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Chapter One

Chapter 1

Summer 1 Bear


Larret Hamlet


The ground is still muddy from yesterday’s torrential rain. The clear sky, lights the air of dangerous winds which blow eastward. The air is cold enough such as to freeze the edges of puddles on the hamlet’s barren ground.


Today, high winds and cold air have animals taking shelter. Cattle face east with their asses to buildings. Horses lay down on the east side of any shelter they can find. Sheep huddle together patiently in their compounds. Yes, wild life has also taken refuge, delaying feeding for the thousands of mobile life forms. Waves barely break upon the coarse coast as the waters fight the hard wind blowing out to the ocean’s blurred horizon.


Yes, today is bad. Several of us have gathered together in Goats Tavern. The respectful tavern gives us shelter with warmth, which wayward souls will not decline today. Old Ringus is happy to earn a few additional dusters from his customers. Ringus is a retired Cleric of Ikerus, no one in the village holds that against him. Ringus lost his son to the ruling Lords army of our Dominion. Loyal to King Dollan IV, Ringus became a bit reclusive when his son, Jerrid joined the King’s army.


Cobber Dentin is busy these days as he has a few new oxen hides to make boots and shoes. I heard when the news spread that Dentin has new hides, our cobbler was mobbed with order requests for new boots. He actually took six orders for new boots, yesterday alone. The poor man is in Goats resting between work projects. Getting ready for the next job he will be going back to soon, Dentin drinks his dark ale slowly.


I see Mason Delan is inside Goats Tavern as well, having a drink with Cooper Toorp. Our mature Jalfem, Toorp, is happy to have someone to talk with as she has been idle for nearly six days without orders.


As we sit socializing on this miserable day, our group spots Reeve Jeston’s daughter enter the tavern’s tireless hall. Tripper walks in looking dishevelled … very much unlike her.


Tripper spots G and the rest of us. As Tripper rushes over we can see she is muddy from the winds and wet ground outside.


“G! Father wandered off again. I think it is bad this time. We need to find him, its’ not safe out there for him to be going for a walk. Even animals have enough sense to seek shelter. But NO, father decides to go for a walk, who knows where. I tell you his mind is gone and it took his common sense with it. He might be lost, will you all help me find him?”


Erin smiles warmly, piping in rapidly “Its’ okay Tripper. Stonewire looks after the weak minded. After all, the Reeve is old. He is over ninety years as far as we can figure. … For two Flairs I will go out in this demon of a day and try to find Jeston. … The village needs its Reeve after all.”


The beautiful farmer, Eren, who practices mage craft, looks to Tripper, then her table companions.


Bowyer G lowers her head and shakes it sullenly. Slowly looking up to her other two friends at the table, G doesn’t have to ask the two priests her question. They both know G’s question and answer silently, they shake their heads negatively.


Looking back to Tripper hesitantly, G answers. “It looks like you have two ready to go with you Tripper. Unfortunately the other two we need have decided to stay inside Goats Tavern. Milking the place for all its worth, with their coin purses. Eren may want two Flairs but I will do it because you and Jeston helped last season when the waters lapped up over my shop’s floor boards. The water destroyed all three bows I was working on then. Okay, Eren do you need anything before we start out on this man hunt?”


Eren smiles greedily, simply answering, “Almost. Two Flairs, please. … From either of you. Stonewire must be watching over you for me to even consider this foolhardy excursion. In simple terms … two Flairs and I am ready to go.”


G sighs with exasperation, “I just bought you an ale. Won’t that do for now?”


Eren looks at G. “Well?”


Eren doesn’t move to stand. The ankle length red wool dress barely even betrays any change in Eren’s breathing.


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