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Autumn 35 Bear

Bloodgrue walks along humming to himself.  Never quite certain enough to actually sing the words, though the tune is catchy. He heard an elven bard sing the song a few six days ago.

Before going home last night Bloodgrue settled the hunters then went three blocks east to Diellen’s. The jalnoric merchant almost always has something in stock that Bloodgrue likes. But last night Bloodgrue decided on getting a decent cloak for the autumn and winter. The fifteen Dyns from the job, we’re good to go.  The old merchant wanted ten Dyns for this cloak. It is a good quality and new and wool. But a Flair? Talked with him a good ten minutes and could only talk Diellen down to nine Dyns, the miser.

This morning Bloodgrue is finding the purchase worth every Dyns. With the freezing south wind cutting through the city this cloak does wonders for blocking the wind.  Even the wind doesn’t hide Bloodgrue’s humming.

 He passes through the front door of Tempest to see his three  hunters ready to continue the search for their target.

Yesterday Bloodgrue asked around a bit as well as introducing Fredril to a few good sources of observation. Though Bloodgrue hasn’t introduced the area’s two Watchers. Later if need be.

Bloodgrue had talked with Taman over at his usual spot begging for dusters.

A brief stop in humming to let out a chuckle. These guys are so in for such a shock. Few people know Taman’s really identity. The man is the best Watcher Bloodgrue knows. The information cost a Dyns, but was worth the effort.

“Hello gents. Are you ready? I see the gear is mounted properly this morning. Have you eatten already?” Bloodgrue approaches the men casually.

Fredril nods, “We are ready Dragoman, show us your city.” The three stand and walk towards Bloodgrue. Bloodgrue turns about and heads for the door without further words. The hunters look a little confused but follow anyway.

Outside  the initial cold blast of air shocks the three hunters who quickly pull their cloaks tight around them. Bloodgrue turns west in the street and slows down. He motions for Fredril to catch up. All three men rush forward.

Bloodgrue speaking low just over the wind so only Fredril can hear. “I may have located our target. He should be with other outters over four blocks. See isn’t paying me better then trying on your own.

More a statement then a question and not waitting for a reply Bloodgrue picks up the pace a bit. The streets aren’t overflowing yet. But it is early. The hawkers will be setting up in the square in the next hour. Teptun’s Square and Market is a lesser known place. Mant outters trying to avoid those who look for them tend to congregate in the area of the Square. Honest folks rarely hear of the place.

The walk is short but for the hunters, perhaps a little confusing. Bloodgrue wants to retain the need for his services. At the intersection of five streets stands Teptun’s. A rat scamp of portable stalls and venders. The centre is an old fountain  fed by a well to its north side.

Stopping suddenly Bloodgrue turns to Fredril, “Ok hunter this is Teptun’s Square, a more despicable place you will not find in this district. Stay close together. If you get seperated return to the Tempest. Everyone will meet up there . You said your delinquent merchant is an older toydon man. Looking out in the square I would say unless you have a better description you have a choice of twenty or so men out there right now and it will only get worse through  the day. I leave it to you to search the square. I am only a dragoman to guide you through the citys streets and attractions. You’re the hunters. I will not presume upon your job. I have no description of the man other then race and age. Oh yes occupation. This is a perfect place for a merchant wouldn’t you say?’

Bloodgrue motions the three men forward, “I will be waiting right here for you.” Bloodgrue walks over to a resting bench and huddles into a smaller positionon a bench  as he watches the three walk out into the square.

Bloodgrue smiles. “Yah right. See them in ten minutes.”


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