and yes, a few of us know about Lilla and Lena. Be careful boy. Women are tricky animals, they strike out when you least expect it and Lilla wants you in a strong way. Lena, I sadly have to say isn’t interested in you as much as you are in her. … Now about this Noah, if what I hear is correct, I am not certain, as I can not get into nor do I want in Western Madison, is trouble. Noah could be bad for your future if what I hear is right. Is he really a collections lord?”

Responding truthfully, “Noah. Yes, he is a collection lord. Even being his friend, I must tread carefully with him. I have an honorary guest title in Western Madison, but I too can not simply walk in. There are rules and protocol that must be followed. Lena will find I would be a great husband. Seven Hells! I can cook and clean, script and do math. Why wouldn’t she be interested. She is beautiful, Darius. Near my age, smart and her father is a craftsman. I am wholly interested. Lilla I work for occasionally, that is all. I am not romantically interested in her. IN fact some of her work is getting annoying. But as long as Master says I have to do it. I am stuck.”

Arriving back at the warehouse the men prepare another pack each.


The two arriving at Darius’ house again.

“Come lets eat before we do the next run.”

They eat mutton, rice and cooked peas for mid day meal. A treasure Bloodgrue gets to eat once or twice a season. Over joyed and full, Bloodgrue nods to Darius, “I am ready for another run if you are.”

Standing Darius leads them on their third run.


After the last run, Darius invites Bloodgrue in to his house.

Waiting in the entry room Bloodgrue notes how clean and well organised Darius and his family keep their small twenty by thirty, two story wooden house.

Darius offers to hand Bloodgrue an old beaten cloth coin pouch. Taking it Bloodgrue estimates it may be a pound or pound and a half.

Darius adds, “Okay, five of those are for your work today Bloodgrue. The rest, well if rumours are true, you distribute dusters in Western Madison. I put twelve in the pouch along with your five. I had a friend on the North Docks, that I worked with. I heard he fell on hard times and moved into Western Madison many years ago. Ango Marnt is his name if you can find him, tell him I want to help. Give him what you think is right and add the rest to your coin distribution. And don’t worry, very few know about you and Western Madison. But be assured some of the right people know. You won’t be an apprentice a lot longer. Your Journeyman application has been submitted. But Onar doesn’t know, so keep it to yourself for now. You have done great services to your community and we look the other way when some of it isn’t rightly legal. Your drive, curiosity and trustworthiness draws the community to support you. Be careful with the Guilds though, they follow their own rules. Most of us look away as they do their things. But we don’t openly support them or their members. Okay, now go home as the gods have set. The night gods are in the sphere. But we know you are safe even at night because of your friends. You, my friend, are a two edged sword we want to keep.”

Stunned at the wealth, wealth of knowledge and the information given by Darius, all Bloodgrue simply can do is offer his arm to clasp.

Knowing he has support from a respected community member impresses Bloodgrue greatly. Though, Darius seems to have no authority or connection to the upper class, he seems to have other valuable connections.

Challenge contributions:

January 12 2015

timeLorraine – manage your time

sunshineLorraine – soak in the sun

workLorraine – enjoy your work

77 – Lorraine –  numbers are fun

AutumnLorraine – brilliant bright colours


Orange Elephant Goddess

Autumn 54 Pine

The howling breath today forces Bloodgrue to seek refuge on his journey home from escorting a client south to another district. Trees are breaking apart, birds are not flying. The warm east god’s breath has become too fierce to reasonably fight anymore, for Bloodgrue.

Looking around inside the worked stone building, which Bloodgrue assumed with having the markings of Stonewire at the entry indicated this to be a Temple to Stonewire. Obviously not, as there are statues and figures and paintings of orange elephants everywhere inside the building.

Bloodgrue sits on a back pew, to rest awhile, hoping the gods become less violent soon. A Jalmal in orange garb approaches confidently. Smiling excitedly the man speaking to Bloodgrue as an educated man, “Well friend, your travels have been interrupted? Or, you intended to stop here to worship in Stonewire’s Temple to the Elephant Goddess?”

Bloodgrue barely conceals a laugh as he replies, “Accident of the fates. Cleric, who is this Elephant Goddess supported by the Temple to Stonewire? I have never heard of her before.”

“My name is Andacmor, if you wish to use my name good sir. Who might you be?” sitting beside Bloodgrue, Andacmor turns towards Bloodgrue expectantly.

Game for new information, with no desire to travel currently, Bloodgrue also settles in for a conversation. Interested in continuing, Bloodgrue replies, “Call me Bloodgrue. I am apprentice Dragoman Bloodgrue of North Docks District.”

Smiling gleefully Andacmor  continues, “Auh, a man of education I detect. Also a man with manners. Please allow me, I am Chief Cleric Andacmor of the Elephant Goddess, under guidance of the Stonewire Temple in North Docks District, at 2840 Fifth Street Road South. Come, lets retire to my office and dine. It is the least I can do for an educated traveler stopping in.”

Both men stand quickly with Andacmor leading the way they go to the Temple’s office.

Seated on padded chairs and with mugs of tea, each man eyes the other, appraising the other yet again, as if challenging to up the anti for their stories.

“The Elephant Goddess once resided in Mount Oryn near here. She originally bloomed on the plains of Shespan Kingdom, traveling constantly trying to find a place of safety. Frequently encountering difficulties which she successfully over came. As she aged and grew in powers the goddess turned the Orange of Stonewire. Stonewire became her mentor, then her supporter for godhood. Together she became the Elephant goddess of the Shes. Stronger in power each passing encounter. But as she grew so did the challenges as well as demands made upon her by the Shes. One day she renounced her name but not her powers. Simply becoming known by her worshippers as the Elephant goddess, because she always traveled with herds of elephants. She petitioned Stonewire for time to rest. Stonewire completely stripped her of her name, but granted her status of lesser god, raising her from demi goddess. She was transported away from the plains of Shespan to a plane of her own, lost to the people of this world for awhile. Twice she sent an avatar to our world. One avatar was here only one hundred years ago. When she stopped a raging wild fire storm. Saving hundred of lives in this area of Mount Oryn. Gaining followers among us humans may or may not have been her intent. But a strong fellowship grew between the saved and the savior avatar. Again she garnered more powers. We, unfortunately, have not seen her for twenty four years now, though we maintain the environment of our area and this Temple.”

Bloodgrue smiles at learning so much, more local history, including a religious lesson. Supplied with a full success for this stop. Both men notice the breath of the gods has lowered, not tearing apart the area at the moment.

Bloodgrue stands slowly pondering the situation, “I best be going, I have several more hours to go to return home. Thank you for your time and story.”

Walking into the main hall Bloodgrue spots a woman dressed in an orange dress exiting out the front entrance, curious as even her hair was orange, Bloodgrue chalks the site up to listening to Andacmor’s story and Bloodgrue’s tired mind playing with him.

Challenge contributions:

January 6 2015

orangeMarian – inner strength is our power to be tapped

elephantMarian – Laughter is music of the soul therefore we can all sing

goddessMarian – love yourself firstly only then may you be loveable

54Marian – those that judge should be judged

autumnMarian – Importance in life ???


Cheery incongruous scrumptious

Spring 70 Bear

Clouds drip rain down upon Teptun’s Square and Markets as the gods breath upon the world. The rains giving life events flow.

Bloodgrue has a reason for being out in this day. The plan is four days old and involves Blue Hair but not chickens. Or should it?

Looking around eagerly Bloodgrue spots the local herb monger packing up his stall for the day’s end. Rushing over Bloodgrue rushes out, “Dried sage and Basil, Please.”

The monger stops and turns casually to Bloodgrue with a curious look, asking, “Do you have five Dyns to pay with?”

Bloodgrue quickly pulls out his special protected coin pouch and jiggles it for the herb monger, “Does this sound like enough?”

Darre stops packing up, looking his goods over he pulls several dried sprig of sage and some dried basil leaves away and places then on a small flat of canvas. Folding the item to contain the plants. “Five Dyns young man.”

Counting quickly as he already is behind on his plan and not wanting to waste more time. Handing over five hard earned Dyns Bloodgrue accepts the parcel.

Rushing quickly over to that most renown stall of a chicken carcass seller.

Blue Hair has one chicken carcass left on a hook. Bloodgrue smiles mischievously. “One Left? Two dusters and I will take it. Oh! Not your dusters, I will use mine.”

laughing Blue Hair plucks the carcass from its hook and hands it to Bloodgrue, “For you apprentice, one duster.”

Bloodgrue frowns while taking two dusters from his few remaining coins. “No apprentices here Moma.”

Blue Hair’s turn to frown mischievously, “I have my own children I don’t need another one, you will always be an apprentice in my eyes Master Bloodgrue. You maybe a journeyman Dragoman but that doesn’t find flight in my eyes.”

Bloodgrue beams widely, “I am still an apprentice cook. So let me test my new found skills. Come eat with me at Trenton’s?”

Blue Hair ponders the invite a moment or two as Bloodgrue watches her. Nodding sagely, “Okay. We need to pack up my cart and stall. Clean up the cart and I will close the stall. You recall how?”

Bloodgrue feigns confusion, “Not really but seeing as you will eat my feast I will clean your cart.”

Chatting together the two work quickly and efficiently in the dripping environment.

Soon enough they are ready and Bloodgrue takes the cart yoke and starts walking to their destination.

The forty plus minutes are silent between the two friends as they walk.

Arriving at Bloodgrue’s home he parks the cart in the wagon carriage yard.

Walking up the stairs to the second floor the conversation begins, “Okay don’t be to harsh, it may have burnt already. I hope not.”

“You have it cooking already?”

“Yes, mutton with rice. I had to buy a couple items to spice it up at the market. I will say, I heard about the items you plan concerning Master Status. This is a bribe kick back. You don’t know it but I have skills cooking.”

Laughing Blue Hair entering the Inn’s apartment walks over to the warm fireplace with its flames warming the room gently.

She sits down eagerly on Bloodgrue’s only padded chair nearby the fire putting up her feet to dry and heat up.

Bloodgrue takes his prize, crushing leaves into the rice.

Tasting the rice Bloodgrue smiles, and walks over to a small dining table lifting a sheet off it. Underneath are two dining settings, clean and ready, a pitcher of wine and jug of milk.. Laying the cloth on his bed Bloodgrue walks over to his fireplace removing a large pan from the warming mantle.

Setting the pan on the table Bloodgrue then follows by adding the pot of rice. Dishing out generous helpings of rice on each plate Bloodgrue carefully places on top, mutton cutlets dripping in juices still steaming.

“Well are you ready to feast?”

“Where is the chicken you bought Dragoman?”

“In your cart Master Bounty Hunter. Yes, I remember your true profession. But I forgive you tonight.”

Together the two cheerfully laugh and settle to eating the feast.

“So this is your home Bloodgrue? Not bad for just becoming a Journey man only sixty seven days ago. Yes, I to pay attention in my territory Bloodgrue.”

Bloodgrue turns a deeper red even noticeable in the dim candle light lighting the apartment.

“You don’t pay full attention to rumours do you?”

“Are you asking about your gifts to a certain non-responding young woman? Or the extra coins you happen to earn?”


“Yes, the young woman lost her mother so recently and you were so kind to her and her family during the Rights of Passage. They like you but I don’t believe she will ever be interested Bloodgrue. Your reputation for earning coins is quiet but you will receive more support and patrons. Your rank in the community is rising, be careful of those jealous following in your wake. It is known you never stepped on anyone. But that doesn’t mean others will show you similar courtesies. You will need to work for two sponsors to get you in for application as a Master. I know the young over in West Madison seek you as a Master. All I can say is to be patient to get your Masters. Then choose your apprentice or apprentices wisely. To many apprentices and you will be mistaken for raising a guild. Don’t do that, apprentice. Only one or two to begin with. Make as few mistakes as you can and you will retain community respect and support strong for you.”

Bloodgrue stores away the information asking eagerly, “Will you be my mentor?”

“Haven’t I since that oaf took you on as his apprentice. If he had his way you would still be his apprentice, it was others who put in your journeyman application two years ago. The wheels move slowly Bloodgrue but you have strong supporters. You have been wise and lucky so far. Don’t rely on luck or chance any more.”

Smiling Bloodgrue stands and walks casually over to his self built cooling chest. Removing a large bowl Bloodgrue returns to the table and sets the bowl near Blue Hair’s empty plate. Then dishing out the set gelatin in two large spoonful’s, “I used juices to flavour the gelatin. Apple today.” 

Pouring a second mug of wine for each Bloodgrue dishes his own helping of the dessert, sitting he to eats while watching the facial expressions of Blue Hair. Yes, he won points, as she smiles with closed eyes spoonful after spoonful.

Challenge contributions:

December 30 2014

SpringJason – Favorite colour: Blue

70Chris – Favorite colour: White

scrumptiousDebbie – favorite colour: Pastels

incongruousDebbie – Favorite author: Jean M Aul

cheeryDebbie – Current reading: Shelter of Stone


Significant Purple Rabbit

Autumn 84 Pine

Bloodgrue looking up to the sphere overhead notes not one cloud obscures the sphere. The gods breathe so hard building are being torn open, yet he feels the warm in their breath. Even in full fury the gods take pity on mortals enough to give one comfort.

The rumble in Bloodgrue’s belly remind him of one comfort denied to him frequently. Food.

Getting up from his perch in front of the Masters, 4212 – Willow Road, Dragoman shop, Bloodgrue determines that being as it is late afternoon the likely hood of a client arriving are slim.

It has been a day and a half since Bloodgrue last ate and until he finds a client he won’t be eating with the Master.

Walking across the god’s breaths, Bloodgrue walks North West towards the docks. Maybe a fisherman missed a fish after dropping it. Likely, as much a chance as finding a client on this day.

Arriving at the dock front Bloodgrue walks west directly into breaths of the gods.

A familiar voice calls from a stall, “Bloodgrue come over here.”

Flinching Bloodgrue reconsiders his value of food.

“Yes, Lilla, what can I do for you?” he asks dreading the question’s answer.

“I’m have a parcel needs delivering. Are you willing to work?” she asks in her native Jalnoric. Even with its merchant’s dialect she still sounds sickly sweet.

“Sure, what address and how big and when does it need to be there?” asking regretfully. But business is business.

Lilla smiles so eagerly for being a Jalfem Master Brick maker. She is slightly older than Bloodgrue and she has a strong drive to get what she wants, noticed Bloodgrue. Lilla is so pretty she gets what she wants from women, as well as men. Pretty, angelic, beautiful, stunning and many more terms have been used to describe the tradesman.

Shuddering slightly Bloodgrue watches as Lilla places a wooden crate 18 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches big, onto her stall’s table. She made it look so easy most would assume the item is light. Bloodgrue though thinks, ‘Lilla is a brick maker who packages her goods and works with resources as well as finished products, daily. That could weigh over fifty pounds and she would make it look easy.’

“3497 – Elmar Road. By days darkness sets in. No later. Wait to receive confirmation of delivery.”

Bloodgrue shivers while understanding the task, “Three Dyns is the wage plus expenses.”

Eagerly now Bloodgrue confirms his agreement by picking up the crate and starting away.

The walk really isn’t that far, forty five minutes or a little more when unencumbered. This package is over fifty pounds, slowing Bloodgrue considerably with a result being, over an hour walking and Bloodgrue is just arriving at 3497 Elmar Road.

Setting down gingerly onto the cobblestone street with the crate, Bloodgrue relaxes and rests his arms a third time. He sees the address, and it is an apartment building. Several residents live in the building and Lilla never mentioned a name nor apartment number. Drop and leave? No he needs the three Dyns offered for completion of this job.

Debating the dilemma with himself Bloodgrue hears footsteps approaching from the direction he just arrived from.

A hand takes his elbow firmly and guides him into the building, looking over Bloodgrue frowns at the mid 20′ Jalfem.

“What are you doing?”

Lilla laughs, “I wasn’t about to carry that home myself, my coins are in my apartment. Up the stairs with you and don’t drop my parcel.”

Sighing deeply Bloodgrue follows instructions, carrying the wooden container, going up the stairs in front of Lilla and to the blue door of her apartment carrying on inside. Placing the crate on the large wooden crate Lilla uses as a table.

“Can I get paid now? I still need to get home before the gods set.”

“No. Open the crate, the tools are under my cot.”

As Bloodgrue looks under the cot for errant tools he hears the sound of coins being poured from a container.

Bloodgrue finds a decent claw hammer under the bed with the collection of tradesman’s tools. He opens the top of the parcel carefully and slowly.

Kissing Bloodgrue on the lips then licking his nose playfully, Lilla excitedly squeals in joy as Bloodgrue lifts the sculpture from the crate.

“I finished the last glaze yesterday, Bloodgrue. What do you think of the significant layers of purples?”

Bloodgrue sputters at the beautiful craftsmanship, shocked of a useless rabbit sculpture in many different purples.

Well balanced in physical shape, its colours balance out in their horrendousness.

Sitting the significant purple rabbit on the crate’s top he backs up as Lilla goes in for a kiss again.

“Lilla I need to get back to my Master, Pay me my coins please so I can go eat.”

Laughing Lilla gives Bloodgrue four Dyns and a loaf of day old bread.

“That enough? Could it delay you even an hour or enough you can tell me what you think of my rabbit?”

Bloodgrue accepts the coins and eagerly takes the loaf, while backing up towards the door, “No.”

Outside the apprentice Dragoman sighs with relief. Walking with the breath of the gods as the gods set over the horizon.

Challenge contributions:

December 25 2014

SignificantAria – Favorite author: Too many to mention

purpleAria – Recent TV series: The News Room

rabbitAria – Most recent book reading: A House in the Sky

84Aria – Quote: “The room we entered was dark and small, with a metal cot against one wall. The air was an unmoving envelope of heat. Ali closed the door.” from ‘A House in the Sky’ 

AutumnAria – Favorite snack: All chocolate except white milk chocolate


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