Adventurer's Guild Contract
Guild Member contract;
                       -The term of service for this contract is 361 days.
                       -Adventurer definition,  Beings who seek gains through, following or
                         completeing exploration or missions set out by self or patron.
                       -Associate member, person signing this contract with Crusader Mychell
                         of Imvor for service in her name.

Upon completion of this contract by an associate member, the adventurer will recieve,
                       fee simple, one, thirty foot by thirty foot by two story wooden
                       structure for their own use.
The associate member will recieve full rights, privilages and responsibilty of a full citizen
                        Freeman of Owerton. Recieving the benefits and protections due a
                        citizen in exchange for agreed upon payments and taxes.

Associate membership starts midnight the day after the contract is signed by both parties.

Crusader Lady Mychell will be responsible to provide as able, supplies, resources, lodging,
                      food and equipment as deemed necessary to fulfil the associate members
                      duties. As negotiated by Lady Mychell and the Guild's Quartermaster.

Initail membership into the Guild will be the sum of one Kanoral Flair or sponsership by a
                     patron, to be paid back at end of completed contract.

The Guild will consist of Associate members in the postions of;
                     - Leader
                     - Assistant Leader
                     - Quartermaster
                     - Finance Officer

The officers will be chosen by the associate members. Also approved by Lady Mychell.

Thus is the contract between Crusader Lady Mychell and the following Associate members:
      : Visrathh                 = Leader
      : Alard Winlowe       = Finance/Quartermaster
      : Rena Physter          = Physician/Assistant leader
      : Harstal                   = Druid
      : Gavin                     = Ranger
      : Keefe                     = Artificer
      : Ta'Myka                 = Entertainer