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Greetings from Rusty


Rusty, the Author and Keeper of Owerton making a note for you.

This page is to place FAQ and a PayPal Donations button is now in the footer on the blog page.

If you enjoy Owerton and the associated parts here and want more to be written, more often then every few months, please make a donation as this will help open up time to write, edit and publish.

I thank you all and find Becca Wei’s, Almost Spring, template great for our use. Thank you for the development of this template Becca.

I would also like to thank Word Press for their ongoing development of these forum blogs. is the webpage hosting this blog under a front page tab labeled,  notes. is in dire need of rebuilding to polish it into a more friendly and informative webpage for the world of North Amara.

All comments of even registered users must be approved by me before posting.

Take care everyone and enjoy reading. Currently the format I use to post in is being revised and tested. What will make this a success is your input on what you see needing improvement, removal, added or is great the way it is.

All Bloodgrue posts are going to be re-edited as time permits. Again fill me in on your thoughts.

Thank you, Rusty


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