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15 minutes

Bloodgrue closes his eyes after sitting there for a minute or so, then he hears footsteps approaching opening his eyes he sees Fredril and his partners, they look dejected.

Fredril talking slowly says, “Its almost impossible to find anyone here. No one will talk to us, not even answering questions. As we walked we watched but didn’t see Renaldan. Can you help us?”

Looking at the men Bloodgrue sighs. “You want help? Humm curious, I am a Dragoman not a bounty hunter. Perhaps for a few coins I could find someone who might help.”

The south wind blows past, chilling to the bone. Bloodgrue looks up towards the sphere above them.

Fredril looks at his partners frowning, he turns back to Bloodgrue. “Perhaps a couple Dyns. This is already costing more then the bounty will bring us.”

Bloodgrue sighs knowing he has them, he looks to Fredril. “Ok three Dyns. We will get this settled. The woman you need is known as Blue Hair. She is an old jalnoric matron but is sharper and more sturdy then most men. Lets go boys. Her fee is five percent of the bounty or five flairs, your choice.”

Standing Bloodgrue walks out into the square and over to a stall with a grandmotherly jalnoric woman selling butchered chickens. She has four left on her counter. Bloodgrue walks up to her, “Blue Hair, how much for all three roosters?”

The woman looks over at him, her eyes light up and she answers, “Blood my child nice to see you. You say three roosters? I charge a Dyns just to display them. What are you really looking for child?” She gets serious as if ready to enter a political debate.

Bloodgrue smiles, “Three roosters for one fox?”

Blue Hair looks at him, “How much is the fox worth? Dead or alive?”

Fredril getting tired of the banter steps up and says, “Ok we are looking for an old toydon merchant who ran out on payment of a note from a money changer in Dendar. Now can you help us or not? He is needed alive and his bounty is 65 Flairs. Lets move this on, i’m freezing my arse off standing here and all this Dragoman does is sleep on a bench for twenty minutes while we look around. We paid good coin to get help. Not to pay someone to sleep on a market bench.”

Devon places a hand on Fredril’s arm when the young man looks to see who is touching him his partner shakes his head ‘no’, but it is to late.

Blue Hair looks at the young man then to Bloodgrue who shrugs and gives the ‘oh gods what an imbecil’ look.

Blue Hair nods and looks back to Fredril who is now paying attention to her again. Blue Hair smiles and says, “Well young man that out burst cost you 3 Flairs per chicken I have left. Let me count them, one, two, three, four. Yes it seems I have four hens left. So lets see three, four times when I went to  my apprenticeship was twelve. So you are going to pay twelve Flairs to get any help from anyone in this square. Or the other option is to leave the square and not come back until you learn ettiquette boyo.”

Devon places a hand on Fredril’s arm again. “Excuse me Miss Blue Hair, my apology for the behaviour of my friend. We are somewhat new at this. Umm could we say five Flairs and we work together? My friend will apologize for his out burst.”

Blue Hair huffs and puts her fists on her hips. Looking the three over comes to a decision, “Perhaps if you buy all four chickens for two Dyns each. Plus pay a rudeness tax of six Flairs I will consider an apology acceptable.”

Fredril closes his eyes and fumes a moment. Opening his eyes he nods, “My apology Miss Blue Hair, six Flairs for your time and eight Dyns for the four chickens. I am looking for a fowl named Renaldan. He is rumored according to Dragoman here, to be in this square. The fowl is a 57 year old, toydon. May we proceed?”

Blue Hair frowns then strings together the four chicken carcasses. Then holds out her hand, “A bit rough but I accept the apology young man. See how you handle rudeness when you’re over seventy years old.”

Deals made, the coins and goods are exchanged. After taking the coins Blue Hair turns and starts cleaning up her stall. Fredril sputters, “But?” Devon quickly reaches to his friend and getting his attention shakes his head no and motions to wait.

Bloodgrue smiles as he watches this all going on. He earned another eight Dyns. It wonderful how the inexperienced screw up and make money for North Docks regulars. Blue Hair usually passes over the chicken coins when it can be done unobserved. This group is definately more lucrative then that last stodgy bunch of misbehaving snobs.

Blue Hair  brushes her hands together roughly, knocking off any dust. She looks over at those waiting for her. She looks confused then smiles. “Child take these fine men to the stall south of the fountain to stall 26. Their goal I believe is there.”

Bloodgrue smiles and bows. addressing the woman he says, “Yes, thank you Blue Hair. I look forward to talking later. Gentlemen if you please we have a visit to make while the market is still busy.”

Bloodgrue walks towards the old fountain.


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