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Whispering Hummingbird

Spring 7 Bear

Lanya was walking particularly slow in the sweltering heat of this day. The gods were being cruel and not even breathing upon the world except an occasional zephyr of movement. Occasional broken clouds moved slowly south east which is a bad omen at best.

Bloodgrue found Lanya in the Red Circle Tavern south of Willow Marsh, drinking and talking with anyone who stopped near her too long.

Bloodgrue had just received his Journeyman Mark hours earlier from Master Oarec, after a near violent testing of Bloodgrue’s Dragoman skills. The five of them took everything from Bloodgrue except his tunic, leggings and shoes. Bloodgrue was three days away from home at the time.

So with no coins, weapons or food, Bloodgrue determined he would need to locate a customer so he could earn a few coins to feed himself on the journey home. Bloodgrue thought the Red Circle would be a good starting point to find work. He mistakenly stopped near Lanya Anda Mor, as she was drinking alone seated on a stool at the bar.

This Jalfem heard Bloodgrue addressing Tavern Keeper Meana, looking for customers and Lanya immediately spoke up saying she would like to go to North Docks to see an old barge mate she was worried about. Now at around seventy to eighty years old Lanya’s idea of old was curious to Bloodgrue. How bad could it be, as long as she could pay his fee?

Bloodgrue quickly assessed Lanya visually and decided she is lower upper class or upper middle class, so she should have enough coins for the trip. Trying to determine what his fees will be Bloodgrue understands he can’t charge a full fee as he is in another Dragoman’s Territory and he has no reputation as a journeyman yet. So deciding to go low he addresses the older woman, “Two dusters per day and two meals a day getting to North docks. So six meals and six dusters to reach North Docks. If you want a specific dock add another duster.”

Lanya’s instant cheerful reply was, “Of course, I want Dock E. So seven dusters and six meals agreed. You pay your own lodgings.”

Bloodgrue seeing no issue, agrees offering his arm to clasp, thus closing the deal. “Coins now please.”

Bloodgrue hears some whispering but attributing it to another customer.

Lanya clasps Bloodgrue’s arm happily. She then pulls free her coin purse and digs out seven dusters, quickly handing them to Bloodgrue.

Easy job to do using Willow Road, going north to Oak Street and then over to the east docks run.

That was Spring 3 … Now it is Spring 7 and they have an hour to go to arrive at Dock E. Bloodgrue has found the time going odd. Lanya is interesting enough and she is obviously happy to have Bloodgrue walk her to her destination. But the whispering hasn’t stopped since leaving the Red Circle. Bloodgrue never enquired once as to what the source might be, but hopes it isn’t his Dragoman Mark. That would be too ironic. Bloodgrue thinks Lanya is the source as she has never mentioned the sounds either.

Bloodgrue hasn’t complained because he is sure the whisperer is singing softly, many different, tunes during the hike. Though Bloodgrue has a problem, his Artuan Ankle is his curiosity.

Stopping on Oak Street before turning down the last stretch to go north to Dock E, Bloodgrue has to ask. “I keep hearing whispering, like someone softly singing in the distance. Do you hear it Lanya?”

Lanya stops, staring at the building next to her for a moment, she then turns to Bloodgrue. “Magic, it is magic Dragoman. But I can’t put it away. I will show you my friend.”

Carefully Lanya pulls a small leather pouch from her red canvas belt pouch. Gingerly opening the smaller container Lanya pulls out a small object. The whispering is much louder now. It is definitely singing an old Jalnoric Sea chant. Lanya opens her hand exposing to Bloodgrue’s viewing, a small painted red/orange/yellow carved bird. It is a Hummingbird that is about two inches long. The details of the carving are amazing, it could be confused as a living bird, but it doesn’t move.

Bloodgrue listens awhile, he is feeling happy, refreshed like he slept a full comfortable night. All happening in less than a full minute. Bloodgrue watches the Hummingbird diligently with admiration.

Bloodgrue looks up into Lanya’s eyes, being as she is nearly as tall as Bloodgrue there is no neck straining. He asks respectfully, “What is it? I hearing it singing in a whisper an old sea chant.”

Lanya smiles bashfully for Bloodgrue, “Sorry that is one of the songs I sang when the mage was making this bird with the cooperation of a Priestess of Stonewire. The two built this to help heal me when I need healing. I had it made in my wealthier Seafaring days when I was a younger scholar. This Whispering Hummingbird saved my life many times, healing me from injury and illness. But someday not even its powers will keep me living. This small fellow is over fifty years old, neither of us has much time left, Dragoman.”

Lanya offers the Bird to Bloodgrue to hold.

Delicately handling the bird Bloodgrue examines it. Less than a pound in weight, it appears fragile yet feels so warm and sturdy. As Bloodgrue holds the Hummingbird he feels calmness wash over him. The bird starts whispering one of his favorite Tedon Chants. Never having had any clue what the words are, Bloodgrue never learned the Tedon language, but always smiles hearing the chant for the sake of its rhythm and sounds.

Bloodgrue happily hands the little painted carving back to Lanya. “We should continue on our walk. Stonewire and Imvor will leave the sphere soon and the night gods will reign again for a while. I want to get you to your barge before that happens. Thank you for showing me your Whispering Hummingbird. May I ask how much it cost to have him made?”

Lanya carefully puts the bird back into its containers. Then she looks around them as they walk, answering in hushed tones, “About twenty thousand Flairs, Dragoman.”

Bloodgrue comes to a halt immediately, “And you walk around with him like that?”

She smiles, “Annoying isn’t he. But thieves can’t simply pick my pockets and this short sword isn’t just for decoration my friend.”

Bloodgrue nods in awe and understanding, “Of course.”

The two finish their walk to Lanya’s destination, a large barge named the ‘Whispering Hummingbird’ . Lanya  smiles, “It used to be mine, now it is my grandson’s. Thank you for escorting me here. Travel safe Dragoman Bloodgrue.”

They share an arm clasp and Bloodgrue departs to return home to Master’s house. Even though officially Bloodgrue is no longer an apprentice. He will have to find his own place soon. Perhaps Bloodgrue will look tomorrow?

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November 16 2014

HummingMichele – Everything is changed by one good decision or one bad decision.

BirdMichele – Favorite colour: Sky Blue

WhisperMichele“Well aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine.”

SpringMichele“My mind isn’t twisted, it is just strategically bent in several places.”

7Michele – Favorite TV program: ‘Big Bang Theory’


Paradise sand breeze

Summer 11 Bear

Bloodgrue briskly walks along Oak Street in Velan District wondering if he should stop.

It is a beautiful day, the sphere is clear so both gods shine down hotly upon North Amara. The gods are breathing lightly currently, barely moving items with their light breeze.. What more can you ask for?

Smiling Bloodgrue looks to the north off of Oak Street, out onto the river. This spot is one of his favorites in this area, known as Paradise Beach. One of the most relaxing places on the river and one of the few real sand beaches in Mount Oryn still preserved for citizen’s enjoyment.

Seven Hells! Bloodgrue decides.

He walks down a short stone stair case onto Paradise Beach’s sugar like sand. Each step sinks slightly, such that walking to the water is so soft and easy.

Bloodgrue chuckles as he spots two Jalfem fishing at one of the spots that drops off a little faster into the deep waters. Their fishing poles bobbing as they reel in their heavy lines. Bloodgrue notes both have their fishing baskets near them and both baskets have Spertan tails poking out.

Bloodgrue approaches the women asking them, “Excuse me gentle ladies, would you be willing to help a Dragoman out of a predicament?”

Both continue reeling in their line as Bloodgrue waits for a response. Then the taller younger Jalfem with her hook and line in sits her rod on the sand with the reel laying on a towel she has set out. “Go ahead Dragoman, ask. By the way my name is Moria and my silent fishing partner is called Alana. Don’t mind her though.”

Alana chuckles as she continues reeling in her line.

Bloodgrue smiles, “Thank you ladies. I am enquiring if I could purchase one of your catch? I would enjoy a nice Spertan. These must be fresh caught, currently?”

Alana speaks first before Moria can respond, “Sure which one do you want? Pay enough and I will even gut and clean it for you.”

This cheers Bloodgrue up greatly, as he hasn’t had Spertan since last winter’s snow. Spertan is a fish with flesh that if cooked right, melts in your mouth, it has a taste that can not be described properly, somewhat sweet yet sharp. He looks in the two baskets then points to Moria’s basket with two Spertan in it, “I would like the smaller of the two. I will pay two Dyns for it.”

Moria looks at the fish, well over the minimum legal catch and keep length, guessing it to be more than twenty pounds live. She figures she can dress it out to fifteen pounds. At the market she might get two Dyns for it dressed. “Sorry Dragoman, I can not sell it to you for that little. Lets’ say four Dyns is more reasonable.”

Now as a Dragoman it is Bloodgrue’s business to know a bit about market resources and prices. “Auh you wound me. Are you dressing me for market? I will pay three Dyns for it dressed and ready to carry.”

Moria understands a Dragoman should know the markets,  appreciating his increase to three Dyns. Not wanting to lose the sale, “Yes of course you have a deal Dragoman, Who?”

Bloodgrue, eager for the tender flesh of Spertan for his evening meal extends his arm in confirmation, “Deal fisherman Moria. I am not Dragoman Who though….  My name is Bloodgrue. Journeyman Dragoman Bloodgrue of North Docks District Five.”

Everyone chuckles in good humour as Moria clasps arms to accept the deal. Moria replies eagerly, “You have the deal, thank you. I will dress the fish now. You have a few hours of walking ahead of you to return to North Docks. What brought you over this far east into Velan District?”

Bloodgrue answers calmly, “I had three customers wanting a guide and escort to Craftsman Wan located over another three blocks east of here. You just earned for your fish, my enter fee for the job.” the three chuckle cheerfully at Bloodgrue’s generosity.

Moria starts dressing the Spertan on a butcher’s cloth on top of the sand. Quickly gutting and cleaning out the inside after removing its tail and head. Placing the entrails and parts in a small basket, Moria then wraps the cleaned fish in a light canvas cloth and offers it to Bloodgrue

With fifteen pounds of wrapped fresh fish Bloodgrue begins his long journey west towards North Docks district and his home in Tempest Inn and Tavern. The Innkeeper will be over joyed with this offering. Currently around 2:30 in the afternoon now, it will be after gods set when Bloodgrue arrives home.

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November 14 2014

paradiseAria – she met the elusive Donald Duck

breezeAria – I don’t want to do Winter

sand Aria – English proverb: ‘The soul is healed by being with children.’

summerAria – Quote from Author, Mignon McLaughlin: “Only where children gather is there any real chance of fun.”

11Aria – Quote from The Beatle’s, ‘With you without you.’: “When you’ve seen beyond yourself then you may find peace of mind waiting there.”


Snow gravel stock

Winter 19

Bloodgrue looks down at the snow he is walking cautiously on. Bloodgrue heard that once in every twenty years or so, it snows in Mount Oryn with enough to stay on the ground, however briefly it stays. This snow is staying here for a day or two with frozen snow having accumulated over sixty millimetres deep. Bloodgrue, along with many other locals, have never seen this type of accumulation of snow. The coldness along with the dampness of the snow, the blueness of the snow amazes Bloodgrue as it is so rare. But the funny part is all those tracks in the soft surface, they are so easy to follow, to see each individual footprint.

Bloodgrue is finding it odd how it is so easy to leave footprints in the snow and tell the individuals apart, until the prints merge with other footprints, they then start to become blurred and confusing.

Snow, freezing cold, bright blue, wet ice all exist today.

It is difficult walking in the snow with the ice slippery. Bloodgrue has almost succumb to hypothermia before in the past. He has also been so cold it was unbearable to degrees like nothing else is he felt before. But this, this cold and wet, drive Bloodgrue forward to finish his tasks quickly. Bloodgrue’s natural curiosity forgotten momentarily for today.

Bloodgrue is floundering mentally with where to find the object of his Master’s desire. The Master wants snow gravel for the walk area out in front of their place of business, which is also their residence. Bloodgrue queried his master as much as he dare, trying not to draw out the anger in the man. But Bloodgrue got nowhere other than being chastised and told that he is becoming a Dragoman, go figure this out. Bloodgrue feels Teptun’s Square & Market is too far to go just to ask someone there what snow gravel is.

Bloodgrue is trying to figure out who Bloodgrue knows locally that might know. It suddenly hits Bloodgrue after a few minutes who to try to ask. Bloodgrue figures Darius might know what this snow gravel is and where to find it.


Walking the slippery paving stones of the streets, Bloodgrue is going to the fourth possible location to find Darius, where Bloodgrue was informed Darius might be. The slope down to the Darnan Hollow is getting steeper as Bloodgrue walks along. Bloodgrue’s smoothly worn old footwear is frequently slipping from under him as he is traversing downward to the location at the bottom of the street. It appears many other people have fallen on this street today.

A young lad goes rapidly swishing downward passing by Bloodgrue, he is riding on an old leather hide, with the smooth side facing down. The sliding is making the snow on the street even smoother by packing the snow harder thus making it more difficult to keep any footing on.

Arriving at the bottom of the slope and entering the courtyard, where Bloodgrue was instructed he would find Darius, Bloodgrue finds a crowd of dozens of people standing in line waiting for something.

Bloodgrue sees the old Jalmal, Darius who is talking to the people in the front of the line up. They approach him, where he gives them an old ten pound canvas sack full of something. It looks like the people are paying Darius one duster per sack, if Darius supplies the sack. Or one duster for two sacks if they brought their own sacks .

Looking around the area Bloodgrue notes that no one appears younger than forty here in this crowd. Deciding Bloodgrue still needs to talk to Darius, Bloodgrue gets into the line as he watches the event. Bloodgrue realizes that people are paying for what  he determines are sacks of sand with rock salts mixed in the sand.

Confused but still curious, it becomes Bloodgrue’s turn to talk with Darius, “Good day Elder Darius.” speaks out Bloodgrue respectfully.

Darius smiles warmly and addresses Bloodgrue, “You don’t know what you are here for do you apprentice?”

Stunned by the statement Bloodgrue answers hesitantly, “Not really other than I have a question to ask you.”

Darius smiles his toothless devilish grin saying, “Go ahead, I already know the answer. But ask anyway.”

Bolstering his confidence Bloodgrue is sure Darius will have to think hard about this, Bloodgrue states boldly, “My master sent me to find snow gravel, I don’t know what that is or where to find it. Could you please tell me?”

Laughing heartily Darius catches Bloodgrue off guard, while the two older men next in line buckle with laughter as well. In the old merchant Toydon dialect the next Toymal in line calls forth to Darius, “Don’t tease the boy any further Dar, tell him true.”

All three men gradually catch their breath after their outburst of chuckling, Darius asks Bloodgrue politely, “Did your Master  give you any sacks or dusters?”

Frowning deeply in irritation Bloodgrue answers chillily, “Yes one duster.”

Darius briskly extends his left hand out towards Bloodgrue. “Okay may I have it.” This is not a question but said as a command, though politely stated.

Fishing the duster free from his pouch Bloodgrue shrugs uncertain and hands the copper coin to Darius.

Darius puts the coin rapidly in his clay jar with his other payments.

Darius then hands Bloodgrue one of the ten pound sacks, like the ones he has been handing out.

Flustered Bloodgrue blurts out, “What? You give me a sack of sand and salt when I ask about snow gravel? What kind of joke is that. I am wet and cold and slipped down the street getting here to find you. I don’t need a sack of sand to carry home.”

All three of the older men chuckle loudly and answer Bloodgrue in unison, “Yes boy, you got what you are looking for. This is the community Snow Gravel Stock.”

Darius continues on in an animated explanation, “Spread this out on the slippery snow and ice in front of your place. This is the snow gravel that your Master sent you out for. Believe in its power to stop you slipping as you walk on ice and snow. But be quick to sweep up the sand when the paving warms up and it all dries again, or you will have as bad a problem walking as you do now. Go home now boy.”

Bloodgrue clues in now on the joke, he’s not as slow as some when it comes to understanding new concepts, he asks good humoured, as these folks could have teased him much more. “How do I get back up to the top of the street, with all the slipperiness?”

An old Jalfem back a little way down in line answers quickly, “There are a set of old stairs on the east side of the street, for this purpose. They have already been graveled. Find out how well this stuff works there and next time come down using those stairs when it snows.”

Bloodgrue doesn’t recall seeing the stairs at first, then he vaguely recalls them, an old set of moss covered steps, rising fairly steep, that no one seems to use except an occasional child running away from someone.

Walking out of the courtyard Bloodgrue finds the stairs quickly enough as there is now a well used trail through the snow to them. The trail is hard packed but wet and gritty. damp but easy to walk on. As Bloodgrue climbs the stairs he marvels at how the damp icy moss is not slippery to walk on. He notes the sand embedded in the substances, giving his slick footwear something abrasive to grip so he doesn’t slip.


Having carried the ten pound sack on his shoulder most of the way home Bloodgrue arrives at the front of their residence. Bloodgrue opens the sack hesitantly then inserts his hand into the mixture. With an immediate burning on his damp fingers, Bloodgrue quickly remove his hand from inside the open sack. Puzzled as to what to do at first, until his Master who had been sitting watching out through the vacant window, comes out with an old wooden flour scoop, handing it to Bloodgrue in silence while smiling.

Bloodgrue takes the used scoop with interest, smiling as it dawns on him why the Master gave Bloodgrue this scoop. Thrusting the scoop deep into the sack Bloodgrue pulls it free from inside the sack, half full of the mixture. Bloodgrue looks at his master who smiling makes a back and forth sideways fan like motion with his hand. Then the Master points at the flour scoop.

Bloodgrue curiously stands there shaking the scoop side to side as the mixture shuttles off the end of the scoop spreading out over the ground surface. With the scoop empty Bloodgrue steps onto the area covered with snow gravel as he is seeing the ice start to get damp at the spots the salt landed. He notes the grip the sand and dampness give him on the snow and ice surface. Smiling smugly Bloodgrue happily nods to his watching Master. Bloodgrue’s Master goes back inside their place as Bloodgrue picks up the snow gravel sack continuing to spread snow gravel out with the worn old scoop, until the entire surface area in front of their business is loosely covered with snow gravel from his stock. Bloodgrue puts the half full canvas sack just inside the business’s doorway to the right hand side. Placing their used scoop on top of the sack. The dirty scoop won’t get used in the flour bin anymore. But it has done good duty spreading snow gravel.

Going inside to prepare their days supper, Bloodgrue is surprised finding his Master deep in the process of cooking already. Looking over at Bloodgrue with determined satisfaction Dragoman Master says enthusiastically to Bloodgrue, “You will make a great Dragoman, Bloodgrue, most of my past apprentices would not have found the snow gravel, never mind figure out how to use it. Keep that stock place in mind, you may need it again a couple more times before you die. Now go clean up, I will cook our meal today. You’re getting Spertan cooked in garlic sauce. I know it is a rare treat don’t fuss about it, I have been waiting for someone to cook some for awhile now. You didn’t figure that out yet, so you only get a half portion. You also get tuber soup for your other half portion apprentice.”

Shocked by this turn of events. First thing, there is that the Master never cooks. Add to that cooking Spertan has never happened since Bloodgrue started here. Garlic sauce is a luxury few take liberty to use. Then the compliment to boot? Who cares if Bloodgrue only gets a half portion of Spertan or Tuber Soup, that is still more than he has ever had before of such treats. Then there is the fact Master has made the tuber soup already? What occasion is this, is Bloodgrue being released from apprenticeship?

Gathering at the table for their meal, Bloodgrue notes the best cutlery and settings are out on the table. A full bowl of soup is at each place as well as full plates at both spots. Shocked by all this Bloodgrue is confused even more.

“Sit at my place apprentice. Mount Oryn only gets this event every twenty years or so. Let’s be thankful and honor the gods for such rights.” Master gestures to his own seat, making it clear for Bloodgrue to sit. Fear strikes Bloodgrue, never before allowed to sit on the old padded chair, Bloodgrue wonders, is Bloodgrue’s world going to end and this is his last supper?

The two men silently enjoy their meal, in fact both enjoy second servings of Spertan and soup, leaving no left overs. Shocking Bloodgrue even more, Master dismisses Bloodgrue from performing clean up. Instead indicating to Bloodgrue to stay at the table.

With clean up finished the Master sits in Bloodgrue’s seat where he begins talking with Bloodgrue. “Okay apprentice, I will tell you now. It is tradition among the Dragomen that in the twenty year snows, Masters will do the work for any apprentice who completes an assigned task that day. Some Masters go easy on their apprentices. Instead I gave you a harder task. You succeeded well, so you earned your reward today. Fetch us each an ale then the rest of the days is yours to do as you like. As well you earned yourself a duster.”

Bloodgrue tries not to fall off the chair onto the floor as he moves to fetch two tankards of the dark rich ale of which he has never been allowed before. When he is done getting the ales Bloodgrue simply finishes the day sitting near the living area’s fire pit, keeping warm on this freezing day.


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November 8 2014

Snowanonymous on the bus

Gravelanonymous on the bus

stockanonymous on the bus

Winteranonymous on the bus

19anonymous on the bus


Sky Doll birds

Summer 3 Bear

Summer has turned very still with no breath from any of the gods. Imvor’s and Stonewire’s heat has turned the day nearly unbearable with no relief in the sphere, zero clouds shield the world.

To top it off, Bloodgrue was pushed down a flight of stairs by one of Garrif One Toe’s flunkies early this morning. A little warning to Bloodgrue that Garrif will reach out if upset and that Bloodgrue’s acquaintances best stay out of Garrif’s territory.

On his flight down the long steep stairwell Bloodgrue’s head sharply struck stone. Bloodgrue wasn’t sure at the time which hurt more, his head or the stone. But right now he knows certainly it is in his head. His hard head has a small bun dough ball size lump as black as the river at mid night. The pain inside his head is now as unbearable as todays scorching heat for Bloodgrue.

Finding his acquaintance old Blue Hair, Bloodgrue asks her what he can do for his head.

Now Blue Hair doesn’t traffic in items, only information, she decides todays advice to Bloodgrue is free. “Go south to Darren’s Respite, see whoever will look after you there dear. You need a healer or a physician that is certain. Its not like you to get in a fight. Who won?

Laughing out painfully, Bloodgrue replies shuddering, “This time I think the stone won. Thank you I will go to the hospital then.”

Walking the hour plus to get to Darren’e Respite from Teptun’s Square and Market, Bloodgrue sweats out more fluids than he can drink on his walk.

Arriving at the hospital Bloodgrue spots old Toymal, Erok. “Hello Erok, I think I need help.” speaking in Erok’s native Toydon usually gets his attention right away.

The old man looks up slowly from his diligent work scribing a new text. “Are you sure? I don’t see any blood. Are you sick, or is it the black mark you carry that worries you?”

Bloodgrue frowns shallow like a frustrated child, “The black mark I carry burdens me my friend.”

Erok points to the group of long benches while reaching up with his other hand, grasping the long hemp rope. He rings the bell two dongs then silences the sound.

Bloodgrue shakily sits on a soft bench as Erok asks, “Do you need water friend?”

Bloodgrue frowns again as a child while blinking away the blurriness, “Yes, Please Erok.”

Erok stands shakily, wobbling as he walks over to a keg. He taps a medium size mug of fresh cool water for Bloodgrue. Wobbly carrying over the needed refreshment Erok asks Bloodgrue carefully, “When did you strike the Black Mark?”

Bloodgrue takes the mug gratefully, carefully drinking the water slowly. Moving the now empty mug from his mouth Bloodgrue answers Erok humorously, “This morning as the gods rose over the horizon I took a flight down a set of stone stairs. A short flight I would guess. Maybe a twenty foot drop over twenty feet extending outward. … The stone found me about half way down.”

Erok politely takes this empty mug from Bloodgrue’s hand as a Toyfem appears through the interior doorway. She looks at Erok questioningly, Erok points at Bloodgrue sitting quietly on their long bench with both of his eyelids shut.

She smiles approvingly at Erok and walks briskly over to Bloodgrue. Talking in Jalnoric she asks respectfully, “Yes? You have a need for help?”

Bloodgrue rapidly opens his eyes looking up at the slightly built, average height Toyfem. “Yes. I have a Black Mark on me. It hurts worse then trying to visit all seven hells at the same time.”

The woman carefully reaches forward towards Bloodgrue feeling Bloodgrue’s forehead in an area away from the bump. Her fingers linger a few moments contacting Bloodgrue’s skin, then she asks Bloodgrue enquiring, “May I?” as she points to the large black  bump.

Bloodgrue hesitantly gives a slight nods approving of her touching his forehead.

“My name is Healer Larsen. I have been here in Darren’s my whole career beginning from apprentice continuing up to Journeyman. I have seen a lot of damage in my time. This should be treated and it should have been treated sooner. This heat outside will only make the effects from any damage worse. What is your name?” as Larsen speaks she gingerly exams the horrible bump as well as the  area around it with the tips of her fingers.

Bloodgrue fights the urge to flinch and  answer Larsen politely as well. “I am Journeyman Dragoman Bloodgrue of North Docks District. I discovered I can’t really fly, this I discovered as I landed half way down a stone stairwell.”

She smiles, “That is your second version of events I heard, I see a few other scrapes and bruises on you. Looks more like a forced flight not taken very voluntary. I have a blue powder you can use to lower the wound’s discomfort. But be very sparing with the substance. Your pain will subside with ingestion of the powder, but your vision will change and you may see effects around you that aren’t there. Extra light, different colours on things and the like. Only use it twice a day for three days. Consume the powder somewhere you will be safe from further attempted flying. Do you agree to this Bloodgrue?” Larsen pulls her hand away slightly to allow Bloodgrue an ability to react.

Looking up quizzically at her unremarkable face Bloodgrue estimates she is nearing fifty years of age but she is still not bad looking. He smiles mischievously adding to her remarks, “No more flying for a while. I will go home before I use the powder. Do I just take it as a powder, or in a drink, or with some food?”

Larsen smiles approving silently while stating respectfully, “I can work with that as a promise. It is two Dyns, plus the Dyns for looking at this.”

Healer Larsen watches examining Bloodgrue’s eyes as he responds quickly, “So if I am to do the math, you want three Dyns payment for your help.”

Nodding while smiling Larsen approves answering Bloodgrue, “Good. … Yes three Dyns. Can you afford it or did the flight lose your purse?”

Laughing painfully Bloodgrue pulls out his cloth coin purse and extracts three of the four Dyns from inside the container. Leaving inside the pouch one Dyns and four dusters as contents. Closing up the coin pouch placing it back on his belt, Bloodgrue hands Larsen the three Dyns which she accepts with one hand. With a tap to the palm of Bloodgrue’s hand with her free hand. “Okay I will be right back.” She says as Bloodgrue pulls back his hand.

Larsen quickly leaves the room as Erok brings Bloodgrue another full mug of cool water. Giving the new refreshment cautiously to Dragoman Bloodgrue Erok states eloquently. “Don’t say any thing later. But keep this mug full, then dropping a small dose of the powder in. Drink the entire resulting mixture slowly. Walk back home carefully Dragoman after an hour waiting here. I trust you will be fine, if not, we will know when you drink the water. You are in the right place if you react badly to the potion. Don’t be breaking bad anything please, as its hard replacing badly broken items.”

Bloodgrue nods understanding, while holding lightly onto the mug of water with his left hand.

A few minutes later Healer Larsen returns walking briskly from the deep caverns of the hospital, carefully carrying a single three ounce flask of blue powder. She eagerly hands this to Bloodgrue while spotting the full wooden mug. Frowning she turns directly to Erok and gives him a frustrated glare. Turning back around to Bloodgrue, “Okay a quarter of an ounce of this  powder at most to a mug of water. Give it a try.”

Bloodgrue sullenly takes the full flask, removing the stopper with his fingers while hold the flask and mug he then adds a small amount of blue  powder to the clear warm water. Bloodgrue adds less than quarter of an ounce. He puts the old cork stopper back in the flask’s short narrow neck. Swirling the mug gently after putting the flask carefully into  his belt pouch. Bloodgrue drinks the dark liquid slowly.

The potion has an odd organic taste Bloodgrue can’t easily place. It maybe from roots?

Larsen determines Bloodgrue is trying to guess the concoctions ingredients, so she replies boastfully, “It is Isis Powder, derived from boiled poppy seeds and iris flower roots. Too much is deadly, it is a poison that will act quickly if consumed in large doses. But you will die very happy.”

Flinching as he is looking directly at Larsen, “So you are poisoning me?”

Healer Larsen smiles mischievously answering brashly, “Yes, for your own good.”

The mug’s contents completely drained, Larsen has gone, Bloodgrue waited patiently a while longer. Bloodgrue looks over at Erok, “Is it okay now to go. Everything seems fine including the pain has faded away.”

Erok smiles approving as he replies, “Then have a happy journey home Dragoman Bloodgrue.”

Nodding somewhat tired Bloodgrue firmly rises to his feet, then he walks out of Darren’s Respite hospital.

Walking home north, towards Tempest Inn and Tavern, Bloodgrue still finds the unmoving heat stifling but now it is more bearable. He is walking past an Apple Orchard when Bloodgrue spots a sight he doesn’t recall seeing anywhere before.

Two medium size birds, feathered in various green coloured feathers. Flying slowly straight towards Bloodgrue. Bloodgrue notes that their bodies look to be about eight or nine inches long, in addition they have twenty inch long tails fanned out in darker green feathers. Their wing span looks to Bloodgrue to be about eighteen inches from tip to tip. There is a small crowd of people in this area. Bloodgrue is amazed that the people are not reacting to these rare birds. The birds are so beautiful in colour and shape. Both birds land on the hot, stone paved road, in front of Bloodgrue.

The one on the right appears larger, notes Bloodgrue. It speaks to Bloodgrue in a city merchant’s Jalnoric dialect, “He won’t be making anyone fly again Bloodgrue. No worries. Death called upon him this afternnon. Garrif is aware of the deeds committed by the man and also the consequences for crossing lines. Be at peace now. Finish your course and the pain will be gone. That is until you strike stone again, or wood. Or anything solid.”

The smaller bird  on the left answers Bloodgrue’s mentally queried question, “No. They can’t see us. We will be with you for your course. We are called Sky Dolls. Bloodgrue we only visit if needed and the Isis is used to call upon, to heal the injured one. Lorn grants you this.”

The larger ones calls boldly to Bloodgrue, “Yes, we will stay and talk. Lets’ move on Tempest. We can talk as we fly, as you walk.”

Bloodgrue gets many answers on the Tempest trip. But he has even more questions abound in his mind. These two are great company, they challenge and answer Bloodgrue equally, like no person has before.

Entering his medium size second floor room, Bloodgrue opens both of the shutters on his window.

The Sky Doll’s fly in and the three continue eagerly with their visit.


Three days with the Sky Dolls teaches Bloodgrue a lot of new interesting things. Unfortunately no work gets done by Bloodgrue and he wasn’t particularily hungry the whole time, thus eating very little. He though, almost drank his entire tab away, with that in milk and juices.  A batch of tea several times was also consumed.


Summer 7 … as the Isis effect is wearing off, the Sky Dolls fade with one last important message “It is not safe to call upon us Bloodgrue. So if you can avoid it, you must do so. You learn everything well. Hopefully you understand all of this. We must now leave you to the world again. You will be very hungry, but eat only small meals and snacks  for a couple of days as you recover. … Drink a lot of water to help clear your mind. Goodbye our friend.”


Challenge contributions:

October 31 2014

dollTawny – Quote “Nothing is as perfect as you can imagine.”

birdsTawny – Favorite books: Harry Potter series

skyTawny – Favorite colour: Green

3 – Tawny – Favorite TV series: Breaking Bad

Summer Tawny – Likes the mythical creatures: Thestral


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