Temple of Imvor
Temple of Imvor, Owerton
1st Floor

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Wood and Doors

The Dais is up Front and Center. raised about 12 inches from the general floor. The general floor is 18 inches above ground level. The area in the center is open ceiling to the upper floor.  The lanterns are actual hooded lanterns with continual light cast on each. The small room at the north west corner is Mychell's office. The similar size room to the north east is the priest's gathering area.

Scale, 1 square is 5 feet.
This is the second floor of theTemple of Imvor. The North East four rooms are the adventurers
The area directly south of those rooms is the common area. West of the stairs is Lady Mychell's rooms. The east rooms south of the adventurers rooms are the quarters for the Priests. The dotted lines around the centre are rails bordering the open floor to the first floor.