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There is rumour, or maybe its legend, of a child with one thousand faces. She can never be found because no one can identify her.

Bloodgrue sits at his table in the tavern below his Inn room. He is doing as is custom for the Dragoman, watching people. Watching them arrive. Watch while they reside in the tavern room and then watching as they depart.

What amazes Bloodgrue about people is even though there are no two alike. You can still tell so much about each individual by their mannerisms in their daily activities. Their walk, the way they greet others, even what they eat or drink.
Today he took special notice of a young jalfem who arrived with a young child in tow. The custom accepts mothers who bring their children, so that act in itself is not unusual. But be damned to the seven hells if Bloodgrue can peg anything down about the child. He can’t determine if the child is female or male. It age is hard to determine. The best guess abouts it age that Bloodgrue arrives at is some where between nine and fourteen or so. He watches the child and even watching mannerism and what it eats. He can not tell. It neither has male or female mannerisms. The clothing it wears does not indicate which it is. The way it sits also gives no clues.

This has picked up Bloodgrue’s curiousity, which is Bloodgrue’s Artuan Heal. Looking at the pair Bloodgrue sees the arrival of a third person. A toymal of some mature age. He sits down and smiling kisses the woman on the mouth and tossle the medium length black hair of the child. They begin talking among the three of themĀ  the child is as much of the conversation as the adults.

The bar tender services the table and all three are served mugs of liquid and a platter of bread and cheeses.

The trio sit and socialize at the table for over an hour smiling and chatting.

Then the woman stands and kissing the man on the mouth. She takes the childs hand and the pair walk out.

The toymal waits for a few minutes and finishes off his mug of liquid. Then smiling he stands and walks out of the Tavern.

The only conclusion Bloodgrue can decipher is the child is a result of the two adults, a mixed union. This a halfer that may be shunned its entire life. But is it and even then Bloodgrue has seen halfers and though they may be different appearing they are definately obviously male or female and their age can be determined visually as much as any Jal or Toy.

Taking another drink Bloodgrue then returns to watching the tavern patrons again. Not forgetting the trio but not pondering on them either. The event simply placed in memory in the back for use later if needed.


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