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Bloodgrue walks along. Rumour has it the new Guild, Tearmain has been shut down. The threat from the over zealous Rogue Guild has been brought to at least a stand still. By groups of adventurers working independently.

Dragoman Bloodgrue heard a couple of the adventuring groups that challenged Tearmain were completely wiped out.

Two still challenge Tearmain.  Tearmain wants nothing less than the entire city under their stewardship.

The wedding is in three days and rumour trickles about that Tearmain has at least been stalled and is actually finding a group a hindrance to further Tearmain growth.

Bounties are out for a batch of folks. Most are members of a single adventure group from the back woods up north over the river, recent arrivals to Mount Oryn.

Bloodgrue won’t aid in filling the bounties. He has been asked by four different groups. No, Bloodgrue has sent the glory seekers on their way without aid.

Fryers Chozen.  Who names a group of adventurers Fryers Chozen? Sounds like a batch of egotistical cooks.

Yesterday at his usual table, eating evening meal, a group of hasbits was discussing this bounty on Fryers Chozen. Fryers Chozen sounded like a group of misfit gods wandering around getting deep into trouble. But some how succeeding at hindering Tearmain’s bunch. A full stand still with no clear future for anyone. These five hasbits were trying to decide which side to choose.

Dragoman Bloodgrue thinks about the losses incured by his real family and the group of misfits that have adopted him into their circle. Now a new face called Blue Chip that cost another body of fresh blood.

It is pretty clear which side he has taken a shine to. Dragoman Bloodgrue can’t afford to take up allying with anyone, especially anyone in the current conflict. But mentally he gives Fryers a nod of support as long as he is able to without appearing to. Beside he still likes to root for the under dog. Its how he survives in the world he lives and works. It has been slow and painful learning the skills and tricks he needs to to live, survive and grow.

Rumour has it the Watchers have taken to favouring that adventuring group. But why? Other then Tearmain is recruiting or killing Watchers and Dragoman along with any aid to the Royal court.

Tearmain decreed that North Docks is now theirs fully and openly.

Dragoman Bloodgrue had looked about the tavern room in which he was seated eating evening meal.


“Yah. Right!”

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