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Life or Sleep?

Dragoman Bloodgrue walks along with his charges. Confident Arton’s crew will leave him be.

They walk along the dock street for about half an hour then Bloodgrue turns south. He smiles as he winds his way along the most confusing street in the north dock district.

Stepping up in front of  Tempest Inn & Tavern Bloodgrue looks at his three charges. “Ok this place is known as reputable and safe. I don’t want any trouble with these folks. If you cause or bring any trouble here you will be back on your own. No talking will be forth coming. I will just leave. That simple. Do you want me to set your rooms for you or do you want to do so yourselves?”

Fredril answers, “Please Dragoman, set the rooms and meals. Will we be staying two days or three days?”

Bloodgrue smiles “Ok then three rooms and meals for eighteen Dyns for each day. I think I can get you rooms and meals for fifteen Dyns a day if you book for three days. So four and a half Flairs up front.”

Fredril looks at the other two then back to Bloodgrue and nods.


Bloodgrue holds out his hand. Fredril takes out his pouch again and takes five Flairs from it handing them to Bloodgrue. Bloodgrue hands back five Dyns and then walks in with the three hunters with him.

Bloodgrue approaches the Innkeep Sennet  “Hey there. I have three men looking for rooms for three nights and meals for three days. We have four Flair for you. What do you say?”

Sennet looks over the three men. “Dragoman 4.2 Flairs no less, haggling will only raise the prices.” 

Bloodgrue sets the four Flairs on the counter and two Dyns.

Sennet takes them up and says, “Three rooms on the second floor on the north end. They will be least disturbed there. Rooms seven, nine and ten.”

Bloodgrue walks over to the hunters. “Ok rooms are on the second floor. Rooms seven, nine and ten.  Lets go gentlemen.”

Bloodgrue leads them up the stairs and to their rooms.  “OK folks we will go get you outfitted properly for working the city. Meet me down stairs as quick as possible we can get you outfitted, then fed and we can start looking for your mark.”

Bloodgrue walks downstairs to the tavern. Looking around Bloodgrue sees a few familiar faces.  But none that would be threatening to his current clients.

Taking a seat near the Inn desk Bloodgrue waits while watching the rooms occupants. Chuckling when he sees old Ferric almost fall over he is so drunk again. Sennet seeing this motions to one of his young folks and gives the man direction to take Ferric home.

The young man helps Ferric and move to take him home.

As Bloodgrue looks around the three men come down the stairs. Bloodgrue stands and approaches them “Ready boys. Lets go get food then gear.”

Fredril nods.

Bloodgrue leads them to a table in the tavern area. The bar server comes over, he asks “Ok gents what would you like?”

Bloodgrue looks up. “Ale and cold meal.”

The others order their drink and food everyone pays up.

Eatting is generally enjoyable.

Bloodgrue spends the rest of the day outfitting the three men then leaves them at Tempest for the night.


Where? Blood?

Well there goes the day.  Already the Watch confronted me.  At least it wasn’t too close to home.

Walking north towards home Bloodgrue feels the freezing weather through his tunic. The winds are a bit stronger this year. This north west wind is proving it.

The crowds are already out and about.

Three hours later Bloodgrue sees a friend walking towards him. But the man doesn’t look at Bloodgrue as they pass side by side in opposite directions.

‘Well I know that one. Whos looking for me now?’

Looking around for any hunters or wayward mercs Bloodgrue is curious. When Edan walks by like that there are usually folks looking maybe good or bad. 

There. To the east three of the boogy men. Look like new hunters. They’re hands betray them as they spot Bloodgrue. Bloodgrue walks directly towards the three, hands free of any hostile intentions.

“Good day boys. How are you this fine autumn day? I hear the weather is about to change.”

The three men look at him, “Your a Dragoman? Really? I am from Dendar, we need help. How much for three day minimum?”

Looking over the three men Blood estimates they are good for it. “As long as we are in the north district it will be 5 Dyns a day. South more then six blocks it becomes one flair a day. Plus ten percent of the bounty. Deal?”

The three men look at each other, Then the same man boy speaks, “Yes agreed.” And extends his hand in agreement.

Bloodgrue smiles, “Don’t be insulted but I require funds up front. Three days.”

The man boy nods and pulling out his coin purse from under his tunic. ‘newbies’ thinks Bloodgrue. “Umm buddy I don’t know who I am working for yet but thats a bad place for your coin purse. Get a small belt pouch for your offhand side. Line it with chain mail and a good clasp. Don’t keep more then ten Flairs on you at any time and no more then twenty coins. That goes to all three of you. I am Dragoman Bloodgrue. My territory is the north docks of Mount Oryn but I know as far south as district four’s south border. I know the Watch for this and the neighboring districts to the east and west.  Before I ask you your destination. Do you need acommadations in this district? If so how much do you intend to pay? One room or three?”

The men look almost shocked, “You seem a little upfront. Dragoman. But ok where do we get the belt pouches?” The young man counts out fifteen Dyns and hands them to Bloodgrue.

Dragoman Bloodgrue almost laughs but refrains. Opening his pouch on his right hand side. The inside is cloth lined and the coins make little sound. Reclasping the pouch. Bloodgrue looks up at the men “The pouchs we can deal with soon.”.

The man boy answers, “I am Fredril we seek lodging tonight in this district at least one night.”

Bloodgrue looks around. “And the three of you without baggage is all?”

Fredril answers, “Yes.”

Looking the three men over “OK lets go. Whos your mark and how much is the bounty?”

Fredril answers slowly, “A merchant named Renaldan who has defaulted on payments for a loan. Bountys 65 Flairs. Three rooms for less then five Dyns per night.”

Bloodgrue smiles. “Sure thing. Tempest Inn and Tavern sounds like your destination today. So a rogue merchant. They’re fun. Do you have an idea of where you want to look first?”

 He starts off to the west Tempest is three blocks south and seven block west from here. Bloodgrue decide taking an hour getting there is a good deal. He leads the three men along the docks.

When he passes Arton’s place whether Arton sees him or not, he will hear, Bloodgrue signs. ‘safe keep’ then goes on to his destination.


What? Drop what!

Morning arrives as many others have. The sounds of the merchants setting up for the day. City Watchmen calling in their reports.

Today Stonewire rises to the call of a Herald shouting, “Hey Yea Hey Yea. Last night thieves made off with the possession of a newly arrived noble and his retinue. The thieves managed to claim the possessions right out of the rooms. Leaving the said nobles with just their night clothes. These nobles offer a reward of fifty Flairs for the return of their possessions and another ten Flairs per thief captured by the Law of Mount Oryn. The day is Autumn 34 Bear. Good and gentle folk. This is the rise of Stonewire. Be well.”

Bloodgrue smiles knowing who got fleeced. Bloodgrues not responding to the call. But he is smiling. Dressing in his clothes Bloodgrue walks into the hallway to be stopped suddenly by three city watchmen. ‘damn i know this routine, but i am innocent.’

“Hold there citizen. Arms at ease.” called the taller jalnoric male. All three wear standard issue leathers and are armed with shortsword and light crossbows. On this occasion all three opted for their shortsword as aggressive presentations.

“Hold there yourselves. What is the meaning of this assault?” Bloodgrue lifts his hands into the open non-offensively. The jal female walks forward and takes Bloodgrue’s dagger from its sheath.

Tall looks into the room then patting Bloodgrue’s shoulder he continues. “Dragoman Bloodgrue, Did you have customers yesterday?”

Bloodgrue smiles good natured, “Yes, its the only reason I am this far south. Some folks hired me at the docks to take them to Arrington Inn and Tavern. One of the sloths twisted his knee. Cost us over an hour extra getting to Arrington’s. Why?”

Tall frowns, “I am Corporal Sedenic of the City Watch. A nobleman by the name of Terrent says you stole his coin purse containing seventy Flairs. How do you plead Dragoman?”

Bloodgrue frowns, faking a rising anger. “How the Seven Hell’s should I plead? Not guilty of course. The brat wouldn’t pay me my charge. He paid two Dyns for a four Dyns service. Then didn’t want to pay for today. So I walked on them. That is why he sent you after me. To raise shit…  So I had to spend the sole two Dyns the crook paid, for a place to sleep and a meal. I am flat broke again. Its good I am only four hours to home now. I would like to press charges against the fraud. Slander in my home town. Its not polite or decent. It hurts my reputation and my means of earning a living. You probably talked to every citizen as you searched for me. Why the Seven Hell’s would I risk my reputation, by stealing from a customer? Humm?”

Sedenic frowns, “You will swear to a magistrate that is the true story?”

Bloodgrue frowning, “Yes, why wouldn’t I. I have been accused of a crime when I have committed none. I want to press charges upon those six outters.”

Sedenic hesitates then frowning nods to Wilma. “Private Wilma please return citizen Dragoman Bloodgrue his dagger back.”

Turning to Bloodgrue the young officer smiles, “Dragoman our apology. We are only doing our duty. Investigating a crime. I have no doubt you are innocent. As I have the sixth. I find no arua of deciet upon you. Anger yes. So with my apologies you are free to return to your work or home. If you wish to press slander charges you have forty eight hours to do so at Watch Station four of this district. Good day Dragoman.”

The three city watch take their leave after Wilma return’s Bloodgrue’s dagger.

Bloodgrue takes his only weapon and starts down the hall. “Home Sedenic, home.”


Yes, Bloodgrue

We walk along the road through the north docks. Headed south to Arinngton’s Tavern and Inn. Few bother us but I see one rogue sizing up the group then disappear into the crowd.

It has been a difficult walk to Arrington’s. One of the customers of my service came down lame after stepping in the wrong spot and taking a tumble. He is youngish but doesn’t know the tricks of safe falling. Twisted his knee and needed help. Two of his friends helped him. But it slowed us down a fair bit. They asked that we continue and that I could find him a healer after they are safe in the Tavern.

The man screams as the good Healer Bartmew relocated the knee cap of the faller.

Bartmew charges three Dyns. The man paid but not willingly. I think I had better collect for tomorrows continuation of their journey.

The customer said I had got him some chicken healer. His knee still hurts. I wonder how bad he wants to travel tomorrow?

They didn’t pay for tomorrow, saying my service was shoddy and unprofessional for a Dragoman. I wished them luck and walked out looking for my next job tomorrow. Insult the healer who just fixed your wound. Fine by me. Its your funeral. Insult your Dragoman. Well lets just say the knee is minor to what they will find now. I decde to walk north back to the docks. Seeing a sight I figuired would be here along the road I sign, “Ok. four to go.” then continue to Ferric’s Inn. With the two Dyns I was paid. I rent a room for the night with one and a drink with meal with the other. At least I got to eat again today.

Going to sleep knowing I am safe for the night. And maybe those customers are safe for tonight. But I don’t want to be them tomorrow on the streets trying to find a way to their destination. My guess six maybe seven will be waitting for them. The City Watch just may find those fine upstanding complainols with just their clothing, if they are lucky. I hope those folks don’t see fit to insult the rescuers, that wouldn’t be pretty. Not my problem now.

Auh a feather mattress, hello sleep.


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