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Interesting animal plants

Spring 16 Bear

Even on cloudy days interesting things can happen. Can! Not always do.

A typical cold spring day it is slightly windy, Bloodgrue decides he wants to check out a new location.

Trying to decide where, Bloodgrue considers his stomach. A field or an orchard sounds in order. The fields are being planted, orchards are in bloom.

So that decided his next decision is how far and in which direction to go to find … an orchard. Boring destination unless you enjoy fruit trees in bloom. Right?

Well when you start out in North dock there are only three dry directions; east, south and west.

South it is. Looking down his street, Osmo Road, Bloodgrue smiles.

Okay south, leave Osmo Road west a little away from here taking Willow Road south.

An old haunt but still many unexplored sites along the road.

Pulling his cloak close around his hefty body Bloodgrue starts out.

Looking at the man, one sees a five foot eleven inch Jalmal of just over two hundred and twenty pounds. Typical facial features for his clan, hair not unusual in its colour, length or its loose flowing style. Eyes. Eyes typical grey but brighter then most folks. Soul and spirit both tight and strong. Bloodgrue maybe be weaker than many of his fellows, but his mind and nimbleness balance with this.

The glibness of Bloodgrue is well known to his local peers.

Few though know of his minor weakness, water.

Starting at a leisurely pace as it is a free day for the Dragoman.

Recalling he has been a Journeyman only a few days, receiving his bond thirteen days ago. He is his own master now.

Well, except he relies on customers to pay him so he can eat, cloth and shelter himself. So truly? No, Bloodgrue is not his own master.

But hey he has the freedom to decide which work he takes.

None today. Today is for exploring for useful destinations he never had time for under his Master.

Turning south on Willow Road Bloodgrue considers life. No, not really.

Bloodgrue watches around himself as he tools along  easily.

About twenty minutes into the southward journey Bloodgrue stops at the gateway into a plum orchard.

The trees look healthy. The buds are swelling with springs growth.

Looking at the archway over the orchard entrance Bloodgrue deciphers the Jalnoric script as best as his uneducated Jalnoric script allows. The script is close enough to Toydon level four line script Bloodgrue manages the name.

‘Ranken Orchard’.

Seven hells with it Bloodgrue enters. No one said he couldn’t. There are no Toydon script warnings saying not to.

Bloodgrue walks in a few feet when he spots a Rowan deer skitter past a few dozen metres south of him.

Well this is getting good Bloodgrue now has an opportunity to practice another of his less known skills.

Walking over to the tracks Bloodgrue looks for any spore he can find.

He does spot shallow deer hoof marks in the firm grassed earth. Bloodgrue knows they will fade as the grass reasserts its stance, he follows in the direction he saw the deer skitter.

Successfully following the deer quickly in and out of orchards, fields, pastures, and yards. Bloodgrue found it wound its way back to Ranken Orchard.

Looking around the thirty plus acres of trees Bloodgrue discovers something cool.

He watches as the Rowan deer doe is nursing a pair of fawns, while eating leaves and twigs from a sculpted Hedge bush.

Peering at the sculpted shape Bloodgrue sees a vaguely castle shape in the hedge bush.

Laughing out loud Bloodgrue calls to the mother and her children, his target of exercise for his skills. “You storm that fortification and shit on its base, Miss. But don’t destroy it, it is an interesting a row of plants that animals eat in a shape of a castle. That took a lot of hard work and patience my lady. Save it if you can.”

We laugh as we watch the deer react and guard her young against the Bloodgrue invasion.

The Dragoman on the other hand really is no threat as he simple found the animal plants interesting.

‘Yah, right!


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August 27 2014

InterestingEathel – Favorite colour: Blue

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Scaly wicker Daisy

Winter 2 Pine

Day? Night? Which?

Said he is a Knight. To be precise Sir Lantor says he is a Knight-bachelor of House Terral of Clan Tanmor.

Bloodgrue studies heraldry and this man bears the Wicker Daisy of Clan Tanmor clear enough. But it is scaled, Bloodgrue is cautious with this man because of that.

Sir Lantor came to the Master saying he had gotten lost trying to find a certain merchant. Lantor offered two Dyns to be escorted to the merchant. The Master in all his wisdom and laziness offered Bloodgrue, as apprentice to do the duty.

Despite the freezing ice on the puddles, Bloodgrue has no vote.

Sir Lantor grudgingly agrees.

Bloodgrue now asks politely without sneer or subservience, “Sir Lantor, I am versed in shortsword. Do you object to my carrying my weapon?”

Sir Lantor replies, “I feel it best you not encourage ruffians with such a display. So I do object to your carrying any weapons.”

Bloodgrue sighs and acknowledges, “Yes sir. I will leave my weapons here then.”

Bloodgrue looks at the scaled Wicker Daisy shield and frowns while thinking, ‘indeed invite ruffians, you will and you are on your own then sir snob

Out loud Bloodgrue enquires, “Which merchant do you seek Sir Lantor?”

The knight replies, “A certain Weapon merchant, Smith Allan. She has a Longsword I seek. I was told Teptun’s Square.”

Bloodgrue smiles answering the knight eagerly, “I know Smith Allan of Teptun’s Square and Market. It will be my pleasure Sir Lantor.”

The two set out on their journey. Bloodgrue wearing cloth bound feet, rough light woolen leggings and tunic and wrapped in a very worn thin old Red wool cloak.

Sir Lantor on the other hand easily parades along with high hard leather boots. Very good thick wool leggings, red  thick wool tunic with fur trim of some sort. A velvet vest with the Wicker Daisy embroidered over the left breast. A great heavy wool cloak of the brightest orange hues trimmed just above the ground with wolf tails. An odd fur hat, well healed kite shield,  shortsword and scabbard held on to his right hip by a thick black leather belt.

Bloodgrue smirks to himself as he watches the heavily dressed knight knowing Bloodgrue though near frozen today has the combat advantage in mobility and a lack of encumbrance. Also his secretly hidden rusty dagger truly is as deadly as that over priced fancy shortsword, if the dagger is in Bloodgrue’s hands. But it will be very unlikely the Knight will ever see Bloodgrue pull out the dagger.

The walk is fairly undisturbed as no one wants to be out voluntarily today. The cold is keeping wanderers indoors, so street traffic is very light. Bloodgrue wants to be home quickly, so he choses the easy direct path. Straight west along North Docks on Osmo Road then over southward to Oak Street and west again until Elmar Road then south east into Teptun’s Square and Market.

The Market is nearly empty, so Bloodgrue quickly efficiently leads directly to stall 14 in the south west of the Square.

As they pass the Central Fountain Bloodgrue notes the thin layer of undisturbed ice on the north surface of standing water. Frowning, looking down at his cloth bound feet, most likely near froze white, they are so cold. Bloodgrue is certain Mount Oryn’s North districts will see snow this winter sometime.

Arriving at stall 14 Bloodgrue cheerfully calls out to the young Jalfem smith. “Hello Merchant Allan. Sir Lantor wishes to do business with you. Are you available?” He winks at the 37 year old Jalfem standing tall, near the front of her stall.

Allan nods smiling for her friend then turns to do business with the Knight. “Yes, Sir Lantor how may I be of service?”

Lantor quickly and cheerfully replies, “I hear you have Longswords from a master smith in Dendar. I wish to purchase your best one.”

The laugh from Allan’s chest would shame many men, when she calms, she continues with, “I don’t think your whole house income can encourage me to sell my best merchandise to you. And something from Dendar costs Royal fees.”

Lantor reaches inside his cloak and retrieves a small leather sack and drops it on the table. “Ten Royal Chan. One pound of the best Platinum coins, equals one hundred Royal Flairs. What will these ten coins buy me?”

Now those that are out near by stop their business and pay attention.

Allan frowns, she boldly reaches out, picks up the sack, unties its tethers and opening the container peers into it viewing the contents. She nods and smiles respectfully. “Indeed these are rare Sir Lantor. It is difficult to accept such tender safely. But my friends will look out for me until I get these to the Usurer. I have a sword for you. It costs the full ten coins. One moment.”

Allan sets the sacks untied, back onto the table and stepping through the door of her stall she disappears.

Lantor frowns while watching his sack, as until he has the sword and agrees to pay, the coins are still his. He moves close to guard them nervously. Lantor moves a flask that had been tied behind him on his back, so he can easily lift and drink in seconds if need be.

Bloodgrue counts precisely to thirty, then Allan steps back out from the passage way, carrying a well crafted scabbard containing a steel longsword so shiny it almost blinds viewers.

Lantor gleefully takes the weapon set and taking the sword free from the scabbard he waves it with some skill but slightly off balance.

Lantor sets the sword back into the scabbard and straps it to his hip. “Done, I accept the deal.”

Allan scoops the sacks and extends her arm for confirmation of the sale.

Lantor is happy to accept and confirm, doing so.

Sir Lantor takes two Dyns from a small pouch and gives them to Bloodgrue, “You are done apprentice. Thank you.”

Now most Dragomen would take the money and leave the client, finished.

This is Bloodgrue and he takes the coin while stepping back as most would. But then he stops and watches the knight.

Allan takes her new coins and without waiting, walks to stall twelve, talking with the Tedon man there, she hands over the sack to him. The Tedmal nods, takes the coins places them in a metal box and makes notes on his ledgers.

Allan returns to her stall with no intruders following her.

Lantor walks south on Fifth Street Road South, while Bloodgrue observes and follows respectfully twenty metres behind.

Bloodgrue thinks ‘Life!‘ while smiling openly. Just think, he is extremely joyful to have two Dyns at once in his possession. The coins this noble just paid would supply 1,000 Dyns. More than nearly anyone will see in their life time, almost never all at once. Yet Lantor carries his new possession with such open cheerful pride.

If he can actually use it he could be difficult to defeat.

Bloodgrue watches and is waiting, but doesn’t need to wait long. Three ruffians he spotted leave the Square ahead of the Knight wait and stop Lantor.

Give me your new toy sir.” Demands the taller Toy of the three. His two Jal companions have daggers in hand ready to use.

Bloodgrue retrieves quietly his old friend and with it concealed behind his wrist he slowly closes with the confrontation, until ten feet away, observing.

In the time it took him to get close, Lantor quickly unstopped his flask, drank from it and resealed it. The ruffians are confused but look even more confident as they watch their target take a drink as if he is needing alcohol to bolster his nerves

Lantor unties the scabbard from his hip and as he drops it he pulls the longsword free and offers the tip while saying. “Can you take it?”

The Toy smiles while reaching for the offered weapon. “My pleasure.”

As his hand reaches to wrap around the blade, to take the sword, Sir Lantor also smiles and twists while swinging the sword. Thus removing four ruffian fingers cleanly at their junction with their palm.

Bloodgrue smiles while openly speaking, “Nice Sir Lantor. I see you really didn’t need my aid. Can I watch?”

Sir Lantor doesn’t look back but confidently answers, “Well of course apprentice Bloodgrue. We’ll get your feet warmed up soon.”

And with the shock wore off, the two dagger wielding Jal ruffians rush Lantor in anger. But alas the Knights proves even more nerve and skill, taking off the left man’s left arm at his elbow. Then the man on the right receives the flat of the blade to his right side of his skull, before even getting close enough to use his dagger. Two men are down and the third slowly recovers his senses as the knight stands waiting. Then, senses recover the third ruffian runs south while retaining his grip on his dagger.

Bloodgrue quickly conceals his dagger again before anyone spots it.

Smiling he walks over to the ruffian’s left arm taking the dagger. Looking over the new dagger Bloodgrue then looks down at the prone man, “I would like this.”

Turning to Sir Lantor who his cleaning the new sword, “May I sir Lantor?”

Sir Lantor nods, “Of course. You may need it one day.”

Settled, weapons put away clean, the two new friends walk back north, as the City Watch is seen coming in the company of the third ruffian.

Bloodgrue waves sign at the Watchmen who wave back and grasp the arm of the ruffian.

Sir Lantor replies as he sees this, “Thank you Bloodgrue.”

No problem, thank you for the dagger. You said something about warming my feet?”

Oh yes, but their boot won’t fit you. Is there a cobbler in the square?”

Yes Sir. Stall is on the west side.”

Okay lets visit them.”

Walking to the stall Sir Lantor looks over the available items.

Spotting a pair of low hard boots that are of fair craftsmanship Lantor points at them. “The apprentice will have those.”

The cobbler utters credulously as no one ever just says they will have shoes or boots without asking questions or at least how much. “They are one Flair sir.”

Without asking more Lantor pulls free his coin pouch and fishes around its contents, pulling free a Flair he places it on the counter.

Bloodgrue steps forward and sitting on the hard wood bench removes the cloth on his feet. The podlings are in fact quiet light coloured with cold and are stiff to move.

Sir Lantor kneels down and warms Bloodgrue’s right foot with his hands. “You didn’t run or try to help them. You could have. Why not.”

Bloodgrue following which thought this is nods. “First thank you for the boots. You don’t need to warm my feet or buy the boots. I was curious and the same reason you’re doing this.”

Fair enough. You really want to be a Dragoman, Bloodgrue the fearless?”

Wincing from the effects the warmth is having on his foot but knowing it may save them in the long run. “Yes, Sir Lantor I do. It is honorable in its way. With my social Class I am from, it is better then I could have come up on.

Fair enough then. We will get your feet warm then the boots on then I will WALK YOU home Dragoman.”

Bloodgrue looks hard at Sir Lantor, “The drink isn’t alcohol. What?”

The knight chuckles, A diversion for me and them. It is Daisy tonic. The same as in our heraldry motto. Ever hear it?”

Bloodgrue happy to be able show his education so far, “Yes. Your clan is Tanmor, Your symbol is the Wicker Daisy, your Clan motto is, ‘Calm thy nerves for victory.’  The drink is to calm?”

Lantor nods as he now puts on the first boot.

Cobbler hands him a warmed towel for the second foot, “I see you have freinds here Dragoman. That is good, shows well for you. Even though I sense a rogue truly in you. Yes, the drink is Daisy Tonic which calms nerves for us. So we carry it as a diversion to avoid battle rage. Thus we stay calm and victory is nearly always ours. Easy right? You use your fearlessness. Don’t deny the rusty blade you conceal I saw it and knew when you followed me you would use it if needed. Wasn’t sure if I could count on your aid or if it would be self preservation only. But when I heard you backing me up I knew I like you. If you need a place, seek out House Terral and I will put you up as a squire. Few would have known my clan, never mind out motto. Test Dragoman. Who is our Clan Leader?

Towel warming his second foot as he is sitting on edge, on the cold bench, “Easy Sir Lantor, your Clan Leader is Earl Escar. You clan has thirteen houses. House Terral has at last record fifteen members, and to impress further, your Householder is Baroness Janmor, your second aunt. I heard but don’t know for certain, you squired under Sir Mot of House Tont. True?”

Laughing as he rubbers the squirming apprentices tingling foot to warm it, “You study Dragoman. I then am to understand you know a script or two.”

Bloodgrue almost finding his feet unbearable but knowing they will be fine and the boots will further protect them now, “I would lie to you in many ways in what I know. So I will only say, yes.

Lantor laughs from the belly, “Okay I was right there is rogue in you apprentice.”

Lacing the last boot onto Bloodgrue’s foot. “Let’s walk once you can stand to.”

They talk a little more then Bloodgrue points to the hanging flask, “May I?”

Lantor doesn’t even hesitate, unlatching the carry catch he hands the flask to Bloodgrue, “Careful its strong, takes years to get use to the strength of the Daisy Tonic we concoct. Only a couple sips apprentice. Can you stand now?”

Bloodgrue gingerly stands holding onto the table for support. The pins almost shut his mind off, blinking away the lights Bloodgrue opens the flask slowly. Drinking two sips he forgets the needles and recaps the flask. Handing it back. “You lied. That is worse then you said. I knew I would momentarily forget my feet. But oddly they are starting to feel better faster than I expected. But thank you, no more tonic.”

Lantor places his flask back on its catch.

Together the two walk back to Master’s place where Bloodgrue offers Lantor food, drink and a place to sleep, as the two day gods set a few minutes past. Sir Lantor accepts.

Bloodgrue cooks up some of his hoarded rice and chicken. Offering as well, some of his hard won goat’s cheese and ale. Bloodgrue offers up his mattress, taking up sleeping on some straw he fetches from the fire place stores.

A night passes and Bloodgrue wakes first, before the gods rise. Cooking the two eggs he gets from his Master’s chicken run.

Fed, Sir Lantor bids good day.

Leaving, Bloodgrue cleans up but is awed when he finds Sir Lantor’s coin purse under Bloodgrue’s straw pillow and a charcoal scripted message in Toydon first line script. Basic but all that was needed. ‘Thanks the offer stands’

Inside are ten dusters and ten Dyns. Obviously the Master shall never know about these. Bloodgrue smiles, job well done, over rewarded but hey it was an adventure.

‘Yah, right!


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August 21 2014

Daisy April – Favorite day of the month: 22nd

WickerApril – Likes Game of Thrones

ScalyApril – Likes rain

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North Dock’s Hospital

Autumn 4 Pine

The sharp south east winds warm the bright autumn day as Bloodgrue walks with the customers.

Todays customers are, a mature Jalfem and her two son’s. The  rustic trio arrived this morning from the east on an old barge that might fail in a strong wind.

The matron has disabling abdominal pains and needs a physician.

They walk slowly for the sake of Jessama. She is in the throes of  deep pain and her skin is off colour for a Jalnoric female of any age.

Her two young adult sons are supporting Jessama physically as the group walks south towards North Dock’s second largest Hospital and the one closest to their arrival point.

Darren’s Respite has a decent reputation as a healing hospital. They have seven physicians and four healers on staff.

The hospital was established over two hundred years past and has never had to shut it’s doors to anyone.

Physician Pengat is a Jalfem of nearly eighty years, but still attends patients daily.

As the group walks south they pass by a livestock farm. About two hundred heavily woolen sheep graze in one of the multitude of pastures. The scent blows past the nostrils of the  traveling group and Bloodgrue still winces, even after all his years living as part of North Docks.

With over 4,500 acres of farmland, 3.000 acres of orchards, in among the enclaves of, residences and other structures,  it still takes a moment to adjust when the scents are carried by the wind and Bloodgrue gets a whiff of the offending aroma.

Arriving at Darren’s Respite after a six and a half hour walk from the docks, the group finally rests in the ante room. The reception is manned by an older Toymal, with a weak leg. He remains sitting as the foursome that arrived take seats on two of the long padded benches.

Ellal walks over to the reception station and in Jalnoric he asks, “My Mama has pains in her belly. Been with her for two, six days. Is there someone who can see to her? Her name is Jessama. We traveled down river from east of Appledon Monastery. She needs help.”

The reception Toymal nods and answers, “One moment I will have someone come up front to see your Mama.”

That said, Erok pulls a cord hanging from the ceiling to his left.

Ellal, the youngest of the two Jalmal of Jessama’s, sits on her opposite side from Mesnan the eldest son.

The wait is brief, Healer Elana arrives and walks over to this group. In her broken Jalnoric, it is obvious her native Toydon is her first language, “Hello. I am Healer Elana, who needs aid?”

Mesnan speaks up first, “MY Mama. She has such terrible belly pains. It was all she could do just to walk here from the river.”

Jessama motions Bloodgrue closer, “My good man, thank you. How much do I owe?”

Bloodgrue doesn’t set the fee’s, yet, being he is simply an apprentice. Quickly answering this woman, “ One Dyns will be the charge Jessama.”

Ellal responds by standing, fishing out a Dyns from their meagre coin pouch. Healer Elana notes the pouch contents and takes up her work quickly and professionally.

Please The older of you two men will help your Mama and we will go back to a more private room to see what we can do for Jessama.”

Elana goes into assessment mode, asking questions as she escorts Jessama and Mesnan through a door, to be lost to Bloodgrue and Ellal.

Bloodgrue asks consolingly, “Would you like me to stay with you for now? At least until your brother comes back out?”

Ellal showing some maturity replies, “No need Bloodgrue. I would like to thank you for your help and time. I can wait for Mama and Mesnan, alone.”

Bloodgrue clasps arms with Ellal and then puts the single Dyns payment into his own coin pouch. “Okay, not a problem. Let me know how it goes, when you are leaving.”

Bloodgrue takes his leave and exits the sturdy three story stone structure.

Jessama will receive good care. This hospital rarely looses a patient to death.

The two Gods rose about 9:30 and now it is after 4 in the afternoon.

Bloodgrue needs five hours to walk home. He should arrive home as the two lights that are the day Gods, set in the west. It may be almost dark unless Bloodgrue sets a good pace.

The hospital is not inexpensive. A typical charge is one to two Flair per day for a private room. Their purse can’t handle that. So mostly likely Jessama will be on the second floor open ward. For two Dyns per day. A seasons work for most folk. Especially country folk. Hopefully her stay is short. The family moored their barge for thirty days at one duster per six day.

Becoming ill is not cheap if you want to get well and are from out of the city. They will need an inn for as long as Jessama is in Darren’s Respite.

Bloodgrue walks against the winds on his journey home.


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August 13 2014

–  Wayne – Does not have a least favorite colour

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August 14 2014

Hospital Aria – Favorite item in her purse are the coins


Docks  – anonymous


Slice cord of Revenge

Spring 25 Bear

The warm south high winds don’t deter mourners.

Bloodgrue. Attending Annie Moren’s Rights of Passage chuckles to himself. Here he is not a family member. No ties to this family other than a desire for the eldest daughter’s companionship in life. But Lena is engaged to a different man. So there is not even a hope for them to tie together as life partners.

What really has him chuckling to himself is, Lena has chose Bloodgrue as her companion today for the final Rights of Passage ceremony on this, day six of the seven days for the Jalnoric Rights of Passage. Not her fiancé, who is in attendance, up here from his family’s Littleton holding.

Irony everywhere, funnier still is Lena’s mean, unattractive fourteen year old sister has latched onto the fiancé, Arragee, as her Rights of Passage escort. Bloodgrue wants to laugh out loud and it is really difficult not to. But as a Dragoman in training he keeps a calm respectful appearance even now.

Not so for the fiancé. Arragee is fuming publicly at the rebuff, an obvious humiliation to any one in any social class. Arragee earned it over the previous six days. His bad manners consistent throughout the many days show his poor character. Lena had enough already three days ago and has been hanging out with Bloodgrue to keep away from Arragee. The fights and such only highlighted the fact the marriage was a farce to help Arragee and his family to rise in social class. Plain and simple. Yesterday, even Alder Moren understood. What Bloodgrue doesn’t understand is why Arragee is still here and why the Moren family tolerates him.

Arragee is like a fly who has found something it likes, the fly won’t leave even when being swatted at. Always returning to land on its prize, sucking sustenance and value from its prize. Bloodgrue knows this prize is empty of any value to Arragee, but the man won’t give up.

Menna is talking a storm at Arragee. Arragee isn’t even acknowledging the young girl. But she is a fly too and Arragee is her prize. Irony and all, Bloodgrue is almost choking thinking about the whole situation. If it weren’t for the seriousness of the location and events Bloodgrue would be laughing his ass off.

Bloodgrue looks over at Lena in seriousness and with calms inside, she is obviously in pain over the loss of her mother.

The two gods rise above the eastern horizon nearly simultaneously, but not fully in unison. Imvor is a mere few seconds later than Stonewire.

Priest Darrieus of Ikerus arrived from his small temple in the South Ward of North Docks District, an hour or so ago.

In Moren’s house are Fourteen in attendance including the deceased.

All are gathered and ready. Most look uncomfortable except, Bloodgrue, Lena, Pampalo Otter and Darrieus.

The ceremony goes well without glitches of any kind.

Darrieus leaves mid day and it is now Pampalo who must officiate.

Okay now in this leather pouch is Annie’s last will. Do any who are gathered have any reason to denounce this will before it is read?”

No one responds, all eyes are now completely focused intently upon Pampalo Otter.

Pampalo Otter closes his eyes, clears the phlegm from his throat and then opens his eyes again. Tears welling up to obscure his vision Otter reaches into the leather pouch tied to his right hip, he pulls free a folded light Vellum sheet. Hesitating before breaking the seal and unfolding the sheet to give any last comments a chance to be expressed.


Breaking the bright orange tallow wax seal Pampalo gingerly unfolds this smooth vellum sheet until it is completely exposed to view.

Giving the text a cursory glance over Otter then begins to read. “My dear family. I have little to say. If Alder lives, all that was mine or ours is now his exclusively. If Alder has passed as well, all our or my possessions will be divided equally among any surviving offspring. Failure of any offspring to be surviving, I leave all to Priest Darrieus of Ikerus’s Temple in the South ward. Sorry if you are surviving, any of our Pampalo’s or Una’s, but you have a full life, it is time for younger folk to benefit. Now there are three arranged marriages in our family coming up. First was to be our eldest daughter Lena Moren to Arragee Tenson. Cancel it. They are social leeches looking to take all our family’s hard work as their own without any return to our family. Second is the marriage of my son Mannen Moren to Garra Len, I approve and support the marriage as long as they can fulfil the dowry from their side. Our dowry to them is already stored, to be sent on confirmation of marriage between the two. Next is the marriage of Menna Moren, my youngest, to Andar Ett of the South District. Please, please see this through as few will accept Menna as a wife or into their family. The Ett’s agreed under the understanding a house will be built or contracted by both families in the western districts for the couple. We have our reasons and all parents approve strongly. Good luck everyone. That is all for now, if I think of anything else I will come back.”

Now Bloodgrue is done, he can’t hold it anymore. Annie swatted at two flies yet again swiftly and strong. He bursts out in riotous laughter right here in this room seconds after Otter finishes reading the will.

All look at him, Bloodgrue points at Arragee while tears roll down Bloodgrue’s cheeks freely from his laughing so harshly.

Pampalo walks to Bloodgrue and gently pushes down Bloodgrue’s arm while saying, “Its alright Dragoman. But hold your mirth. You don’t want to anger the family.”

Arragee looks shocked as he is now officially banished by Morens and appears as a social fool. Even after Bloodgrue calms down with Otter keeping a hand on Bloodgrue’s shoulder, though the old Jalmal is smiling to, Arragee still remains where he has been.

Menna final says the thing everyone else wants to. “Arragee leave. No one wants you here. Get out now.”

A few choke as she speaks, but all realize this relationship is completely discarded now. Arragee has few seconds to escape intact and he uses them to withdraw from the Moren home quickly.

Arragee gone, a sigh escapes from Pampalo Otter, Lena, Bloodgrue and Alder.

A croak escapes from Annie’s dead body and Menna answers, “Momma spoke again, shes happy.” Everyone guffaws easily.

Bloodgrue speaks, “That was her last word on the subject I would think. Would anyone mind if I speak with Lena alone?”

No objections are offered knowing the final bits of this days ceremonies are over.

The two walk outside into the gods light of the out doors.

Bloodgrue takes Lena’s hand and turns to her. “I seem to have poor timing but I must say this Lena. I greatly adore you. I don’t know if being a Dragoman’s Life Partner will suit you or your family. Today might not be the right time for an answer. But I offer my life as your partner. You can answer when you thought about it Lena. Now or later. I wanted to date a few times first, but I have seen your family in stress and know I would love to be part of it. You would drop social Class as I would not ask of your family to raise mine. That is what I have to say.”

Lena looks deeply into Bloodgrue’s eyes seeing his infatuation with her, perhaps not seeing it just for he first time. She holds Bloodgrue’s hands, “My friend I know you look strongly upon me with attraction and we want you as our friend as long as you will keep us. But I don’t have the same attraction to you. It would be disrespectful to say any other. I am flattered by your infatuation but in a year or so it will fade and I don’t see you in with me love following up. I would become a burden to you in spirit. You may try to deny it and if you do you will become bitter. I respect you too much to cause bitterness. But I know right now at this time I don’t love you anymore than I do a brother or friend. I truly am sorry if I hurt you Bloodgrue but it is how I see us.”

Neither withdraws as Bloodgrue looks back, into her eyes and then into his own soul. Bloodgrue hugs Lena, who returns the hug. Bloodgrue responds, “I do understand but know I believe in you, so if you ever need me, you can call upon me Lena. We will be brother and sister friends for now. I accept that, lets go back in and not speak of this.”

Lena has tears well up in her bright eyes and hugs Bloodgrue tightly. “Thank you for protecting us.”

The two youths walk calmly back into the noisy house after drying their faces. They both nod to Alder and Pampalo with weak smiles. Menna give Bloodgrue an evil eye. No one asks them what they had talked about. The two young adults keep company each other staying together the rest of the day.

At dusk the two friends hug and Bloodgrue announces, “I must return to work for I fear you will have me return the earth to Annie’s grave tomorrow, by myself. Beside my Master has no clue where I have been these last six days. The threat to you is gone though to be honest I didn’t even know he exited before Spring 21. I will be around for all of you to call upon if you desire. My condolences to your family on the loss of Annie. Pampalo, I enjoyed all your stores and yes I am lying, before you ask. I think during one of them I fell asleep, but only one. Most were humorous and cheered me up as well as teaching me much. Alder I look forward to using your services when I am finally a Dragoman. Lena peace be yours, you will find someone, you won’t be a spinster all your life. Menna take the offer of marriage offered to you. I will even help find a cottage for you two in western most district, to help both of your families. Mannen be careful but enjoy life with your future partner and always tell her she will be your partner in the future. Marry her anyways. Lareet I am certain they won’t always leave you out of the attention, but the day you get attention you may wish you didn’t. Thank you all for enduring me these days, I wish Annie the best with Ikerus and eternity. The night is cooling, the walk home is not to far, I walked in curfew many times and am still free my friends. Good night.”

Bloodgrue bows to the Morens and then he exits their home, beginning his walk home he tries to convince himself he is fine.

We answer, ‘Yah, right!

Bloodgrue witnessed a Slicing cord of Revenge by a dead woman, that made it all worth the drama. Not everyone masters a Slice cord. Partnering it with family revenge is pure art. Who would have thought Annie had it in her.

Challenge contributions:

cordWayne – Favorite colour is purple

slice Wayne – Favorite genre of music: Pop

revengeAria – Favorite book: Les Miserable

springRusty – Website still rough:

25Bloodgrue – Favorite new MMO: ArcheAge


Abiblophobe Noah’s Tarantism

Summer 6 Pine

Bloodgrue’s master determines today to be a loss. He feels no customers will be asking for their services as the high east winds have the barges of North Docks grounded for the day.

The moist extreme morning heat further slows paying customers from seeking services. Bloodgrue asks for a free day. His last was last year and Bloodgrue has itchy feet that need to wander and explore.

Oak Street sounds like fair game and Bloodgrue decides Fifth Avenue needs his visit

Master acknowledges Bloodgrue’s request, which cheers both men greatly, as Master gets a day without hundreds of questions from his apprentice. The questions tend to show Masters lack of full knowledge of many topics. But a better orienteering navigator of the north city districts can not be found. Bloodgrue learns quickly and is a very hard worker. So both men willingly live with each others foibles.

Bloodgrue picks up his old coin purse, counts the ten dusters to carry in it. With the contents secure, the pouch tied visibly on his left  side he sets out just after both gods rise, when his chores are complete. Bloodgrue never starts this journey in the dark or more than an hour after the two bright gods reach over the distant horizon.

The walk to Fifth Avenue on Oak Street is easy as he walks with the blistering east wind that scours our world.

Glad he dressed light, Bloodgrue is already sweating when he reaches Fifth Avenue, off of Oak street.

“I’m home honey. Where’s the ale?” calls the Dragoman apprentice, down the vacant avenue.

Silence, never a good sign. A mental count of ten, Bloodgrue is nervous, but the two Toymal exit their observation point hesitantly. “Blood, be careful he is in a mood again. Won’t sit still. Nearly cleaved a patron open for telling him to relax. Step lightly my friend. Oh and if your still heavy with coin after leaving the Red Square. Ela on Ten Fifteen Lively Street is light this six day. Her son is ill with pox.

Bloodgrue clasps both men’s arms and nods, “Thanks gents. I’ll keep light. That the only business I should know?”

Both men nodding affirmative turn around heading quickly back to their guard posts.

Stopping off on the side street, Ten Fifteen Lively Street, Bloodgrue places four dusters on the steps as is his custom,then continues to Red Square Tavern. Bloodgrue earns less than ten dusters a season. But his trip to West Madison is always ten dusters worth to Bloodgrue.

Drawing a sharp breath, releasing it slowly Bloodgrue prepares to enter the Red Square Tavern and meet up with Noah.

Entering the Tavern through it main front door Bloodgrue spots Noah easy enough. The sound of three flutes playing showcase a mad man dancing a waltz in the very centre of the room. Tables moved away to clear a dance area 15 feet by twenty feet.

Damn. Noah’s got a case of nerves going or he is upset. In either case it is never good when he is doing his mad dancing. He doesn’t stop for hours. The known record so far was three days, the oaf danced without rest. The only reason he stopped was exhaustion. His mind shut off, he collapsed, his muscles relaxed including bowels and bladder.

When he recovered enough to meet folk three days later, Noah shared his concern with Bloodgrue.

Noah has few friends. Nearly none will interrupt his dance as the slightly built man makes up for his size in rage when disturbed.

Bloodgrue walks quickly over to Willa. The old Toyfem barmaid frowns, but as always has a hug for Bloodgrue before words. Releasing their embrace Bloodgrue doesn’t wait for her to speak. “Two ales Willa, at his table. Any idea why this time?”

The elderly barmaid concernedly frowns and responds, “None. He was sitting talking with a patron when he shouted curses, looked around, stomped to the middle and cleared the floor. Yelled at the three there to play their flutes until he stopped, he wanted dance tunes. That was about three hours ago. Just before the two gods rose into the sphere.”

Bloodgrue frowns but asks, “Who was he talking with?”

Willa points to a man deep in dark fear, sitting by the back exit ready to bolt for his life if need be. “An ale for him and spike it Willa.”

Bloodgrue takes his old coin purse and hands it to Willa while uttering softly, “Six.”

Willa takes the pouch with a slightly withdrawn smile, “Okay, Thank you. Pay up more next time Blood. Or I might put it on Noah’s bill.”

Bloodgrue chuckles, “That is for you. The ale is on Noah’s tab.”

Willa smirks now, “You rat. take care of him.”

Bloodgrue chuckles, “I hope I don’t need three days this time. I might get hungry or his bill might increase greatly. He charged me twelve percent last time.

Chatter finished, Willa went to pour the three ales then added a fourth with a shot of rye to it

Setting down two on Noah’s table Willa added the other two, one with rye on the poor, fearing Toymal’s table by the rear door.

Ales on their respective tables Bloodgrue moves away from watching his friend suffering. He sits at the table with the last two ale, without looking at the man. The two men know each other. Bloodgrue took his case three years past and saved the man from a fate worse than prison.

What were you two discussing?” asks Bloodgrue humorously.

The man seeing no humour in the situation squeaks harshly, “The scrolls in the scribes library. They were burnt by some group of maniacs from South West District Four. He went like this after I told him the group burnt Tess Library scrolls three days ago.”

Bloodgrue nods, “Go on tell me the discussion.”

The man sitting with Bloodgrue is near panic as the flutes progress to jigs.

Well a group of six Jalmal from a south east guild walked into Tess Library. Killed all five scribes and began burning scrolls, then moved to texts. They burnt nearly 2,000 works before City Watch arrived and killed all six rogues. Less than a thousand texts survived to be of any use. Most of those are severely damaged. The Library was closed and the text moved to another library. The new library is looking for several trained lexigrapher to help repair the damaged books. Noah stopped talking for a minute then started muttering. Then this.”

Bloodgrue looks at the two untouched ales and then motions one of the other patrons over, “You have any coin?”

The Toyfem nods.

Bloodgrue motions to the fearful man and then the ales, without verbal instruction.

The new comer nods and pulls free a Dyns, while holding it loose in her hand she nods to the challenged.

The man nods and he grabs the handle of his tankard with the spike at the same times as Bloodgrue grasps his non spiked ale.

A deep frown of concern raggedly dresses the man’s face but he steels his fettered passion. Ready for this new daunting task.

The woman tosses the coin into the air. Neither tankard moves until the silver clink of the coin hitting the table’s wood top is heard.

Instantly both men raise their tankards and begin the grizzly task of a clean downing of the entire contents of their respective tankard.

The tap of Bloodgrue’s tankard is heard first, followed by a count of six and the challenged tankard strikes the table top.

Coin toss lady inspects the floor, table, both chairs, then contestant’s clothing.

Stepping back after retrieving her coin she declares in Trade Toydon. “Clean drink. Clean tap. Blood wins.”

An easy win, as so many have been for Bloodgrue.

The victim sighs dejectedly, “Yes?”

Bloodgrue motions the coin toss female forward to hear Bloodgrue’s request to the losing male. “Leave now and get a book. Bring it back in less than half an hour or you owe me an ale for every additional ten minutes you are late.”

The coin Toyfem confidently confirms the request.

The drink challenge loser nods and quickly departs Red Square Tavern.

Bloodgrue walks over and sits at Noah’s table while waiting, watching Noah.

The three tired musicians transition back to a waltz twenty minutes later.

Noah’s instigator returns. Bloodgrue looks over at the candle on his table as the man hands Bloodgrue an old volume in Toydon level three, line concept script.

Bloodgrue simply calls out to those gathered, “Clear.”

Patrons begin rapidly vacating the tavern. Drinks and food are left where they sit.  Bloodgrue nods to the instigator, the man also leaves the tavern, relieved.

Five minutes more then there are only the three musicians, Noah and Bloodgrue in the entire room.

Bloodgrue coughs loudly, the three exhausted flautist stop playing their instruments, they hurriedly depart the tavern as well.

Curses are heard in the room from Noah, who is dancing erratically now.

Bloodgrue picks up the newly acquired tome, opening it to the first chapter which he begins to read out loud with some difficulty. Bloodgrue reads on loudly until suddenly Noah stops dancing and turns boldly unto Bloodgrue. “Why the seven hells don’t you shut up.” calls out Noah steady in a tone of authority.

Bloodgrue looks up from his difficult reading and states matter of fact, “I am reading, you damn fool.”

There is a deathly quiet pause in the atmosphere of the now nearly unpopulated room.

Noah walks over to Bloodgrue, then takes the book gingerly from his friend while softly addressing Bloodgrue, “No. No, you’re not. You’re butchering it, now listen.”

Noah sits down, opens the book to its first page and begins reading, clearly, in a distinctly educated manner.

Bloodgrue slaps the back of Noah’s head briskly. “Shut the seven hells up. You are annoying me with that prattling.”

Noah blinks, closes the text and sets it down. He looks around them, “You clear this?”

Bloodgrue’s quick reply is, “No. You did.”

Damn, again?”

Bloodgrue quips, “Yup.”

Noah asks sheepishly, “How long?”

Bloodgrue thinks about his answer before he utters, “Really, I don’t know. At least three hours I heard. You recall anything this time?”

Noah taps the book and shouts out, “Get the seven hells back in here. He may not be safe, but you all are.”

A collective sigh is heard outside as folks pour back into the tavern.

The day returns to a near normal pace. The three flute players arrive, clasps Bloodgrue’s arm, then depart after thanking him for the rescue.

Willa tosses each player a duster. They each smile as they quickly leave Red Square Tavern.

All the while Noah reads the first pages of the book.

Willa arrives coin in hand she winks at Bloodgrue and motions at the two unspoiled ales.

Bloodgrue nods. Rudely taking the book from Noah he motions to the full drinks then wildly at Willa. Carefully placing the book on the dry old table.

Noah begins reddening into one of his usual big anger rants.

But Bloodgrue silences him and points at the rich ales while locking dead eyes with Noah.

The copper coin clinks hard on the smooth table top.

Quickly drinks are raised set in serious drinking.

Noah taps followed by a count of two so does Bloodgrue.

Willa inspects them then calls hastily to the silent crowd. “Not a clean drink. Noah has four drops on the table. Count was two against Bloodgrue. Minus four against Noah gives Blood a clear win count of two.”

Noah laughs and clasps Bloodgrue’s arm in good humour.

Bloodgrue in seriousness asks, “Done?”

Noah nods in answer then calls out, “Any business?”

The two men look around out at those gathered while they count verbally. Reaching fifteen and no one calls out, together both slam their table while shouting out, “Closed.”

A quiet crowd avoids Noah’s table the rest of the afternoon and on deep into the evening, leaving the two good friends to themselves.

Bloodgrue asks during their visit, “It was the reading thing again. Wasn’t it you bastard?”

Noah crinkles his face simply adding, “Yah.”

Bloodgrue nods, “Okay. … Hey, I left Ela four step dusters over on Ten Fifteen Lively Street.”

Noah acknowledges, “Okay I’ll match it. Said Ten Fifteen Lively Street?”


The friends keep company, swapping lies and other stories for several hours, also with six more ales on Noah’s tab.

Around three in the afternoon the rain starts in a storm of sheet water. Bloodgrue thinks about waiting it out, but at around three hours later he resigns himself to being highly wet going home.

Both men walk to the exit where they clasp arms as Noah motions a servant to him.

Bloodgrue then steps outside into the driving rain knowing Ela will have four Dyns by evening, also with some hot food.

Bloodgrue arrives home after darkness settles on Mount Oryn. Shucking his wet tunic the apprentice Dragoman laughs as he gets ready to sleep.

‘Yah! Right.’



Challenge contributors

abibliophobiaDobs – July 22 2014 – @ChasingHorses on Twitter

tarantismDobs – July 22 2014 – his guilty feet have no rhythm

NoahMadison – July 24 2014 – Favorite music is by Luke Bryan

6Madison – July 24 2014 – Favourite colour is Blue

SummerAria – July 24 2014 – Dexter fan

PineRusty – July 25 2014 – Favorite game, Owerton


abibliophobia – Fear of running out of things to read

tarantism – extreme urge to dance

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