Owerton Hospital
This two story stone building has been completed Summer of the Year of Bear. It has already seen use several times as a hospital. And again as a detention center for a brazen rogue seeking to pilfer from Fryer's Chozen..
The current staff boasts two full time physicians.
-Dairian Truepoulter, chief physician
-Anstin Loucroft, second physician

As well Fryer's Chozen's Physician attends to patients here;
-Rena Physter, Healer
This is the main floor of the Hospital. The main door is on the north side. Upon entering there is a cloak room to the left and a general injured ward to the right, continueing straight south one travels through a door way into a small chamber with a hallway to the right. Straight ahead is a ward for less needy patients on the road to recovery from wounds.
Turning right and walking down the hallway, to your left is a small intensive care room for a single patient. Walking further down the hall one comes to a open area with two doors on it. The west one is another intensive critical care room. The one to the east is the Physician's office. In the south wall of stone is an exit to the south side of the hospital and access to the stream originating from Winter Spring.
Continuing down the four foot wide main hallway to the left one finds two more intensive care rooms and eventually a room for long term care with six beds. To the south is another room from which, the west contains the surgry room and stairs to level two. To the east is the fifth and last intensive care room.
Floor two