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Extrapolate abysmal exorcism

Autumn 66 Pine

The rain had been dripping down in a mist almost all night and most of the day. The gods barely shone their light on the world until early afternoon when the clouds blurring the sphere began to break up.

Everything is wet, but warm for this day in the eastern soft breeze.

Bloodgrue has been assigned to escort three Jals to a temple on Elmar Road, in the western district of Arondal. It is bad news for Bloodgrue to be over in that area to start with, with the bad blood between Bloodgrue and one of Garrif One Toe’s ruffians, Lorn. The story of that encounter is so convoluted and dismal.

Back on Autumn of Unicorn, Bloodgrue was assigned one of his rare tasks, he was asked to deliver a package to a merchant in Arondal District. Bloodgrue being rarely sent out of North Docks District, jumped at this opportunity to learn new routes.

The sphere had been clear and warm that day but the gods blew fierce breaths of wind. Docking all barges and requiring flags and banners to be drawn in for the day to keep them safe. Elder Harrod said the winds that day were the worst in three years in his memory.

Today only reminds Bloodgrue of the story, because he has to walk these three Jals into Arondal District and thinking about doing so brings tremors to Bloodgrue. These three travelers walk briskly along, they have no packs, but one carries a dark satchel of some rare leather Bloodgrue does not recognize. The satchel is not large, small but big enough to carry two or three medium size tomes.

Silently the troop walks ever westward on Elmar Street, then Bloodgrue spots in the distance, the foreboding set of structures that these three folks desire.

Arriving in front of a set of gates, Bloodgrue stops, the wooden front gates are well made and kept in good repair, with no blemishes marking them visibly.

Bloodgrue looks questioning at the leader of this silent trio, stating matter of fact. “You agreed to five dusters, to be guided here.”

In his high born Jalnoric dialect the odd man answers Bloodgrue slowly, “And we will pay once we know we are in the right place. Lead on in apprentice.”

Bloodgrue looks hesitantly at the remarkable towering stone structures beyond this gate. Gathering his courage, or maybe his stupidity, Bloodgrue isn’t sure which yet, he rings the medium size decorated cast iron bell by pulling on the smooth hemp rope attached to an iron arm of the bell, the bell being set to the right of this gate. The bell rings out loudly in a low bass tone.

A shrill Toydon male voice answers sharply, “I’m coming hold your barge.”

The wait is middling long then the gate rapidly swings open silently and there before them standing rigidly is an elderly Toymal dressed in the Institution’s livery. Bright blue flaxen long sleeved tunic with black knee length ox hide leggings, high soft deer leather boots of Stonewire’s reds in colour. A stiff black oxen leather vest without sleeves. On top of his skull sits a gentleman’s soil brown soft leather cap. The man’s black full length hair hangs down behind him to his knees, as a proper gentleman wears his hair.

“What in the Seven Hells do you want tonight? You know it is past hours of service.” enquires the average appearing Toydon man in his shrill Toydon language.

In his obviously native high born Jalnoric, the leader effortlessly speaks to Bloodgrue, “Do you understand what he says?”

Now Bloodgrue knows why he is still here with the odd folks. “Yes and for two dusters I’ll do the translating.”

A simple, “Yes.” is their leader’s sullen reply.

Bloodgrue nods respectfully, “Okay he wants to know why we are here after hours.”

The nameless leader frowning shallowly answers bluntly, “Your masters summoned us.”

Bloodgrue turns smugly to Gatekeeper, “Your masters summoned these three.”

With no further words Gatekeeper nods, motions everyone into the courtyard. Once all have complied he closes and effortlessly bars the sturdy gate.

The courtyard is a shallowly sloped mass of neatly trimmed short green grass, with oddly different shaped trees and interestingly trimmed bushes spread randomly around the entire three acre courtyard. There is the wide smooth gravel pathway going straight up to the main building. The main building is five stories of dressed basalt stonework. A massive front double door is the only visible entrance in to the interior, even for light. There are no windows anywhere in sight on the building’s full height and width. The steeply peaked slate roof appears clean and well maintained, with darker slate than any Bloodgrue has seen elsewhere, obviously the stones and slate were imported from distant sites.

Gatekeeper leads the group to the double, wooden doors, opens one and steps inside.

The heat that greets the guests is very welcome and all enter, even a reluctant Bloodgrue.

The entire ground floor is one giant sixty by eighty foot room with a spiral staircase in the center. The case leads both upwards to the second floor twelve feet up, and downward who knows where.

Gatekeeper points to the staircase which is in the centre of twin concentric circles which have about twenty, one foot thick pillars holding up the second floor. The pillars are spaced out evenly throughout the two circles.

For room content, there are several soft cloth covered couches of various styles and sizes, but all are shades of Stonewire reds and yellows. The many leather chairs though are arranged in seven groups near couches. Each group of chairs also has a large dark cherry wood table and a yellow oak writing desk with chair, set. There are no visible obvious source for the comfortable heat or low level light in this intriguing room.

Jalmal leader sighs softly and he walks towards the staircase, looking to Bloodgrue he asks uncertain, “Up or down?”

Bloodgrue quickly asks the Gatekeeper in Bloodgrue’s rough Toydon, “Do we go up or down?”

The Gatekeeper shrugs non-committedly, “Your guess is as good as mine, There are three more floors up and three down for a total of seven floors that they can be on. I don’t keep track of my masters where about. There are four of them, Which one summoned you?”

Bloodgrue shortly stops the trio of travelers, “He wants to know which Master summoned you?”

The group leader frowns with impatience, quickly takes out a yellowed sheet of folded vellum from deep inside his tight tunic. Opening it up he offers it to the deeply focused Gatekeeper. The non-menacing Toymal Gatekeeper looks over the vellum sheet then frown shallowly. “It seems to be signed by all four. By this, I would say you get to go all the way up to the top. Good luck, I suggest resting on the third floor before continuing your climb up. The last run is a ladder not stairwell.”

Bloodgrue groans softly but tells his charges right away, “He thinks you need to climb to the top. The access to the fourth floor is a ladder.”

Without any further words the Jalmal leader politely takes the sheet of Vellum from the Gatekeeper, folds it and returns the sheet back inside his tunic.

All three dark Jal start walking upwards.

They climb quickly at first, but by time they walk to the top of the third spiraling staircase it is obvious they are tiring out. Bloodgrue does not feel any fatigue in himself yet.

Maybe being younger or more active, this gives Bloodgrue the edge here. The four people arrive on the third floor where the chamber they enter is a smaller room that maybe a cube twelve feet to a side. It is fairly dark and very hot in the chamber. Bloodgrue sees the ladder to floor four, but with no way of getting his bearings in here he can’t tell if the ladder is on the south, west, north or east wall. The twelve feet of ladder to climb looks daunting at the moment. The ladders rungs are narrow, maybe eighteen inch long bars of one inch iron, set into three inch thick  oak frames. The rungs look spaced out every eight inches, but looking upward they seem to get spaced farther apart.

The groups leader is now out of breath, he frowns exhaustedly and gasps saying with  a small sigh, “We rest a moment or two now.”

This suits Bloodgrue who is not so eager to see who these Masters are that the group is climbing the ladder to meet. ‘Who lives or works like this, unless they are concealing themselves. If they are concealing themselves, why?’

Several minutes pass by then the trio unanimously agree to try climbing the ladder.

The trio’s leader takes the first run at climbing. It takes him some effort but eventually he passes through the portal at the top of the climb and steps off the ladder to disappear from view of those below.

Then the group’s Jalfem takes her turn, taking a little longer, using a little more effort, but she to climbs to the top of the ladder. There she enters the above realm.

Bloodgrue looks at the last member of the trio, he is  an elder Jalmal. They nod to each other politely and the elder also climbs the ladder moving slowly, meticulously. Reaching the portal at the top he looks down and smiles, passing through he disappears from Bloodgrue’s sight.

Bloodgrue debates whether to simply wait for the three to come back down, or join them in this unknown climbing up the ladder. He sighs slightly, shrugging he takes the initiative, quickly and effortless climbing to the top. Going through the portal at the top he steps on to the floor of the upper chamber. All reds, yellows and oranges of Stonewire and Imvor. The chamber is so hot it is almost unbearable. The area is clouded with smoke from burning mixed incenses. Bloodgrue looks around, again there are no windows to the outside world, there are four, four post canopied beds with drapes, two large wooden dining tables, with legs beautifully carved. Four fine wood chairs are at each table.

But what strikes Bloodgrue are the residents. Besides Bloodgrue and the trio, there are four people. All Jalnoric, all female. Of the four Jalfem, two are old and feeble looking. two are young and beautiful sirens, beautiful beyond words or measure. All four sit in chairs at one of the two tables.

“Greetings, thank you all for coming and seeing us. But we wish to inform you the exorcism you are here to perform is on the lowest order, it is in the bottom most cellar of this temple. Our cook has been taken over by a spirit of a malicious sort. You three are the best exorcists we have heard of and as a team we ask you exorcise our cooks spirit. … Please. The food has gotten horrible tasting, also it is cold when we receive it up here.”

Bloodgrue bursts out laughing, “So they are here to work in the basement, after climbing all the way up the ladder to be with you. How abysmal is that. Exorcism? Really?”

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October 31 2014:

Abysmal – Bus 91 – the pain

exorcism – Bus 91 – sugar level is low

extrapolate – Bus 91 – it’s very big

66Bus 91 – It went that way.

AutumnBus 91 – Oh! My god!

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Land times

Summer 29 Bear

Bloodgrue smiles cheerfully as he hears the words come from Blue Hair, “I want you to be witness and bear witness of any false doing Dragoman Bloodgrue. I know you went through the Dawn so I feel I can trust you on this.”

Looking out over the crowd in Teptun’s Square and Market Bloodgrue ponders the warm breeze and dark sphere. Contradiction always intrigues Bloodgrue. Blue Hair knows some of Bloodgrue’s skills and activities, yet she calls upon him in trust and for honesty in this matter. Just like the world is today and the weather.

Smiling Bloodgrue eagerly clasps arms with Blue Hair, knowing the old woman has many stories in her long life. He hesitates a second as they clasp arms, her grip is not her usual strength. Is she slightly off? Is she that worried?

Bloodgrue makes sure his working equipment is set properly in place, then thinking through his memory, “I think the old guy is at 4620 Elmar Road, Blue Hair, It will take us about thirty minutes to walk to the shop.

His patron frowns and sadly nods to Bloodgrue, “I sometimes take that route from home to here. I know it. Lead on Duff.”

Together the two walk side by side unhindered, or acknowledged up front by anyone. Bloodgrue makes the usual safe passage signs to the ones watching as they walk along the roads and streets. He spots a few acquaintances, some good, some not. But this is Bloodgrue’s legal Dragoman Territory, his reputation keeps everyone friendly.

Thinking back over the last twelve years Bloodgrue wonders how he made it through. Nearly starving, or freezing to death. Robbed, cheated of pay and accosted several times. Saving so many who should or maybe should not have been. Dealing his own type of justice and making as many friends as he did enemies.

The Watch in this area relies on him at times, though they suspect his hands are not as clean as they should be.

Nobility call him friend and other nobility frown upon him.

But Blue Hair has been here in Teptun’s Square and Market as long as he can recall. She has never treated him badly, she has teased and scolded him, though it turned out it was lessons for his own good. She has been a sort of mentor to Bloodgrue his whole Dragoman apprenticeship and now as Journeyman Dragoman. She offered yesterday to sponsor his Master Dragoman application saying she has never saw a Dragoman so determined and dedicated to the craft, as well as to the people.


The shop is non-descript, a candle flickers inside with the light shining out through the open window.

The common odours of fish, sewage and the river are not as prevalent here but they are still present, making this walk a little more bearable today. Blue Hair is slower today and Bloodgrue doesn’t believe it is just because of her large flat package she carries on her back.

Stopping at the dreary entry way, Blue Hair unslings her mysterious package. Measuring roughly twenty four inches by thirty and only two inches thick, Bloodgrue is curious as to what it might be. It doesn’t appear to be too heavy, simply awkward.

The canvas wrapped object seems important to Blue Hair as she refused to let Bloodgrue carry it the entire walk here. She had it hidden at her stall in the bottom of her walking cart when they were getting ready to travel.

Bloodgrue politely, quickly opens the old shop’s wooden door for his patron and stands aside waiting for her to enter. Boldly Blue hair slowly walks in up the single stone step though the wooden door way into a dungeon like shop. Inside is darkly cloistered and mysterious.

Stepping in Bloodgrue sees dozens of wooden, clay and stone sculptures. Painting of various types adorn every vertical surface as three orange candles and one open shutter window supply the only dim light in this crowded room.

An old decrepit Jalmal sits at a low pine wood table focused on carving a wood sculpture. Not even acknowledging the entry of customers.

Blue Hair trying to be civil walks closer, maybe the old guy never heard them enter.

She is about ten feet from the man when in mid mallet stroke he nearly whispers, “Stop right there I have a chisel.”

Blue Hair’s feet come to rest on the blacken stained pine wood floor boards, waiting quietly.

The man keeps carving a few more feeble mallet to chisel strokes then pauses as he is looking over his work.

He puts down his iron chisel and birch wood mallet among the curled wood chips on his cluttered work table. Turning around painfully he looks at the two new intruders not speaking to them.

Dragoman Bloodgrue gets irritated by the silence and observation, speaking out boldly in Jalnoric, ” Master Philip?”

The man’s calm reply is a simple, “Why?”

Recalling the man’s irritating and frustrating reputation Bloodgrue knows this is Philip. “Hunter Blue Hair wishes to consult with you.”

Immediate response from Philip is an irritated, “Then leave it to her to talk, you ruffian.”

Blue Hair looks around the shop quickly, then walking over to an open appraising table she carefully unwraps her package putting the item on display by placing it on the stand near by, putting the wrapping canvas on this table.

Bloodgrue sees a Landscape painting much better painted, more real appearing, than any he has ever seen. The colours and shapes are true visually, the perspective is awe inspiring, the subject of the painting is South Palace Hill’s south face and surroundings. Even Bloodgrue can see that is the location of subject.

Philip remains sitting the twenty feet away from his display stand looking at Blue Hair, he utters impatiently “So?”

Even Blue Hair’s good nature is beginning to be tested by Philip, she stands back a few feet. “Will you appraise it, ten percent I’ll pay for a fee.”

Without blinking even once Philip flippantly states, “Get out of my shop for less than fifteen.”

Blue hair smiles good humouredly knowing generally rates are twenty percent for these types of art pieces.  “Done fifteen it is.”

Grumbling softly Philip stands hesitantly, jerkily he trundles closer to the painting, as he moves he reaches for a candle and then begins the appraising assessment of this painting.

Quietly without touching the canvas of the painting even once, Philip looks over the entire work including the frame.

For twenty minutes he diligently inspects the piece, time is killing Blue Hair as she quietly waits.

Walking spastically back to his soft cushioned low chair Philip sits down, never even muttering as much as a whisper. Seated he takes a drink from an small old black clay mug that had been near by at hand. Philip sets down the now empty mug, looks at Bloodgrue, then Blue Hair. “Thirty one.”

Blue Hair nearly faints but she quickly recovers her composure, “So you say it is worth thirty one Flairs?”

Philip rapidly responds with, “No! Listen will you. My fee is thirty one Flairs and I want to know how you acquired this. Or I call the Watch, they are next door you know.”

Blue Hair’s old crinkled eye lids go wide open, “Thirty one Flairs? Seriously. Tell me about it and I will tell you how I came upon it.”

Philip shrugs without any commitment and turns slowly around to his wooden sculpture, looking it over. Philip slowly says in a normal conversational tone, “Okay deal but Thirty one Flairs on my desk first.”

Now Bloodgrue discovers why Blue Hair was so slow today as she lifts her tunic removing five small leather sacks. She hands Bloodgrue two of the one pound sacks, places three on the desk. “Thirty and I will listen.”

Bloodgrue is shocked to discover Blue Hair had not only been carting around a painting of such rare value but also five pounds of gold coins. The Royal Flairs are so rare most thieves would kill for one, risking their own lives in doing so. Blue Hair had just been walking around with fifty of the damn coins and a painting, if his math is right is worth around 250 Flairs.

She must have been more nervous than a rat in a hunting canine kennel run.

Philip nearly shouts out loudly as the sacks of coins are put casually on his work desk, “Not so loud are you trying to make me deaf?”

He looks longingly at the three small leather sacks then happily shrugs, “Okay, you have a painting that is over three hundred years old, it is of South Palace Hill’s south face before the plague. It was done by the Royally commissioned painter Darhan before he died of the illness. There were likely no more done after this one. He did thirteen Royally commissioned paintings all tolled and only ten were landscape. That is my belief. Its value? I say some where from 240 to 280 Flairs depending on the buyer. I can have it sold in two days, for a top up fee of ten percent of the actual selling price.”

Blue Hair moves smoothly, retrieving the painting, rewrapping it carefully in her common canvas. “Hand him one more Blood.”

Painting gently wrapped up Blue Hair turns around to find Philip calmly watching her. Blue Hair now fulfills her piece of the bargain, “I acquired it years ago when I was still Bounty Hunting, before I retired. A Noble defaulted on taxes to the Monarchy and tried to escape paying, also trying to avoid capture. I apprehended him, the then King rewarded me with two paintings like this. It is not for sale as this is a gifts for a friend of mine.  I was curious what I was offering him value wise. Thank you for your time Philip,  forty flairs total should keep your silence?”

Again, not blinking Philip immediately says firmly, “Fifty.”

Without waiting for Blue Hair to respond Bloodgrue sets the fifth sack of Flairs with the first three on Philip’s crowded work desk. Blue Hair smiles warmly at Bloodgrue and after Bloodgrue sets the fifth worn old leather sack down, Hunter Blue Hair hands her rare package to Dragoman Bloodgrue, sweetly say to him “Lets go Dragoman.”

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October 21 2014





Continuum liminality harbinger

Winter 42 Pine

Two hours yet to Godsrise, the heavy rains muffle the sounds of their footsteps. The Harbinger team for the Royal City watch are quiet as the group trudges along the streets of North Docks.

Arriving at Erren Dock Bloodgrue nods to folks politely. Anyone out  now must be a bit daft thinks Bloodgrue, but here is Bloodgrue, apprentice Dragoman leading City officials to Erren docks looking for Dock Master Arlan.

Bloodgrue recognizes a face and stops the Toymal, speaking in fluent Toydon Bloodgrue asks quickly, “Where can I find Bear?”

Also polite but brisk the man replies, “Last I saw was Dock B.”

Bloodgrue clasps forearms with the helping Toymal and nods quickly.


Wooden docks are designed not to be slick  when wet, but the rain is so fast even these boards are slippery. It doesn’t take long before Bloodgrue spots the Jalmal he is looking for. Leading over to him, Bloodgrue respectfully approaches, clearing his throat in a firm even manner Bloodgrue stops near and waits as the man finishes up with the people he was talking with.

Their turn, Bloodgrue addresses the man, “My good Bear pleasant to see you well. I am here on business, then I will be off. These folks are the City Watch Harbinger’s. They wish to speak with you. Gods speed to you Master Bear.”

Bear nods, “What’s up? I am a busy man with all of Erren to deal with. Speak up.”

Speaking first the middle-aged Jalmal begins, “Good day Dock Master Arlan, Keeper of Erren Docks. We wish to conduct City Watch business with you.”

Taking lead Bear walks to a small cottage at the beginning of this section of Erren Docks. Opening the door he ushers in everyone including Bloodgrue.

All are glad to be out of the heavy rains and darkness of night.

A warm fire burns in the pit lighting the interior.

Taking a seat on one of the five chairs Bear waits for the others to settle in.

The two elders each take a seat as does the Harbinger who nods to a young Jalfem to use the last seat. Leaving a teenaged Jalfem and Bloodgrue standing in smoky interior.

Harbinger starts, “The City watch recently acquired several new fishing barges. We seek berths for them. We would like seven berths as close together as possible. They are needed year round. The Watch will pay on the first on each season.

Bear considers this opening for a minute or so as they all listen to the world’s creaking, groaning, dripping.

Turning to look at the Harbinger, Bear replies, “There is space I can open up and shift around. But your fees will be eight Dyns per season per berth.”

Harbinger shakes his head negatively, “No, we will pay up to seven Dyns per berth per season.”

Bear’s reply is rapid, “For seven Dyns you take what berths are open where ever located.”

Harbinger nods to Bear and then looks around for a desk. An elder stands setting out his Lexigrapher kit on the desk. The two old men draft a legal document quickly for the seven berths beginning Winter 60 Pine. At Seven Dyns per berth per season to be paid previous on the First of each season.

Thus the quick Liminality of Continuum by the Harbinger is complete.

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October 10 2014

LiminalityEric Kregel – Fellowship of the Scribblers

WinterEric Kregel

42Eric Kregel

ContinuumEric Kregel

HarbingerEric Kregel


Fantastic beautiful smile

Spring 58 Bear

Bloodgrue sits in the cold winds of the spring morning watching a cloud pass by going quickly east. One of several broken clouds, it is dark and eager to move on ahead of the winds that are the breath of  gods.

Bloodgrue says happily to his companion of the moment, “You know I have been a Dragoman  a little more then half a season, yet I have earned more than I did from my entire wages as an apprentice. I am going to take the day to spend with you Lena if you will?”


Beautifully light Lena Moren, sits near Bloodgrue in the entry to the Moren Carpentry shop. The very entry Bloodgrue came through that day not so long ago to discover Anna Moren, Lena’s mother had deceased.

The seven days following that had at times been interesting. Bloodgrue learned more than perhaps is good for him and any chance he may have had in courting this woman. She is three years his senior and was of higher class in society. Lena is from a stable middle-middle class tradesman Family. Her Father is a Master Carpenter.

Bloodgrue fell head over heels for Lena when he first saw her in Teptun’s Square and Market about a year ago. He finally dug up the courage and saved enough funds to ask her to accompany him to a small farming festival that happened on Spring 20th every year.

When she failed to arrive at their agreed meeting spot, Bloodgrue walked in the cold rains to her Father’s shop and house, after finding out its location from his friend, Blue Hair in the Market.

Arriving here at 1256 Fifth Street Road South he discovered the death of Anna had delayed Lena.

Offering up the chicken carcass he had had to negotiate for in the market with the old Blue Hair, Bloodgrue offered it as part of the Rights of Passage ceremony.

Bloodgrue was invited to attend the ceremony as a family member. Bloodgrue infatuated deeply with Lena blindly agreed with her father.

Now, Pampalo Otter and Arragee made things very interesting for moments. Especial when Arragee arrived at the ceremony to declare his claim of arranged marriage to Lena. The news almost killed Bloodgrue mentally and emotionally. But Arragee obliged Bloodgrue in away, by getting rejected during the ceremony and the reading of Anna’s last will and testament.

Marriage scrubbed, Arragee rejected, Bloodgrue was back in the picture. Though unknown to him, in Lena’s Father’s eyes Bloodgrue never was in or out. To Lena and Lena’s father Bloodgrue simply was Lena’s compassionate friend, for the grieving daughter. Oh yes impressions. A few were made. Not all good, not all bad.

Yesterday Bloodgrue walked a job that netted him two Dyns and it is all his this time. Bloodgrue is the Journeyman Dragoman. He doesn’t have to hand his coins over to anyone. In the few days since the Rights of Passage for Anna Moren Bloodgrue earned a total of seven Dyns and four dusters. Never legally earning that much as wages in his entire life up to that point in time.

He woke this morning shivering under his thin old wool blanket and thought how nice it would to have a companion. A wife to stay warm with. His mind went right to Lena eagerly.


Okay, here he is after walking the few hours, sitting in the entry next to the one he wants. Trying to have the courage to stay calm and say what he is thinking without being boorish, crude or rude.

Lena looks across the street into the orchard wistfully and replies to his statement with a smirk, “If you must I guess you can.”

Bloodgrue frown knowing she is teasing him. But still nervous as a rat in a dog kennel. “We didn’t get to the festival. It is too windy and cold for a pleasant walk. Shall we go to the Tavern and talk for a while?”

Lena sighs deeply and looks into Bloodgrue’s eyes, “If we must.”

Bloodgrue still new to courting is frustrated but keeps it inside as he tries to figure out what to do or say while looking back into Lena’s bright grey eyes. He is lost a moment then springs up to stand reaching for Lena he asks, “Lets’ go, I know where. We can tell your father we will only be about two hours.

Lena casually reaches up and calls into the shop as she stands, “Dad I am going for a couple hours. I’ll cook supper tonight don’t worry. Going with Dragoman Bloodgrue.”

Without waiting for a response she leads the way out to the street from the entry way. Standing on the dark paving stones turning to Bloodgrue she waits patiently.

The wait is short as Bloodgrue swiftly leads south along the old road. They walk in silence holding hands gingerly for nearly three quarters of an hour. Then Bloodgrue stops in front of a single lonely small cottage. One story beam and wattle design dark with decades. The straw thatching on the roof is new this year intermittently places roses showing from the thatch. The thatch and roses long dried but still beautiful.

Leading slowly Bloodgrue approaches the pine wood door then rings an old tin bell by the right side of the entry. A man gruffly calls out in Toydon, “Hey yah, enter.”

Bloodgrue smiles mischievously, “He calls us in Lena.”

Opening the light door Bloodgrue waits as Lena walks cautiously in.

Both standing inside the single room of the cottage they see vases and vases of dried and fresh cut flowers as well as various pots of growing flowers and herbs.

Standing in one spot Bloodgrue maintains a gentle grip on Lena’s hand as he looks inquisitively around quickly. Smiling suddenly he leads Lena past the old Toydon Gardner to a small group of pots with different plants growing in them.

Pointing to a medium sized green clay pot, it hold a small rose tree. “I think if I remember, Ollo said this will bloom yellow roses in two years. Would you let me get it for your garden and you?”

Watching Lena, Bloodgrue gets the reward he hoped for, a Fantastic beautiful smile. His heart races as she smiles brighter then he ever saw before and she simply nods twice then rushes in with hugs for Bloodgrue.

Ollo seeing this exchange, smiles warmly, “For helping my daughters last year. two Dyns Bloodgrue.”

Bloodgrue beams as he pulls free his coin pouch with the one free hand between the two embracing bodies. Moving  the hand holding the pouch free, Bloodgrue tosses the pouch to Ollo.

There is no way this is going to  get shortened for Bloodgrue.

Challenge contributor:

October 8 2014

SmileAnnette – Sunsets are amazing.

FantasticAnnette – Favorite colour: Green

BeautifulAnnette – Snowflakes under a microscope.

58Annette – It was a good year.

SpringAnnette – Cool and crisp.


Dance kiss joke

Autumn 3 Bear

It is mid day and Seven Hells is it hot. Bloodgrue sits in the Tavern drinking a fresh cool ale wondering about the day ahead.

It is fairly cruel how hot it is on this Autumn day. Just two days after the harvest celebrations. The gods tease by placing a few clouds in the sphere and ever so slowly moving them south eastward. Offering no one real relief from anything.

As he takes a soft drink from his dewy tankard Bloodgrue spots someone enter. Someone new here.

She is a slightly taller Toyfem that looks very young.

Bloodgrue is a Jalmal but even he is finding this woman alarmingly attractive. Bloodgrue blatantly watches her quietly enter Tempest Tavern.

The young woman looks around, spotting the Tavern Keeper she walks casually over and speaks briefly with him.

Bloodgrue’s eyes are glued to her in curiosity.

A grin plasters itself to Bloodgrue’s face when Inn owner and Tavern Keeper, Sennat nods to the mystery woman and points over towards Bloodgrue.

The woman touches Sennat’s hand then offers him a few coins and speaks again shortly, then she turns and elegantly approaches Bloodgrue.

She is smiling as she approaches and it is disarming Dragoman Bloodgrue like none have been able to before.

Dragoman Bloodgrue may I sit a moment with you?” She asks using Toydon in a Toydon voice smoother than silk.

Bloodgrue amateurishly nods and grins.

The woman beams a smile happily, “Thank you. My name is Lara. I seek your aid if I may?” again in her feminine Toydon silky voice speaking in the Toydon language.

Bloodgrue is distracted as Sennat sets a half gallon clay pitcher of red wine on the table and two silver goblets.

Sennat smiles, nods and walks back away to tend his many customers, I count seven others customers right now, but that is unimportant.

Bloodgrue sits up straight, carefully pours Lara a goblet of wine, then one for himself. Why not, she paid for it.

Okay you know who I am, you told me your name. What business do you propose?” having regained his composure, now it is time for business matters. Bloodgrue also speaks in Toydon with Lara as she seems to prefer to use her native language.

Lara cheefully replies, “They were right you do speak great Toydon. Great, I am missing someone terribly. We were supposed to meet on Harvest Celebration day. But he didn’t come to me. Will you take me safely to him? I will pay.”

Bloodgrue thinks his usual twenty seconds … prices of course, you know.

Then he responds enquiringly bright, “Who and how far? Also when?”

Lara is sitting straight displaying her alluringly clothed womanly beauty. Bloodgrue suspects she is around thirty years old but Lara appears barely twenty. She is well to do wealthy but a hard worker by the appearance of her clothing and hands.

“I am not sure how far we will go. But he is originally from Littleton Town. He lives somewhere in North Docks now but travels alot. I am not sure what his real name is but he is a twenty year young Jalmal. Works often when he wants to. I hear he has a place in this area. He looks a lot like you. So look in the mirror, then lets find him, you will look for someone who looks like you. Today if we can please. When you are ready of course.”

Bloodgrue not one to spend much time looking at his reflection, has seen his appearance in the Library some time ago. He smiles at the so called coincidences. This fellow she is seeking she says is twenty, Bloodgrue turned nineteen back on Spring 11. This mystery fellow looks similar to Bloodgrue. The only people Bloodgrue knows that look similar to Bloodgrue are fellow Clansmen. Arton looks alot like Bloodgrue but their age difference is very apparent. Bloodgrue thinks about this request for several minute while drinking from the dry wine in the goblet.

Lara sits patiently smiling and watching Bloodgrue while drinking her wine as well.

Three minutes, then four, the two watch each other as they think drinking.

About five minutes and Bloodgrue sets the empty short silver goblet on the table, sitting tall and straight Bloodgrue smiles. In his own silky smooth male Toydon he asks, “Dance or Kiss?”

Lara laughs loudly heartily, but not in an evil manner, “You win, Dance I think if you don’t mind. How did you figure it out?”

Bloodgrue shrugs smiling, “Arton and I played jokes on each other alot when we were children. We pulled this joke on Uncle Sirus with the help of Aunt Lesa. He actually fell for it. … I pulled it on my Master a year before I graduated to Journeyman Dragoman. He fell for it with the young woman for three days. I finally had to rescue him.”

Lara laugh again then adds, “Kiss and dance tonight my friend then.”

Bloodgrue smiles while cheerfully replying, “I do lock my valuables away. If I know it, you are a pirate over from Dendar way. Do you have a holding?”

Lara smirks and answers, “Close … I do have a holding and I am a navigator but I won’t say any more on that. There are bounties you know. I know you won’t try collecting any but there are ears about, even here.”

Bloodgrue nods, “I wanted to stay out of the heat. I see more heat found me. What is he paying you?”

Lara winks, “My lovely friend is paying 5 Dyns. Piddling coin for me, but I was up for the new challenge.”

Chuckling humorously Bloodgrue says, “Tell him it worked but he owes you a Flair for costs on goods.”

Lara draws back stiffly in mock shock and genuine respect. “Well thank you young Dragoman. Then this has cost your brother two Flairs if you’re good with it?”

Of course, the joke will be on him. … After we have a dance and a kiss agreed?”

Lara nods eagerly and quickly offers her hand and forearm in confirmation, “Agreed.”

The two strangers spend the last of an extremely hot day talking about their businesses and some about pleasure.

Sennat fetches three local musician as requested by Lara and Bloodgrue pays their 5 Dyns performance fee.

As the night settles on North Docks District and Tempest Inn and Tavern, the pair dance several dances, some fast, some slow.

Finally Ibon stretches its light into the Sphere above, and Lara sighs.

It has been pleasant. You earned your kiss Dragoman Bloodgrue then I need to travel over to Arton and collect my fee. He should believe the success and chuckle for a bit. I won’t spill the actuals if you don’t.”

Bloodgrue smiles mischievously, bends slightly lower the two inch difference and the two share a passionate kiss for a moment.

Standing straight again Bloodgrue lustfully winks, “Well worth the evening. I don’t know anything other than we couldn’t find your lost friend. Good luck Lara and stay safe on the river.”

The two part ways with both of them happy and no one hurt.

Though Bloodgrue is five Dyns shorter, he did have good wine and interesting company for what would have been a sad afternoon.

Challenge contributions:

October 1 2014

autumn Aria – “think outside the box.” … There is a box?

3Aria – “Time is a created thing.”, to say “I don’t have time.”, is like saying, “I don’t want to.”

joke Aria – I have to keep reminding myself things could get worse.

dance Aria – I like the smell of paper and old books.

kissAria – Don’t put too much distance between yourself and the things that are important to you. … Or you might forget what the important things are.


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