Human races of Dominion of Kanoral
       Magority, almost a full 60 percent of humans in the Dominion are Jalnoric. A taller, heavier race of humans. on average a full three inches taller then the average and 30 pounds heavier. These people tend to have Black hair and grey eyes, they are also very pale white skinned. They tend to be Neutral Good in outlook. As with almost all races the tendancy is that 65 % are male.

       Toydon are the second major race taking up 35 percent of the human population in the Dominion.. These folks also have Black hair, though blue eyes are the norm. They have a tanned looking skin of brown.  The people tend to be average height though heavier by about 20 pounds. Generally tend to be of a lawful outlook. Again only about 35 percent are female.

       The lesser race are the Tedon. Taking up a meager 1 percent of the human population. taller on norm by about an inch. Usually tend to be 26 pounds heavier then average humans. Though stronger then most they are slightly slower mentally. Perhaps this accounts for their low population. They also tend to be even more male dominated gender wise, a full 80 percent of births are male. Also being of pale white skin and Black hair, they deviate from the Jalnoric in eye color, the Tedon tends to have brown eyes. Also their outlook on life tends to be carefree. a more chaotic neutral behavior.

      The last 4 percent is made up of different tribes, with blood traced back to one or the other of the three main races. These tend to go by names such as Lentar Tribe, which further breaks down to the Wolverine Clan, Wolffriend Clan and Kennal People. All of which trace back to the Toydons. Each clan with its own Chief, subchiefs etc.
      First, one of the other groups of humans that are prevalent are the half humans. There are various types.  The half humans comprise 1 percent of the total population of the Dominion. Of those a full 50 percent are half elven. 35 percent are half orc, 5 percent half dwarf and the last ten percent are mixed humans, half Jalnoric/Toydon, etc. As far as this chronicler has found there is only one half Deep Gnome/Toydon, popular conception has it the child was a design of a dragon's. Something about tests?

      So goes the rest of the demi humans,  The High Elves comprise 80 percent of that population, Hill Dwarves 8 percent, unmeasurable Deep Gnomes (less then 1 percent) and of coarse about 5 or 6 raiding parties of Orcs. Not sure which races. We think there are two or three Orc kingdoms raiding right now. Though war seem inevitable.
* as a side note the average human is concidered to be 72 inches tall and 175 pounds for males, and 66 inches tall as 130 pound for  females. These measurements are what are used.
**contact the chronicler for more info on the half humans and demi humans stats for height and weight averages.