West Owerton's Winter Spring
Looking at the spring it appears to be nothing but a normal spring.. Yet it supplies
Owerton Hospital with its vital fresh water and many cultivated herbs. The hospital on the
north side of the spring, Sepem River to the west, Owerton Docks Road east and the
crossroad to Newtown Docks to the south.

Winter Spring is the original site for Owerton's settlement. The area is steadily growing
now. Winter Spring is no longer the centre of life in Owerton though it still fills an
important role in the communities healing.

Lady Crusader Mychell takes the health of Owerton seriously. Keeping a minimum of two
healers on staff at all times. The hospital is the second building constructed of the locally
quarried stone. It is well stocked with the instruments and supplies that even rival city
hospitals. There is the hospital's herb garden on the west end of the building and Rena
Physter's herb garden on the east end. Winter Spring supplies all the needed water for both.