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Fine, let there be fine

Bloodgrue stands in the deserted street. Two hours before the two gods will start their trek through the sphere above him.

The wind blows cold and hard tonight. Ice may yet form on the edges of water. Frost maybe even. But it is so early in the autumn for frost or ice. Something isn’t right tonight.

Looking south as if waiting for someone, Bloodgrue remains silent and still while shivering under his best cloak. He smiles that last job got him a room for the full season. No need for income until Winter 20th.

But Bloodgrue as usual couldn’t turn this job down. The lunatic is going to pay Bloodgrue twenty five Flairs. Get this, Twenty five Royal Flairs to stand here and divert anyone who comes this way, at least until the gods start their journey. Paid to stand here in the deserted street until god rise. Can you really beat that?

The clip clopping of several horses alerts Bloodgrue to the approach of several riders. Bloodgrue tries to determine how many. His best guess is five but he isn’t certain. And at least one isn’t shod.

He looks through the darkness now briming with fog.

Suddenly six riders are in front of him almost running into him.

Bloodgrue calls out, “Damn watch where you’re going. You almost ran over me. Can’t a man walk home without getting trod on by a bunch of stupid gaurds of the city? Tearmain runs Dendar not Mount Oryn. Slow down and watch where you’re going.”

Waving his hands about to frighten off the six horses Bloodgrue also makes to grab the closest one’s reign. The horses shy back and rear up. He catches the bridle of the horse on his right as the rider on the horse to his left fumbles and falls off to the paving stones of the damp frosty street.

Whoa there. Sorry Captain didn’t mean for the horse to dump you off like that. Are you okay? Do you need help?”

The banded armoured woman gets to her feet and draws her longsword as she angrily faces Bloodgrue. Bloodgrue notices she wears the royal badge on her shoulder. She looks pissed. Like she is being sent to the seven hells for bad potty training, by her mother.

She calls out. “Citizen Step Back. Or as Sergeant of the King’s Gaurd I swear I will run you through with this sword sideways. Unhand my horse. NOW!”

Bloodgrues nerves shake inside. Tha bastard set him up. He knew it would be the king’s gaurd and a full group of them. All six are glaring at him with anger. Bloodgrue almost soils his leggings with frustration and uncertainty. If they even suspect Bloodgrue is up to no good, these folks have full authority to apprehend Bloodgrue and detain him as long as they like.

Bloodgrue hopes they are on business that preoccupies them enough not to really bother with Bloodgrue.

“Excuse my clumsiness my Lady Sergeant.  I did not realize your group was so close. The fog and dark obscured the sounds and your appearance. Please allow me to aid you in remounting your fine steed.”

Bloodgrue swallows hard. That last statement didn’t come out right. Bloodgrue’s nervous and has a damn good reason. These folks are not normally seen in this area of the district and definately not at night. Somethings up and Bloodgrues stomache is unsettled. City watch he could deal with easily. These folks are another matter. They are rumored to kill as much as sneeze at people like Bloodgrue without hesitation. And it is known they have skills no normal warrior can match. Bloodgrue isn’t a warrior of any sense of the word.

One of the others mumble something and the two near him start laughing and point at something behind Bloodgrue. Bloodgrue feels a slight flick near his pouch. Then the famillair tug as a rogue tries picking his pouch. Bloodgrue had learnt long ago how to thwart such activities. But right now he isn’t responding as quick as he normally would. As he tries to decide how to react an old crone walks by him, “Good morning you fine men of the law. This poor man should only get a fine as I am sure he didn’t mean any harm to you good warriors.”

Bloodgrue notes his pouch hangs heavier at his side. Letting go of the bridle Bloodgrue’s hand goes to his pouch as he says, “My apologies good folk. I meant no intention to scare any one. I was only headed home from my aunts house. Please take no offense.”

Inside he frowns. That was the damn employer who just walked by so smuggly. And he damn near got Bloodgrue’s coin purse. But why did it feel so much heavier now, instead of lighter as most rogues try to do.

The jalfem king’s gaurd steps forward with a bit of a limp and takes the reigns of her horse. “Okay two Dyns and you can go citizen but be more careful in the future. I don’t want to see you out in the dark again in this district. Understood.”

The last not being a question but a statement. Bloodgrue knows what it means and will definately not be back here at night no matter what the employer pays him. The two need to talk very soon. “Yes Sergeant, no wandering early in the morning in this district. I understand.”

Not really wanting to put his hand blindly into his pouch to pay the fine. Bloodgrue unties the catch and bringing the pouch around to look inside he opens it to find new coins. Several Royal Flairs that weren’t there when he came here. He frowns for the gaurd but smiles inside. The job is over and he was already paid. hefting his pouch up and down a bit with his hand he judges about two and a half pounds heavier.

The crone looks over at him and winking says, “Go home sonny. You time is done here.”

 She continues her slow awkward walk on by the group. As she walks by the kings gaurd watch her instead of Bloodgrue. Bloodgrue fishes out two Dyns.

The gaurd looks back at Bloodgrue and grimaces as she mounts her steed. Once seated she stretches out her hand, “Two Dyns or the goal. Your choice. The goal will be thirty days.”

Bloodgrue stretches out his hand giving her the two Dyns. Bloodgrue had already closed his pouch.

The jalfem gaurd looks at the two coins and nods, “Be on your way and don’t stray from your path home boy.”

Bloodgrue nods and bows, “Yes my lady.”


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