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Bloodgrue watches as the toymal Renaldan tries to come to terms presented by Bloodgrue in front of a Watcher. Then sighing, “I agree one hundred twenty Flairs for a disappearance with the help of this Dragoman .” 

Renaldan is acknowledging the agreement. He hands Sennet a Flair and reaching into his belt pouch Renaldan hands over the coin pouch. “One hundred Flairs.”

He then takes his leather coin purse from his belt, looking around at the patrons Renaldan notes the two other men at the table are watching with interest. Caught in mid thought as if to count out the twenty Flairs in front of these two. Sennet solves the issue.

“Gentle folk please give the man privacy. He must count out his coins. If he fails it is then your turn to deal with him. Now please back to your ale. In fact if you forget this, there is an ale each for you on the house.”

Both men smile and nod. They turn their attention back to their previous conversation.

Renaldan looks at Bloodgrue then reluctantly counts out twenty Flairs while Bloodgrue looks in the pouch doing a rough count and inspection of the content.

A feezing gust from the south wind blows into the Inn as the door opens. Fedril, Devon and Aton enter. Looking upset and cold. They spot Bloodgrue sitting with two men talking animatedly.

Fedril at the end of his rope in patience and with no understanding of protocol, rushes over to Bloodgrue, “Okay where is Renaldan?” Showing emphasis with pounding the table with his fist.

Bloodgrue looks shocked at the interuption by the jalmal. Its okay hunter he has been taken care of. I have your payment for the bounty. Sixty five? Right?”

Bloodgrue motions for Sennet. The seal Watcher  grumbles loudly but walks over to the table and now group of six people. “Yes Dragoman?”

Bloodgrue motions to Fedril, “The boy is collecting his part of the bounty offered for Merchant Renaldan that was sent back to Dendar. I believe the reward was a total of sixty five Flairs.”

The group of hunters look confused. Obviously taken aback at being offered the bounty payment already. Devon is first to respond.You are paying us the whole bounty or part?”

Bloodgrue frowns, The whole bounty of course. He was your mark. I just helped out of my own free will.”

With that said Bloodgrue sets the leather coin pouch on the table. Sixty five was the bounty. Sixty five are in the pouch. I believe your rent is payed for one more night then you’re going back to Dendar to confirm the death of the merchant. Found face down in a market fountain. The gentlemen here have signed a certificate of wittness for you. Does that work for you three?”

Fedril a little red in the face is about to reply but Devon quickly places his hand on Fedril’s shoulder and answers, This is fine by us Dragoman Bloodgrue.”

Fedril closes his eyes and nods, “Yes. Okay.” As they talk Sennet is watching and listening. “Okay let it be known Bounty mark merchant Renaldan has been found and disposed of in Mount Oryn this day Autumn 35 Bear. The band of three Bounty Hunters has collected the bounty and certifacate of death for the mark Merchant Renaldan of Dendar.”

He pulls a small notice from his belt pouch and hands it to Fedril.  Bloodgrue also hands Fedril the coin purse. 

As the deal is wittnessed and sealed the tavern maid sets a tray of six ales on the table. Hands out all six then leaves. The bounty has been collected and sealed. The bounty hunters no longer have a claim on the errant Merchant from Dendar. All six drink.

Ales drained the three hunters take a seat at a different table and close down  the evening in the Tempest Inn and Tavern.

Smiling Bloodgrue nods. He smiles at his two guests at the table.Thanks Mark and Jerred. Your help was most welcome. Here is your Flair each as promised.

Bloodgrue hands each man a Royal Flair. Then stands bows and walks up the stairs to his new room.

Ponders the use of his new earned wealth. He never had this much from a job completion before and it ended to everyones satisfaction without conflict.

He smiles as he opens the door to room six. A blast of fridged air washes over him.


Whether the weather agrees

Bloodgrue leads the toydon man away from the group contesting who he belongs with. The young bounty hunter Fredril starts to protest and speak, but Fredril’s companion grabs his arm and shakes his head.

As the pair puts twenty or so metres between themselves and stall 26 Bloodgrue speaks, “Well Pampalo its’ your lucky day. I will get you away from this place. Get you to a more secure place. Dragoman at your service, rescueing you from a horride event. Follow me.”

Bloodgrue sighs, its not lieing really, Bloodgrue is getting the man away from the place.  It is a more secure place they are going.  Bloodgrue is rescueing the man from a horride tug of war that could have resulted in fighting.  Stupid bounty hunters. Stupid target bounty, following Bloodgrue.

Bloodgrue walks east from Teptun’s Square and Market. Frigid air rustles their clothing. Meandering around to deliberately confuse any followers and the target, they eventually arrive at the Tempest.  Bloodgrue leads the man into the tavern. Sitting at a table with two people but made for eight.  Bloodgrue nods to the pair and directs the man to the other end of the table.

Motioning to the bar maid Bloodgrue puts up two fingers and nods when he has eye contact. The young  jalnoric lass smiles, winks and nods to Bloodgrue and continues on with her work.

Inside Bloodgrue smiles,  so far so good. On the outside he frowns, “Well you’re secure now. I have a question or two Pampalo. First your name is Renaldan. An outter from Dendar, right?”

Renaldan shivers as if a blast of the cold outside air rushes over him. “I might be Renaldan. Whats it worth to you?”

Bloodgrue does grin now, “Then we know whats happening here and understand each other.  One hundred Royal Flairs clears you and your name in Mount Oryn and I will help you find a more blended area to live in. Maybe even put a good word in for you.”

Renaldan sighs, “This is the second time I’ve gone through this. Seventy five and you help me disappear. And no, disappear does not mean killling me. I can’t go back to Dendar and you know that.  But no one is asking for one hundred Flairs for me. I won’t flatter myself to think they will.”

Bloodgrue sighs, “Less then a hundred and you can  look after yourself out in the cold. Thats’ my offer Pampalo outter. I knows you owe a thousand and many money lenders will offer up to the price of the debt for the return of the debtor. Right, I knew you would understand.”

Frowning Renaldan utters, “Buy me a drink and we will seal for one hundred Flairs. But I don’t have coin on me. We would have to go get it.”

“Pampalo you think me a fool. We don’t go anywhere until I am paid. One who knows there is a mark on their head would keep a coin purse handy in case of  just such a situation. The price is going up with each delay. one hundred and ten Flairs now Pampalo.” Gruffily  looking Renaldan in the eyes.

Renaldan sighs, looking around, he blinks “OKay but not here. In a room out of sight.”

Without much hesitation Bloodgrue states coldly, “One hundred and twenty.”

Renaldan shakes his head vigorously and holds up a hand. “Ok one hundred ten here and now.  Just get me away from here afterwards.”

As the man lowers his hand Sennet sets down two mugs of ale on the table. “Sealled?”

Bloodgrue answers for them, “One hundred twenty Flairs and he disappears, Master Sennet. And may I add what a wonderful establishment you have here. I will gladly pay ten Flairs for a room for the thirty days.”

Sennet nods, “And you agree sir?”

Renaldon looks flustered,  “What business is it of yours what our business is?”

Sennet smiles and opens his hand to show his palm, “Watchers seal deals here to Sir. Yes or No?”

Bloodgrue with as grim an expression he can muster watches Renaldan, “The weather is cold out side Renaldan of Dendar. Very cold.”


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