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Well they thought

Bloodgrue sighs, the damn idiots will never find their target at this rate.

Walking casually over toward the fountain, not acknowledging the three  beginners. Bloodgrue watches around him as if shopping.

He smiles at Lilla as she winks at him flirting. The girl never gives up, but Bloodgrue feels good inside when she flirts with him. Even if there is five years between them. The twenty five year old Jalnoric girl put her eyes on him two years ago and hasn’t looked anywhere else since. It warms Bloodgrue through, but her family forbid a union of any kind. After all he’s a Dragoman, he won’t settle down and provide decently for a family.

Bloodgrue smiles and nods, but keeps walking south.

He’s working right now, no time for personal socials.

Stopping, Bloodgrue looks at Stall 26, shivers as another gust of freezing air blows by. Three men and a boy. All toydon. The elder man looks about the right age and has enough different features to possibly be of different family then the others. Turning north to look at his three hunters Bloodgrue frowns. They are out of ear shot of stall 26 but Bloodgrue still keeps a low conversational voice, “Ok boys there are three men and a boy at stall 26. Like I mentioned I am a Dragoman not a  hunter or merc. From here on its all your. Unless of course if you loose him and we have to go looking again. Careful calm and steady. All yours boys.”

Bloodgrue walks over to Stall 24 and looks over the silver rings, nodding to himself.  One day he will buy one. One day Lilla will have a silver ring. Bloodgrue will give her that ring from himself.

Looking over at stall 26 Bloodgrue shakes his head, the hunters have their man but seem to be being confronted by the other two men.

Question is, does Bloodgrue get involved? To do so would alter his reputation here drasticly. In a way he might not afford. To not do so might see a mark escape and know his hunter.

There is another way.

Bloodgrue walks over to the stall.

“Excuse me. I see a problem here. What gives. You are accosting this fine up stand member of our community. Why? Lets go Pampalo.”

Bloodgrue pulls the toydon merchant from the grasp of all six at the stall. Starts walking him away towards the Tempest and freedom.


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