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Sometimes Bloodgrue just wants to react without thinking first. Just blindly react to people. All his life he has practiced patience, thinking before acting. Happily he has learnt to think fast. Lucky for others, over all, he likes people. Basically because everyone of us is different.

Waking on the morning of Autumn 32 Bear in the City of Royalty, the city region of Kannoral, Mount Oryn. Bloodgrue also notes he has been paying for the rented room on time. Diligently. Bloodgrue learnt long ago humans have few serious needs but there are the ones that allow us to continue living. First is food and drink. A very close second is shelter. Shelter that protects from the worlds harshness. Also people need people. And people who look for people travel about.

Bloodgrue has turned these needs into an income, that helps him gain the first two needs. Food,  drink as well as shelter.

Looking around his two room apartment on the second floor of the middle class Tavern in  North Mount Oryn, Bloodgrue finds it sparsely altered with anything that he can claim as his own.

There are his few items of clothing. A carry all pack with only three items in it. As well a small double layered coin pouch. The inner layer being chain link cloth. It holds a good portion of his coins. He has a century old dagger. As sharp as the day it was forged and worked into a deadly piece of black smithing art. Bloodgrue doesn’t know its origin or where it traveled through the world. He has had it for five … or is it six years now. Also three bound tomes, much valued, on his sideboard.

Today Bloodgrue must answer a question, well really a quest to an answer. An old woman came to Bloodgrue two days ago offering a quest. An offer is the reward for the completion of the quest.

She likely is waiting in the tavern downstairs for the answer. Bloodgrue rises from his bed. Standing on the warm wooden floor Bloodgrue ponders if this is what he wants truly. He is a registered Licensed Dragoman. Bloodgrue knows more of the north then any one most likely. It was hard work and persistence that he was able to attain the rank of Dragoman. Now he is being called upon by the society he most wanted to join.

Watchers are a type of Dragoman. But instead of guiding their patron through the streets of their area. Watchers offer information and advice for others.  Commodities Bloodgrue has in abundance. He has abilities that make gaining information easier. Also Bloodgrue has volumes of experience and information gained while growing in the community.

Bloodgrue stands on the top landing of the staircase looking down. Down to a possible new life. An answer to his dreams that he strived to attain since a young boy. It makes him nervous, Bloodgrue has rarely gotten nervous in his life. Today though.

Reaching the main floor landing Bloodgrue tries to be calm in appearance and walk into the tavern. Casually glancing around the room,  seeing the one he is expecting Bloodgrue calmly walks over to the table and sits without invitation.

Looking her in the eyes Bloodgrue states confidently. “Three.”

She nods, standing up the Jalfem walks out.

Bloodgrue sighs and waves over his friend and tavern keep. “I’ll have three tankards of your darkest ale.”

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