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Life? Yes there is Bloodgrue. But it is far far away.

Dragoman Bloodgrue looks over the new group before him. Priests, Healers, a Mage, Warriors, an Appraiser and a Bard, lastly he notes the Rogue mercenary. A motley crew at best and it is Bloodgrue who got hired to take them safely through the Dominnion. Guilds seem to think he has nothing better to do then show a group of out of town misfits where the local tavern and inn are. Keep these folks safe from the beggers and rogues.

Bloodgrue chuckles slightly, the rogues may be the ones needing saving from boredom and poverty.

Ok enough.

“Hey listen up I am to show you the Arrington Tavern and Inn to get you settled and fed before night fall. Its about four hours from here. So listen up stay close and follow directions. You will get there before Stonewire sets in the west. Got it? Lets go.”

Bloodgrue frowns and starts walking south from the dock. Along one of the busiest streets in Mount Oryn. South! They always want to be shown south from the docks.

Wondering why a group like this would come to the city. Especailly near the time of the King’s wedding.

Bloodgrue marches onward, as the ever wayward soldier of the streets.

It begins to rain, ‘Oh yah great now this.’


The Villager’s Home

Owerton, being the Stronghold of Crusader Lady Mychell and Temple of Imvor, is still fairly young. Its life has been only three years in developing.

Lady Mychell is the founder and power for Owerton. The slow steady growth is almost reaching a level of  balance.

 But it has a while to go.

Owerton is overseen by the Circle of Priests. They see to the day to day items while the rest in the village work either in the mine, clearing crew, farming, hunting, and building in or near Owerton.

Owerton is home to Fryers Chozen as of Autumn 1 Bear.

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Hello world!

Owerton, persistent or just too stuborn to quit?

The blog is to give a little to those who live in the fantasy of the Dominion of Kannoral.

On behalf of Fryers Chozen, Welcome.

I of course am Bloodgrue your Dragoman for your trip into Kannoral.

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